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Part 2
By: Devvy

January 1, 2004

"Force [is] the vital principle and immediate parent of
despotism." --Thomas Jefferson: 1st Inaugural, 1801. ME 3:321

In Part I, several legal sections from Title 42 were provided so that
every American has the opportunity to see what the law really says vs
how the government and its representatives lie. As with the previous two
articles in this series, Part I drew massive e-mails from people in a
state of denial with comments that this writer is wrong.

Hiding in a state of denial isn't going to change a lie into truth.
People don't want their comfort zone disturbed because sadly, most
Americans would rather continue to live on their knees, blindly doing
whatever they're told, because to stand up to tyranny is too much effort
and requires courage. Sadly, America's manhood has been transformed into
something more closely resembling sissy hood.

Why does the government have to "find" money to meet social security
payments if there's a so-called "trust fund"?

The simple answer to this question is that there isn't any trust fund
and there never has been. When a worker voluntarily applies for this
number and authorizes their employer to withhold this tax, that amount
is simply credited to an individual account: a bookkeeping entry. This
so called trust fund is just bookkeeping. Over the decades, Congress has
simply played the shell game with moving around ink.

As a tax, this revenue is used by the government to fund various
unconstitutional expenditures like prophylactics for Pakistan, payments
to the communist UN, the Federal Department of Education, building
schools in Bosnia or paying farmers not to plant. This is probably the
one, single legal fact that most people simply don't understand: social
security is a tax and is used by slick, career politicians to keep "old
people" in line by clever manipulation to get their vote. It's
despicable and yet, our senior population continues to vote for the same
cretins that cheat them, election after election.

Because these taxes are funding this socialist operation called the
federal government, the monthly out payment to social security
recipients doesn't come from some big vault full of money labeled 'SS
Trust Fund' that the government writes checks against. The government
robs Peter to pay about 43 million Paul's, a pittance each month.
Because there is no money in the U.S. Treasury, it simply becomes more
debt for future generations.

If you are unsure about how this magic trick is performed by the
government, please see: Why an Income Tax is Not Necessary to Fund the
Federal Government.

Forcing someone else's grand child to fund your retirement

The social security system is a Ponzi scheme. It requires the labor of
future generations to continue to fund your retirement. If this were a
mandatory tax forced upon my daughter to work to pay your retirement,
that would be one thing. But since this is a voluntary taxing scheme,
what's being done to uneducated Americans is illegal and immoral.
However, as we all know, this government lies and continues to strong
arm employers and individuals into forced, indentured slavery to keep
the truth about this flimsy house of cards afloat before they have 50
million seniors marching on Washington, DC.

Seniors dependent upon this monthly check live in a state of fear that
some day, the government won't be able to send out their check on the
first of the month. Is this what you want for your children and grand
children? To live in fear and dependency upon mother government for a
pittance, a rip off of their labor over 25 or 30 years?

As someone who refuses to force your child or grand baby into a life of
paying for my "old age," and I will be 55 next June, I refuse to pay
into this voluntary taxing program and I will not apply for this
"benefit" when I turn 65. My daughter who is 28 years old does not want
this "retirement" tax on her back for the rest of her life to fund a
retirement "supplement" for Joe Smith down in Enid, Oklahoma. It's Joe
Smith's adult responsibility to plan for his "old age." My daughter is a
free American and she is not going to slave for someone else's
retirement because they aren't responsible enough to save on their own.

Identity theft

You can walk into any county recorder's office in this country, sit at
their computer and extract someone's name, address and social security
number right off the screen. County recorders nationwide post for public
viewing, a non enforceable instrument they call a "Notice of Federal
Lien" which contains this information.

This writer has gone into the county recorder's office in Sacramento,
California and observed two scruffy looking adult males sitting at the
computers with legal size pads writing down the aforementioned personal
information by bringing up one "Federal Lien" after another. Why?
Because, they then sell your information on the black market. Theft
identity is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. If you are
unfamiliar with this little con the IRS is running, read: How the IRS
Violates It's Own Code.

In the last five years, a frightening 27 million Americans have been the
victims of theft identity, their credit and lives ruined. For the sake
of argument, let's say the IRS' computer kicked out the wrong SSN and
this "Notice of Federal Lien" is not supposed to be placed against
George Smith, but is and unbeknownst to Mr. Smith, his name, address and
SSN is now on display for these criminal rings operating in the U.S.
This is happening all over this country and by the time an individual
finds out, it's too late.

States blackmailing their own citizens

As one must apply to obtain this number in order to voluntarily pay the
tax, how is it that the states of the Union demand you obtain this
number by force or deny you a driver's license? How is it the California
Supreme Court can rule that you must obtain this number in order to
obtain a DL in the State of California when obtaining this number is
voluntary? They have and its blackmail, pure and simple.

Employers throughout the states of the Union demand this number to
obtain employment. Again, blackmail, pure and simple: either volunteer
yourself into a federal taxing scheme or you don't get the job. Since
one must apply for this number for a future benefit, how is it that an
employer can demand that a free citizen be forced to obtain this number
to obtain employment? They can't, yet because of their own ignorance and
fear of the IRS, they get away with it and they will until the people of
this country find the courage to say no, I refuse to be blackmailed and
denied my God-given right to work for my bread.

The states of the Union have sold their sovereignty to the federal
government for unconstitutional funding, most of which force you to fund
programs you find repugnant and routinely steal your God-given rights.
Yet, Americans continue to "vote" the same career politicians back into
the State House who refuse to stop this heinous and immoral blackmailing
of their own citizenry. Of course, if you're bred to dependency or have
come to this country to sponge off the system, you don't care that your
rights are being stripped away from you, just keep your hand out and
some special interest group with political muscle will make sure it
stays filled.

Then, again, the federal machine creates jobs through all this
unconstitutional funding to the states that only perpetuate dependency
for the federal buck. For a very comprehensive analysis of this
monstrous problem, click here.

Social security can't be fixed or saved

Because this taxing scheme depends on future generations funding it,
when enough people refuse to be forced to pay this voluntary tax, it
will simply collapse. As the "baby boomer" generations begin to retire,
there simply won't be enough ink to fund this obligation. That day will
come in our lifetime unless the only rational, sane path is chosen.
Additionally, because more and more women are choosing to have babies
later in life instead of at 18 or 20 years of age, those future
"taxpayers" who decide to volunteer into this taxing scheme, will come
too late to "save" social security for our "old people."

Also remember this: since social security is a tax, it can be reduced or
taken away at any time by the government. It is not a contract and you
can't get a refund.

This article isn't to play the blame game. My parents receive social
security. Like tens of millions of other Americans, they have
retirement, but they do depend on that little extra bit. Of course, if
they had been told the truth about this taxing scheme 50 years ago,
their retirement nest egg would be a half million times higher.

As a free people, it is our own personal responsibility to put away for
the future, not the government's obligation to force anyone to volunteer
into this taxing scheme to do it for you. If an individual chooses to
squander or spend their income during their life time and have nothing
in the end, that is their choice, not mine. Before this dependency
program was introduced by the great Socialist, FDR, Americans were
taught from a young age the value of a dollar, independence and to save
for their "old age."

What's the solution?

Certainly not more think tank ideas for individual retirement accounts,
lock boxes, privatization or anything else. Because this tax is
voluntary, Congress must take the necessary steps to inform this nation
through a massive public awareness program that no one is required to
obtain this number to live or work in these united States.

No more political football, no more scaring "old people" with cuts in
social security, no more games, just the truth.

Second, social security must be funded out for those who depend on it,
period. Where will the money come from? Currently, the feds need to
"find" about $400 million dollars a year for this pay out. The
unconstitutional NAFTA treaty wiped out the same amount in excise tax
revenues. Get rid of this insidious treaty and there's your money.
Besides, the incredibly destructive NAFTA must go as a matter of saving
what's left of our lifeblood industries.

Stop all this unconstitutional spending for our troops in Bosnia, to the
communist UN, to the IMF and the other hundreds and hundreds of millions
of dollars being illegally stolen from the public treasury and you will
have more than enough revenues to fund out social security until it dies
a natural death.

A large number of Americans will need social security and many who have
paid into the system for 10 years or longer won't do as I will and
refuse to apply for it. That's fine, folks will need to do what they
need to do to survive. But, everyone else should refuse to be forced to
pay into this voluntary system and do not allow your children to be
sucked into this never ending taxing scheme. Let the system die a
natural death as those who do need their check pass away. It will be a
natural progression towards elimination or at least, a very small

Certainly there will be those, especially illegals and people too lazy
or addicted to material things who would rather voluntarily pay their
tax for a future "benefit" and if they choose this path of dependency,
fine, but they have absolutely no right to expect me or the man down the
street to be forced to pay a voluntary tax for their laziness or greed.

There is a revolution going on in America. A revolution by freedom
loving Americans who have simply had enough of being forced against
their will to volunteer into programs that may have seemed for the "good
of the people" at the time, but over time have proven to be nothing more
than steps towards a complete communist state. This transition won't
happen overnight, but it will happen.

Mr. Bush and Congress: Tell the American people the truth. You must
honor those who depend on this program, but unless you come clean, the
social security system will continue to be nothing more than a political
football while it spasmodically jerks towards an inevitable death.

Whether Mr. Bush and the Congress come clean or not, which they won't,
We the People are forcing the issue that will bring change. If you are
receiving social security benefits, you will receive them because the
funding is there. But, I hope you will support this effort to force the
government to tell the American people the truth and free your children
and grand babies from forced slavery. And, make no mistake about it:
when someone takes the fruits of your labor against your will, you are a

2004 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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