Is This Your Child's Future?
Judith Moriarty
Is This Your Child's Future?
Sun Jan 4 14:03:25 2004
Is This Your Child's Future?
By Judith Moriarty

Auto plants-textile mills-founderies-steel plants boarded up. Farms sold at auction-fishing fleets rotting in echoing ports (no fishing with ocean lands leased to oil companies - not on news) -mining now done with mountain removing machines-machine shops turned into strip malls-McSwill fast 'food' replacing town restaurants/diners-logging given over to multinationals-teachers drone change Take a good look at your child today-really look.
And then see - for God's sakes - see the future in this short video clip what is being prepared for them on the Global Plantation, being constructed (while we watch the Specter from Never-Never Land) through NAFTA-FTAA-The World Bank-The International Monetary Fund-Economic Summits-made possible by elected officials giving over their responsibilities to the Executive Branch and corporate hucksters now making trade policy! Take a look. This is your child being dumbed down in today's social engineering warehouses, with their dumb ass policies/teaching of testing, zero tolerance, conflict resolution, careers training (for scut work), volunteerism (see 13th amendment-slavery). No doctors-lawyers-scientists-professors-artists-musicians-poets-here. No college in their futures or artistic contributions-forever Scut Workers. Can't equip a child for life as a Wal-Mart Greeter-Prison Guard-or McCrap Worker. Is this what you want? jm
This is amazing. It's called "<>Child's Play".
You'll need QuickTime to view it however. A Google search on "QuickTime" will give you the auto install as its first link. A bit over 4 Megs. It's worth it.
If this doesn't wake you up - check in at the local funeral parlor and have yourself laid out - you're already dead. jm.


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