ex-Mechanical Engineering and now broke.......
ex-Mechanical Engineer and now broke..........
Sun Jan 4 17:35:02 2004

ex-Mechanical Engineer and now broke..........
Let me see I have $75.00 to my name.

For next weeks food I will have to pawn something.
My rent, phone, utilities are past due and I get no
unemployment compensation.

I have no credit cards and have used all my 401K money
up over the last two years to pay the difference between
expenses and part time work.

So now I have no house no money no retirement how lucky
I worked in the manufacturing field in a city without any anymore.

You told me to go to day labor like a migrant worker without
a green card, tried that. I have three within 7 miles all filled
with illegal aliens. Not a place for white people. You can tell, all
the instructions on the walls are in Spanish.

I do not know when they may shut my phone and utilities off.
I do not know when the landlord comes over asking for rent then
puts my stuff on the street. (with no place to put it I will just
have to walk away with what I can carry on my back.) this is true.
I cannot afford to put it in storage.

I do not have friends that have a garage I can stick it in.
So all my life's work and my possessions will be on the street in
the snow.

You think it so easy to get a job today you have no clue you see
too much TV propaganda aka Bush spin doctors. (14 % out here)
The truth of this is real I am not making this up.

My cell phone is shut down now can't afford it.
Randi and Kelli do not know my problems I am dealing with.
You said I should stop drinking I have not been drank in 9
months. I have many reasons for drinking but can't afford it.

I sold my $1500.00 Nikon camera last week for $200 bucks for food and kid
stuff so the kids could have some kind of New Year how do you like that.
I had no Christmas this year the $50 you gave me help me pay last
months rent.

I have been living hand to mouth with Randi for 6 months. No
chance to save for a rainy day they have mostly been rainy.

So if get a job tomorrow how can I pay rent and stuff.
I know helping me mom could dip into your vacation this year.
Gosh I have had three vacations in 20 years. Any help I would be gratefull mom.

Love Ronn Future homeless person sleeping in the snow.
"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the

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