Steve Mungie
The Internet is our lost hope of getting the word out
Sun Jan 4 20:44:48 2004

In a message dated 1/4/2004 7:31:39 AM Mountain Standard Time, ROJEBRKETO@WEBTV.NET  writes:

> MISSION: Fast Attack Congress in their Home Congressional Districts or States, to Monitor "ALL" Politicians, regardless of political party, who do not support issues that are favorable to "ALL" Veterans. With Emails, Faxes and Smails to the Media and Voters of any Home Congressional Districts or Home State. 

My personal Opinion:
The Internet is our lost hope of getting the word out, since it is obvious that the "bought-and-paid-for" mass media does not report the truth, and the average American will never really know the truth, especially if they depend on the "Six O'clock News" to tell them.

When you watch such hypocritical phonys as Bill OReilly, Larry King, and all the pundits on the national media, I cringe, and want to puke ... none of these clowns have a clue as to what is really going on, and none of these liars have ever worn the uniform of a soldier...... We must then, take it upon ourselves, through such sites as "Fast-Attack-Congress", and other like groups to get the word out.... and we have just barely eleven months to work a miracle, to save our sovereign union.

I truly believe that the 2004 election very well may be our last "free" election; if the BUSH-whacker and his gang of thieves should by some miracle "lose" the election, I expect some kind of coup, through his illegal and corrupt gang of wannabee Nazis, to result in our loss of freedoms to multiply, even moreso than that done by the Patriot Act and its illigitimate bastard son, "PA-II".
And I suspect the compromised "Supreme Court" will give him the election again, anyway.....

And if not, it will give this corrupt administration the power they need to finally consolidate their power, and the America we all once knew, will be gone .... either way, America is in for the ultimate "trial by fire", as to its future.

The Congress (both houses) is without any doubt, the most corrupt in our history. The 108th Congress has all but destroyed our Contitutional bases, and has usurped from the people, so many rights, and power that we may never recover.

My suggestion to all who read this (besides of course, forwarding this missive to all you know!) .... "Clean the house" .... at all costs. We have discovered there is little difference between the REPUGNICRAP party and the DEMOCCROOK pary .... they are in reality, one in the same! Hence, our only real hope is to vote out of office, EVERY PRESENTLY SITTING INCUMBENT MEMBER with extreme prejudice, and without regard of party affiliations or loyalties.

We need "new blood", to survive. To do so, requires that we get rid of all of the old ... by voting them all out. If you really check the records, NONE are worthy of redemption, and removing every sitting Incumbent maybe America's last hope.

But then .... that is just my humble opinion, based on 57 years of witnessing unbelievable corruption in our once wonderful nation....

Steve Mungie
CWO, US Army Aviator, Retired
100% Disabled Combat Veteran
Colorado USA 
"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I
can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will
not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do,
I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God,
I will do." - Edward Everett Hale 

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