Sat Jan 3 10:54:03 2004

Most people you talk to are not aware of the cuts or double
standards Bush is going by. I have had people tell me there is no way
Bush would do this to America?s soldiers and veterans. When presented
with the facts on paper it is still hard to get them to believe it. I
have the facts in black and white from several sources including the VA
and even then I am called a liar when I show them to people. The story
of the cuts to benefits has never really hit the mainstream press in any
large scale coverage, and I meet hundreds of people a week who are
outraged and shocked when they find out.

If you want a true record of all the various veterans health care
cuts, take a look at the record the DNC has complied on Bush?s policies.

Even though this record is kept on the Democratic Committee
website, I could not find a better source that had such meticulous facts
so thoroughly cross-referenced.

Going into the validity of the Iraq war is a battle for rational
thought that I rarely win with the "Patriotic", "right thinking "
Americans. I have been spit on, had things thrown at me, been called
every name in the book and then some, and had my life threatened on many
occasions. The ones who are convinced that the Iraq war is justified
simply refuse to hear any facts to the contrary. You can tell just by
the opening comments from some people that they are diehard, dedicated
FOX (FAUX) NEWS viewers.

President Bush admitted that Iraq had no connection to the 9/11
attacks on national television on September 17th 2003. Just six days
after the remembrance of this country?s biggest, but also most misused
and misappropriated tragedy, G. W. admitted that the claims of Saddam?s
involvement were not true.

If you are one of the many Americans who did not hear this, and
are among the over 60% that still believe Iraq was involved in 9/11,
here is a quote directly from Bush. "

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the 11
September attacks " President George W. Bush 9/17/03

US President George Bush has said there is no evidence that Saddam
Hussein was involved in the 11 September attacks.

Bush wasn?t the only government official to retract the false
statements about 9/11. Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense,
also admitted he did not feel Iraq had any connection to 9/11. Wolfowitz
made his statement on August 1st, well over a month before Bush came
clean. While Wolfie did not say outright that the claims were false, he
did make it obvious that the connection was just another smoke and
mirrors game to make the drive to invade Iraq easier.

Many Americans were never even aware of the statements retracting
claims to the 9/11 connection. Those that did see it in the news did not
ever see it on primetime US news. I have tried to find one US television
station that did any real coverage of the statements Bush made. I
searched over 20,000 pages of information on Google and found not one
link to a major US media installation that did any kind of coverage. The
story is on many progressive and left wing web sites, but Reuters, The
Guardian UK, and the BBC were the only major news outlets I could find
that covered it with any detail.

I won?t even go into the inability to find any weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq. Just a few weeks ago when Bush was interviewed by
Diane Sawyer on ABC, he still stuck to the claim that there will be WMDs
found in Iraq. They will likely turn up somehow, by whatever miracle, in
the weeks before the Presidential election. I see it coming and so do a
lot of other people whose job is to analyze the current events of the
US. I have been called a conspiracy nut when I bring this up to most

When you get into discussing the Iraq war, the death toll of US
troops is one subject that is sure to hotly debated. We lose an average
of one soldier a day and at least 5-10 soldiers are wounded each day.
There is no end in sight to the loss of US and Coalition forces lives,
and the resistance attacks are getting more sophisticated and increasing
every day.

For a list of all killed and wounded soldiers in Iraq, see here.

I have had many arguments where the supporter of war makes a
really terrible statement about the military deaths. "It?s their job to
die for this country, that?s what we?re paying them for." This statement
has been repeated over and over in the many discussions I have had with
pro war Americans. It is such a tragedy that the lives of our troops
have come to mean so little to so many people.

In the midst of holiday shopping I brought up the topic of all the
recent US casualties and the truly blind and crass nature of most
Americans became all too clear. I had three or four people agreeing with
me on what a waste of life the war was. That made my day until the other
forty or fifty people in the store started loudly pronouncing our lack
of pride and lack of support for the troops.

It almost turned into a violent confrontation, and security had to
step in to stop a veteran from punching out one of the "let em die"
crowd. The four of us that had been talking peacefully were escorted
from the store and told to stay off mall property.

One security guard was a Vietnam vet, and he was definitely not in
agreement with the pro war crowd. He quietly gave us some words of
support and encouragement, and then played the role of a pro war man
when his boss showed up. He explained that he couldn?t afford to lose
his job, and that his company had a policy against hiring anyone opposed
to the war. He said that one of his friends had been fired from the
company after putting an anti-war sticker on his car.

One man who had been in the store came out while we were walking
over to a nearby restaurant. The four of us were going to get some
coffee and talk about issues for a bit. Suddenly we were being charged
by a huge, very angry man who made his threats to hurt us quite plain.
He kept screaming that we should go back to Iraq if we thought the US
was so bad. This is a commonly made statement, but the idiocy of it
still confuses me. It makes no sense for someone to scream this out, but
it is one of the most often heard taunts at any protest or rally.

Once again security saved the day and I got another lesson in how
blind and oblivious mainstream Americans can truly be.

I don?t know what it will take to wake up the sheep, or even if it
is possible after so many years of brainwashing. I lose more hope every
day, and my faith in the future getting better is at an all time low.

Something needs to happen in America soon. I hope it?s not going
to be four more years of Bush, and long years of war and occupation.
This country has not been able to take the first four years of Bush.
Four more years would definitely spell the end of any chance to pull
this crumbling nation back from the brink of complete breakdown.

Is today the day you wake up and try to stop the madness? Is today
the day you say NO MORE? I hope so, for all of our sakes.

Here?s one more thing to wake you up if you are sleeping. This is
our current national debt- $6,937,966,948,177.28. Yes that is $7
TRILLION, or will be by the time you read this. Your eyes do not deceive
you, although the government wishes they would.

If you are already wide awake and smelling the stench of
corruption, please try to wake up your fellow Americans. You are not
alone, it just feels that way sometimes.

*Jay Shaft is the Editor of Coalition For Free Thought In Media.
Reprint permission is granted if it includes name of author and Axis of
Logic designation.

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