Key Aspects of Contemporary Satanism
Key Aspects of Contemporary Satanism
Sat Jan 3 11:58:36 2004

Key Aspects of Contemporary Satanism

from a speech by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, 1/19/93

This tribunal is urgently necessary to begin a process of re-establishing truth and natural law to govern world affairs. We are holding this tribunal in the tradition and spirit of the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, in order to show, over the course of two days, that it is not Lyndon LaRouche who is guilty, who has been convicted in an unprecedented political show-trial, but exactly those who have harassed him and his organization and who are the ones behind the legal attack.

You will see, that it is a combination of Bolshevists, Communists, and liberal bankers in the West, and--which to some of you may come as a surprise,for others not--that actually Satanism as a political factor in world politics is part of the problem we are dealing with.

It is more than urgent to reverse what could be called the Zeitgeist,the spirit of our times, because it is this Zeitgeist that has thrown the world into an apocalyptic crisis, and the entirety of human civilization threatens to go under if these policies are not reversed. Man cannot continuously violate the order of creation. Behind this present misery in the world, is at best the indifference of the leading institutions, and more often the intent to cause this misery.

- Moral and economic crisis in the West -

The world has come to this point because of a gigantic moral crisis of the West. It is especially since the last 20 years that this problem seems to have gotten totally out of control.

Tomorrow, there will be a new administration, and they think they have the power, that they are the keepers of the power, that they have the means to solve all of this, but they are sitting in front of the biggest financial crisis, and since they, up to the present, have refused any of the reform proposals we have proposed, this financial system is definitely finished. The U.S. banking system is bankrupt, and the dollar and the entire Western banking system have only been maintained through the brutal looting of the Third World countries and the support of Japan for the U.S. and the Federal Republic of Germany, and so forth. So it will be only a question of time, when the system comes down.

How insane the present elites have become is illustrated, among other things, by an article in the Economist of this week, which seriously proposes to rehabilitate certain historical figures and periods, like the Dark Ages of the 14th century, and to glorify these periods as being stronger and more beautiful than the Renaissance.

So, if the world comes to this point, that we will plunge into a Dark Age, either of the kind of one world dictatorship that some elites are aiming at, or a world under Communist hegemony, then you have to know one thing: All of this is the result of a deliberate policy. It is not a natural catastrophe; it is the result of concrete political acts. It is what the Pope has called "the structures of sin," which exist equally in the East and in the West. That the world is in such a tremendous misery is the result of the acts of concrete individuals.

- Our fight for a new world economic order -
I want to tell you a couple of things about how it comes that our organization has developed relatively great knowledge about who is responsible. It is not some academic discovery, but it is the result of the fact that for 15 years, we have been fighting for a just new world economic order.

Lyndon LaRouche has developed concrete proposals for such economic reform, and when we, beginning relatively naively and innocently, started to organize for the implementation of these programs, we were hit with an enormous amount of counterattack, and we found out that there is an enormous amount of harassment against countries--countries are being threatened with extinction--against individuals threatened with death or torture, or other unfortunate developments.

Because we did not give up in all of this fight, we learned a lot about the nature of the enemy. We found out, for example, something which may be a surprise to many people: that the genocide lobby exists in the form of concrete associations and people.
Then the next major step in this development was that Lyndon LaRouche in 1975 developed a concrete proposal for international monetary reform, which he called at that time the International Development Bank, which became extremely influential in the discussions of the Non-Aligned Movement and was introduced by the then-Foreign Minister of Guyana, Fred Wills, in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 1976.

We have watched what the IMF conditionalities have done in these 15 years. Entire countries have been dismantled in front of the eyes of the world public. For example the beautiful nation of Mexico, which was economically struggling 10-15 years ago, was literally taken apart step by step, with absolute brutality. The nation of Uganda practically no longer exists. If you look at Lebanon, since 1975, this nation has been completely bombed out, destroyed. It does not exist any more.

- The genocide lobby -

We have found out, step by step, who is behind this. The Club of Rome, at a certain point in 1972, started to propagandize their zero economic growth policy of neo-malthusianism, that the world does not have enough food for the number of people. We came upon such institutions as the Worldwatch Institute, which is supervising a lot of this. We found individuals like the Satanist Robert McNamara, who has a long list of crimes. He was responsible in Vietnam for the body-count policy. He's a lunatic, quite literally, because he goes out when there is a full Moon, to bathe in the moonbeams. This is part of his belief-structure. But the other side is the genocide he committed when he was head of the World Bank. We have heard circles around Gen. Maxwell Taylor, also of Vietnam fame, who said quite openly that they want to increase the death rate by natural means, because birth control is not sufficient. We have found circles around George Ball, who have openly said that it is necessary to reduce the Mexican population to 30 million people, i.e., less than half. We heard the speech of Gore Vidal in Sao Paulo last year, who said that the AIDS pandemic is a good thing, because it will reduce the population to 1 billion people.

And we have seen, what was the long-term design of people like Dr. Alexander King, who was the one responsible in 1963 for introducing the so-called education reform in Europe, which had the deliberate aim of eliminating for pupils any knowledge of the high points of the 2,000 years of European culture and civilization. This same Dr. Alexander King was the leader of the Club of Rome, and is on record having said that population growth in the Third World has to stop, because the Anglo-Saxon white race is overrun by the black, brown, and yellow people.

In the course of this, we founded the Club of Life, against the evil activities of the Club of Rome, and as a result of our organizing for the sanctity and sacredness of life, we found out even more about these people. We discovered an incredible new euthanasia campaign, and propaganda that health care would not be cost-effective. So we found out about many more concrete persons, and also about the nature of the enemy. We found out how the financial institutions of this world are responsible, and how they are controlled by certain families, and that the reason for all of these problems is what you could call a plutocracy, a government of a financial power elite. This [group has] an extreme Calvinist view, of those who think that God punishes those who are poor, and that those who are rich are already proven to be correct by the very fact of their wealth.

- The Holy Alliance and the Yalta policy -

Soon we found out that what motivates these people is, in part, the political system modeled on the Holy Alliance concluded at the Congress of Vienna of 1815, where the idea of having Russia as a special policeman of Europe was copied from. We found that the proponents of this system liked the idea of balance of power, crisis management, that they are against the sovereignty of the nation-state, and that they want to reintroduce a so-called Standestaat, a class system, with lower and higher classes, were the lower ones have no rights--i.e., you go back before the Prussian reforms.

In the 20th century, there is a continuity of this in the form of the Yalta treason, which also has to be looked at as one of the great crimes of our time. In 1943, there was the division of Europe, without real need. There was no necessity to give half of Europe to the Russians, to the Communists. This, as you know, was already decided in 1943, and the process of Teheran, Yalta, and Potsdam just concluded this agreement. This Yalta treason was continued in 1943 by the [Scottish Rot] Freemason George Marshall, who gave China to Mao Zedong, at a point that the Kuomintang had 5 million people under arms. It was the joint action of Moscow and Washington to give mainland China to the Communists. In 1953, during the Korean War, Chiang Kai-shek had offered to send hundreds of thousands of troops to help MacArthur, and the Korean War would have ended quite differently. But this was not in the idea of the balance of power again, so that MacArthur afterward went to Taipei to apologize.

This Yalta policy was continued in 1971, when it was Kissinger who introduced the "China card" policy, and at the same time there was continuous treason against the security of the West, in the form of the Pugwash Conference, the ecology movement, all aimed to undermine the security of the West as an independent culture, a civilization. The peace movement was invented, which has turned out to be nothing but Moscow's fifth column, and if you look at it today, it is run literally by witches, and is the harbor and the water in which terrorists can swim.

- Satanism and Friedrich Nietzsche -

In all of this, the role of Satanism is not marginal, but, as recent discoveries have shown, the ecology movement is a Satanic movement. The condition of the world, all the misery and all the incredible suffering, could not be explained otherwise, and the major threat to civilization today is nothing but Satanism, which is not called Satanism openly, even though this is becoming more and more public now, but it is generally called the New Age. I think the key to understanding the threat to mankind today, in the form of Satanism and New Age, it is extremely important to understand both Nietzsche and Aleister Crowley.

Nietzsche, who was working for the Devil [actually, according to Rudolf Steiner, essentially taking dictation from Satan at times] in the last century definitely, represents a new phase in this, because since his writings, the open, perverted advertisement of Satanism has become a phase shift in history. The most important points he made are the following. He declared that God is dead, and later he developed out of this, that he himself would be the Anti-Christ and he would be Satan. His aim was to wipe out Christianity and all values associated with it. He, because God is dead, declared that man is not the image of God, but man has to be an aesthetic beast.

He continued to rewrite history in emphasizing, not the classical high points of history, the classical Greek or the Renaissance, but rather Dionysian ecstasy, Bacchanalian masses walking, marching drunken through the streets, doped up. He emphasized the flagellants in the Middle Ages, and in his ugly book Ecce Homo, he declared: Am I understood? It is Dionysos against the crucified. He devoted his entire life against Christianity and determined that he wanted to revalue all values into their opposite. This is indeed the essence of the Satanic method: to consciously change values into their opposite in such a way, that people don't realize it in the beginning, but in the end they are in the grip of Satan.

He did not accept the development of the universe to ever higher orders, but announced a cyclical repetition, the eternal return of the same, and therefore destruction for him--as well as for the Greenies today or for the Nazis, which is actually the same thing--destruction is desirable, because only out of the decay, the strong will come, in the opinion of these people, and the natural outgrowth of this is the idea of the master race. The will to power is the only value for these people.

Historically, Nietzsche refers to Dionysius--Bacchus--who was, at a point of Greek history, the cult figure for a cult which centered around wild music, rythmic dancing and orgiastic ecstasy. This is all very important, if you compare it with the New Age today. The aim of this INSANE ECSTASY is the unification with their god, TO BE POSSESSED, LITERALLY. [emphasis added; She is indeed describing a means of becoming possessed by a class of satanically-controlled beings.] The essence of what is unifying them is their hatred against Christianity, because they see it as a total negation of all earthly pleasures and passions. And we found out that one of the reasons why they hated us so much, is because they always say, you want to take away our pleasures in this way, because you put up moral standards, and we don't like that.

So, both Nietzsche and the freemasons--which is actually one tradition--refer to Greece as a deliberate counterpole against Christianity, and it is also this Dionysian face of Greek history which gave them the arguments for the "master race." For example, Theognis of Megara already had the idea that the aristocratic is good and the plebian is bad. If you read Plato's dialogues, you find with the Meno, that Thrasymachos and Callicles emphasize the exercise of power as the essence of all virtues. Thrasymachos says that powerful evil is more noble than weak goodness, and Cllicles says the stronger ones have the right to dominate and also have property, and the weak ones have none. Dionysius said, what is the essence for him is rageful lust, which is at the same time the fury of destruction [a consequence of DEMONIC possession, which requires the cultivation of a neutral or positive attitude toward the physical or spiritual destruction of humans]. Indeed you will find, that rage is the emotion of Satan, in the same way that agape, caritas, or love is the emotion of Christianity.

The concept of the eternal return of the same, which is a pre-Christian cult notion, associated with the earth goddesses [mainly Ishtar/"Isis," "The Goddess"], mother goddesses, is also the ground for the idea of reincarnation, the concept used deliberately against the idea of immortality.

The Nietzschean fascists, the New Age proponents, believe that immortality or the belief in immortality is the basic obstacle to real life. Nietzsche finally wrote Thus, Spake Zarathustra, where he declared that all gods are dead, now lives the superman, der Ubermensch. Superman is the meaning of the world--no god, rather master your own fate, rather be god yourself. So, the idea of Satanism is nothing but self-deification [i.e. life has no meaning, so it's what you make it], and for these people, Christian ennoblement is only castration.

For Nietzsche, God is proven wrong, but not the Devil. In Will to Power, he writes, to be able to bear life without God and morality, he must find the opposite, the ego which creates its own god, at whose feet all men lie. This god is nothing but the culmination of power, the liberation of all morality, the full depths of all contradictions of life lived out to the excess. God for him is the greatest immoralist, as will to power without goodness and wisdom. So, Nietzsche believed in superiority of the Devil; quite literally, he was a Satanist. He believed in the Olympus, i.e., the power of man totally dedicated to this Earth, but not in the Crucified. So, Dionysius, whom Nietzsche believed to be finally he himself, is the god of darkness, and Zarathustra admits that the good ones would call his superman the De


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