The Two Witnesses
The Two Witnesses
Sat Jan 3 22:28:25 2004
But who or what is represented by this Beast? Do we have any clues? Yes! This Beast from the bottomless pit was seen before in history, during the time of the second woe listed in Revelation 11:7-8. This was the time when the two witnesses were destroyed by this Beast for over three and a half days or years (in Bible prophecy, a day represents a year--see Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:6).

Who were these two witnesses? Christ said of the Scriptures that these are they "which testify (or witness) of Me" John 5:39. So the two witnesses represent the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. And when in history was the Bible destroyed for just over three and a half years by this bottomless pit Beast? It was during the French Revolution!

The Bible was confiscated and killed--or burned--in the streets of France from 1793-1797 by this Beast power. Historian J.G. Lorimer writes:

"On the 10th of November [1793] an ass, dressed out in a sacerdotal habit, was led in procession through the town [of Paris] by two `san culottes,' carrying a sacred cup, out of which they gave the animal drink; and when they arrived at one of the public edifices, Bibles, books of devotion, etc., were piled up in a heap, which was set on fire amidst horrid shouts from a vast concourse of people...Wherever a Bible could be found it might be said to be persecuted to is a remarkable circumstance that 26 theaters in Paris were open and filled to overflowing [to celebrate]..."(15)

Another historian, George Croly, writes:

"On the 17th of June, Camille Jordan, in the `Council of Five Hundred,' brought up the memorable report on the `Revision of the laws relative to religious worship.'...the Bible had been slain in France from November, 1793, till June, 1797....[Then] the Bible, so long and so sternly repressed before, was placed in honor, and was openly the Book of free Protestantism."(16)

What power was behind the French Revolution that is represented by this Scarlet-colored Beast from the bottomless pit? History reveals that it was an "atheistical power" which was behind the French Revolution. But it was more than that.

Atheism denies the existence of God, but during the end of the French Revolution, France was worshiping gods--such as the god of Reason and the god of Liberty. These gods were literally a paganistic and spiritualistic representation of Lucifer.

Paganism and Spiritualism both deny the authority of the God of heaven, and worship Lucifer as the god of Light and Reason. Both these religions are similar and believe that the teachings of Lucifer will cause those who believe and follow them to develop into gods!

Further evidence reveals that this "power" was Spiritualistic all along, and only used Atheism as a means to achieve its goals. It then cast off Atheism when it needed her no more.

To be more precise, the spiritualistic power behind the French Revolution was the Secret Societies. And more specifically it was the Order of the Illuminati that was the main power behind the French Revolution!

Some believe that Catholicism was the main power behind the French Revolution. But Catholicism was only used to help get rid of the Protestant people, then Catholicism was herself persecuted and given her deadly wound in 1798.

Others have suggested that Masonry was the main power behind the French Revolution. But they are only half correct. Untampered history reveals that the Masonic leadership was infiltrated by the Illuminati, and its lodges and influence were then used as a working front to further the plans of the Illuminati.

Thus the real power behind the French Revolution--represented by the Scarlet-colored Beast of Revelation 17--was the spiritualistic, Luciferian secret society of The Order of the Illuminati--or "The Order." Now why is this important to know? God tells His people in Ecclesiastes 3:15:

"That which hath been is now: and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past."

Therefore that which has occurred in the past, is occurring now: and that which is yet to occur in the future, has already occurred in the past. As this is true, then by knowing history we can know what is occurring now and what is to occur in the future. One writer realized this over 100 years ago and wrote:

"Spiritualism asserts that men are unfallen demigods; that `each mind will judge itself;' that `true knowledge places men above all law;' that `all sins committed are innocent;' for `whatever is, is right,' and `God doth not condemn.' The basest of human beings it represents as in heaven, and highly exalted there. Thus it declares to all men, `It matters not what you do; live as you please, heaven is your home.' Multitudes are thus led to believe that desire is the highest law, that license is liberty, and that man is accountable only to himself....

"...anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law, not only divine, but human. The centralizing of wealth and power; the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many; the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interests and claims; the spirit of unrest, of riot and bloodshed; the world-wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution--all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France."(17)

Thus the same teachings and actions that led to the French Revolution will happen again, not just involving one nation this time, but involving the whole world! Let us examine some of the background on The Order of the Illuminati to see what they believe and how they work.


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