Is Satanism in your schoolyard?
Is Satanism in your schoolyard?
Sat Jan 3 12:00:57 2004

Is Satanism in Your

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Satan is alive and well in the streets, schoolyards, day care centers, and playgrounds of America. In all its varied and diverse forms, a Satanic virus is eating away at the very foundations of our civilization. If we don't wake up to this virus right now, we will all be consumed by it, and this country as we have known it will cease to exist.

Just consider the following facts, which are available to most people who watch TV or read a newspaper or a popular magazine: Some police experts estimate that as many as 50,000 young children per year disappear in the United States. Many of these children are lured into a satanic underworld where they are subjected to cruel sado-masochistic tortures; some are ritualistically murdered. So pervasive is the spread of satanic cults today that dozens of competing satanic computer "bulletin boards" exist, bearing such names as "Weirdbase" and "Baphonet." If your son or daughter has a personal computer with access to a telephone line, he or she may have already plugged into one of these bulletin boards and become part of a satanic underground that lists locations and events of more than 750 different satanic covens, bookstores, New Age centers, etc. servicing every state and every medium-to-large size city and town in the United States.

It is getting hard to identify a place where children can go today where they are absolutely protected from the invasion of satanic forces. Day care centers, such as the McMartin Preschool in Los Angeles County, are now accused of being havens for pedophiles (child molesters) preying on the very youngsters they were being paid to protect and educate. Even the day care center at the U.S. Army base at the Presidio near San Francisco was the scene of over 50 child rapes in a one-year period.
Among the suspects was an active duty reserve lieutenant colonel who enjoyed Top Secret security clearance from the Pentagon, although he was and still is the High Priest of a satanic church, the Temple of Set (the Egyptian name for Satan).

Even the public grade schools have been invaded. In many schools around the country, teachers permit and in some cases encourage students to play the satanic fantasy game "Dungeons and Dragons." "D&D" involves real life action that has in more than one instance led a child to take his or her own life or to kill a friend. Many of the satanic fronts listed in the various New Age computer bulletin boards and published directories, are themselves creations of international pedophile rings scouting for unsuspecting and vulnerable children whom they can grab up for their lurid rituals.

The mass scale emergence of Satanism in America over the last half-dozen years could not have been possible without a 25-year campaign by some of the world's most powerful and corrupt financial institutions and world federalists to spread mind-destroying drugs into every corner of our society. Today, America is the world's largest market for illegal mind-destroying drugs. Well over half the worldwide $500 billion a year trade in dope goes on in the United States. The target population is growing younger every year, with the latest, and most devastating form of cocaine, "crack," now targeting children 9-12 years old. The vast majority of inner-city drug dealers are teenagers--in most cases grade school dropouts recruited by the promise of a thousand dollars a day to join Satan's Army and destroy our nation's future. Drug-related violence has reached astonishing proportions in our country's inner cities. Gangs bearing such satanic names as the "Bloods"and the "Crypts" turn their drug profits into vast arsenals of heavy duty weapons.

The rock music industry, which was instrumental in the launching of the drug-rock counterculture, in the last several years has pioneered satanic rock, worshiping every form of perverse evil. One British satanic rock group proclaims in its latest record, "In Gorbachov We
Trust." An American satanic rock group, AC/DC, was the inspiration for Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker" who ritualistically raped and murdered dozens of young women in a year-long rampage in southern California. Ramirez boasted to his police captors that he worshiped Satan.

Beginning in the late 1960s, once millions of high school and college age youth had been lured into the drug-rock counterculture--through such mass media extravaganzas as the Beatles and Rolling Stones appearances on the Ed Sullivan TV show, the Woodstock festival, the Haight-Ashbury "summer of love," the Broadway smash hit rock opera "Hair"--the social engineers steering "Operation Satan" began peddling the "sexual revolution" which said that lesbianism and homosexuality were "liberating" forms of behavior. Put the pieces together. First, the creative capacities of the nation's youth--truly their most precious possession--are destroyed by drugs. Next, the sexual identities of millions of Americans are thrown topsy turvy by a culture that extols the virtues of homosexuality.

And finally, Satanism, the worship of Evil, emerges as a new religion. In the face of this final onslaught against the most basic family values that sustained the nation for its first two hundred years ofexistence, we are beginning to see a resistance emerge. In many communities around the United States, churches, police departments, and civic groups are beginning to sound the alarm bells over the growing presence of satanic agencies. A nationwide outcry is beginning to be heard. The right questions are beginning to be asked.

In the following pages, we shall probe the satanic revival. We shall identify the names of some of the key figures who have peddled this new worship of Evil. Some of them are international power brokers who deploy the satanic legions from above. Some are actual practitioners of the satanic rituals that they seek to spread throughout society. In the vast majority of cases, the advocates of Satanism are also enthusiastic backers of the new Soviet dictator Gorbachov. Almost all are apostles of world government tied in one way or another to the United Nations Organization. Far from being a nameless and faceless enemy, the satanic plotters are known, identified and publicly accessible.

As the American patriot Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. put it on numerous occasions, the question is not who the enemy is or what he is up to. The question, today more than ever, for the American people is: Do you have the moral fitness to survive. In this most challenging case, to survive the satanic plot to destroy Western Civilization once and for all.


The Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, near Columbia University in Manhattan, is the seat of the High Anglican Church in America's upper crust metropolis. Bishop Paul Moore, the present head of the New York Episcopal archdiocese, is from one of America's oldest and wealthiest blue blood families. The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John, an ancient chivalric order headed by a member of the British Royal Family, the Duke of Gloucester, is headquartered at the Cathedral. Despite --or maybe because of-- these "oh so social" credentials, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine also happens to be one of the major centers for the spread of Satanism and satanic sexual violence in North America. Consider the following:

Bishop Paul Moore's Cathedral is the formal headquarters of the Temple of Understanding, a United Nations-affiliated New Age Gnostic religion project that peddles every form of neo-pagan and satanic and Luciferian varieties of "religion" available. Not surprisingly, the Temple of Understanding's political orientation includes its recently sponsoring a series of Soviet-American shindigs, including a "February Fling" last year that honored 100 prominent Soviet officials then touring the United States.

The Temple of Understanding, according to an aide to its current director, the Very Reverend Dean James Morton, dean of the Cathedral, is a closely affiliated outgrowth of the Lucis Trust, formerly called the Lucifer Trust. Founded between 1920 and 1922 by Alice Bailey, an Episcopalian who became a leading disciple of the Russian theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky, the Lucis Trust has been devoted to advancing the Luciferian beliefs that, in Blavatsky's words, "oppose the materialism of science and every form of dogmatic theology, especially the Christian, which the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious." Lucis Trust puts forward a pagan form of theosophical religion that worships an "External Hierarchy" of "Ascended Masters" --human beings living and dead-- who say they carry out the work of a Luciferian "master plan" for the establishment of a permanent "Age of Aquarius" (Lucifer) that would replace the centuries old "Age of Pisces" (Christ). For them, the "Age of Pisces" refers to the Christian era. In this scenario, Lucis Trust figures point to Soviet leader MikhaiI Gorbachov, the man with the "Mark of the Beast" on his forehead, as one such "Ascended Master."

The Cathedral also formally sponsors Lindisfarne, a medieval New Age community on Long Island that was founded by the late Dame Margaret Mead, a Temple of Understanding leader, and her husband Gregory Bateson. Lindisfarne is a center of witchcraft. Both Mead and Bateson were seminal figures in the launching of the satanic New Age from the 1960s. Bateson was a major figure in the CIA's MK-ULTRA LSD-25 experiments that actually launched the "acid rock" culture, the immediate precursor to today's satanic rock phenomenon.

Back in the 1960s, when he was Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Robert Strange McNamara was an open member of the Lucis Trust front, the Temple of Understanding. According
to articles published by investigative writer Edith Roosevelt in the Manchester Union Leader in 1963, McNamara practiced Luciferian rituals such as "bathing in the full moon" on Roosevelt Island along the Potomac River. Luciferians, who nominally distinguish themselves from Satanists by their belief in "white magic" as opposed to "black magic" ("good"versus "evil") believe in the mystical powers of the Sun, which are so great that they can only be absorbed indirectly --through the practice of"bathing in moon beams." Hence McNamara's regular midnight flings on Roosevelt Island whenever there was a full moon.

After leaving the Defense Department and with his subsequent appointment as president of the genocidalist World Bank, McNamara oversaw a systematic program to "do Satan's bidding" by depopuIating the Third World through murderous austerity measures that have claimed millions of lives. So much for the distinction between Lucifer and Satan.

Bishop Moore himself has a horrid background: Prior to his arrival at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Bishop Paul Moore was a leading patron of the notorious Jim Jones in the years leading up to 1961 in Indianapolis, Ind. His People's Temple was promoted there by Moore and the Methodist now Bishop, James Armstrong. Along with Rabbi Maurice Davis, now of Westchester, N.Y., they gave Jones his original Indianapolis temple site, and sanctioned his acceptance among the Indianapolis clergy as a "legitimate" religious leader.

Once in New York City, Moore introduced the New Age "sexual revolution" into the church by sanctioning lesbianism among the Episcopal clergy. Moore personally broke the "sexual barrier" by ordaining militant lesbian Ellen Marie Barrett as an Episcopal priest in1977. Barrett told Time magazine that her lesbian love affairs gave her the "strength to serve God."

In the late 1970s, several sources reported that Canon Edward West, an aide to Bishop Moore, was a frequent patron of some of New York City's seediest sado-masochistic "private clubs," where be would engage in such ritualistic practices as having young boys urinate on him while he lay naked in a ceremonial bathtub. One such club reportedly frequented by Canon West was the Mineshaft, a renovated warehouse in Manhattan's wholesale meat district, run by organized crime interests linked to John Zaccaro, the husband of Walter Mondale's 1984 vice-presidential running mate, Geraldine Ferraro. Such child-sex abuses as those alleged to Canon West are indications of a practicing Satanist.


From the dark secrets of the New York Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the scene now shifts across the Atlantic, to Trieste, Italy, a city on the ltalian-Yugoslav border that the newspaper La Stampa has described as the "capital of the Masons."

It is just after the New Year 1989, and Alessandro Moncini, wealthy international businessman, political insider, and reputed leading member of Italy's darkest freemasonic lodge, Propaganda Due (P-2), has returned to his "beautiful Trieste" after spending slightly less than three months in a California jail. Moncini was arrested March 18, 1988 on charges of having imported child porn into the U.S.A.

However, according to phone tap transcripts and other evidence leaked by frustrated U.S. law enforcement officials to the Italian newspaper of record, La Repubblica, the Moncini case actually involved a worldwide child slavery and child murder ring servicing an overtly satanic wing of the trans-Atlantic aristocratic "jet set." At least one of the phone tapes was between Moncini and Anthony Crowley, a U.S. porn king. Moncini was overheard negotiating the purchase of young girls who were to be "whipped," "chained," sodomized, and eventually murdered in what La Repubblica described in an understatement as "a satanic night."

At the trial, Judge Richard Lew refused to allow the tape recordings to be admitted as evidence. Nevertheless, Moncini's conviction under the U.S. Child Protection Act carried a potential 30-year jail term and a fine of $1 million. Perhaps Judge Lew was swayed by "character reference" letters on Moncini's behalf from nearly 40 prominent members of the Trieste establishment, including from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Trieste and the Vice President of the Trieste Region.

Undaunted by the slap-on-the-wrist treatment meted out by the U.S. courts, two top police officials from Trieste have reportedly traveled to the United States in search of evidence "to prove the existence of a most exclusive club of international pedophiles" believed to be protected by secret lodges within the upper degrees of certain branches of international freemasonry.


Although it would be a gross overstatement to equate all masonry with the practice of Satanism, there is compelling evidence that among the elite circles of freemasonry there is a satanic core. Indeed, the European landscape has been stained in recent years with the blood of prominent aristocrats, bankers, and politicians who have been ritualistically and savagely murdered for violating their "blood vows."

For example, on Jan. 27, the Financial Times of London reported that a Milan judge had just ruled that the 1982 death of the director of the Milan-based Banco Ambrosiano, Roberto Calvi, was actually murdered. Calvi had been a leader of the Freemasonic P-2 lodge that was under investigation for operations aimed at overthrowing the government of Italy. Calvi was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982 shortly after his name emerged in the P-2 scandal. Calvi's death had all the earmarks of a ritualistic execution, carried out by a Scottish Rite Freemasonic court. Indeed, at the time, Italian officials had characterized the Calvi death as a ritualistic murder, despite efforts by a British coroner to sweep the death under the rug as a suicide.

The P-2 scandal itself erupted as a direct outgrowth of the failed attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II, an attempt widely attributed to both Soviet bloc secret services and Western Gnostic "anti-Christ underground" circles. The decision by the Milan court to revive the Calvi murd

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