Workforce Deception and Corruption
Workforce Deception and Corruption
Sat Jan 3 12:02:55 2004

The Workforce Deception and Corruption

True Conspiracies
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The Workforce Deception

Prosperity is good if people use their wealth for good reasons, and all deserving people are well off. We need to seek God's will and a better system so that prosperity and blessings will come. We should not seek prosperity in a corrupt system because this approach is causing poverty and corruption.
Many are deceived without being aware of it. Like pawns in the game, they are then manipulated to unintentially deceive others. People who are not on their guard unintentially deceive friends and family members, despite loving them.
A major deception is that almost all occupations are good. A lot of paid occupations are good to be part of and deserve credit. However there is evidence most occupations in the workforce are not good due to the system's inefficiency, corruption and unnecessary work. People do not realize this. We need a better, fairer system and workforce.
Many people who work for the corrupt system are honest, intelligent people who work hard. They would change the world if they worked for a better system. I respect many of them as friends. As they are subtly deceived we need to show them love and reveal a better system to them.
Many occupations involve not working for beneficial or Godly purposes. They promote unnecessary or evil products and services. They teach and encourage selfishness, pride and a lust for money and the world. They involve misleading and deceiving people into worldly things and away from God. Therefore many occupations are doing more harm than good.
Many professions under the systems authority, including scientists and doctors encourage suppression of the truth. For example, conflicts of interest occur. If the truth were told, it could mean people are put off from a particular profession or are subject to extensive ridicule. People are therefore likely not to tell the truth to avoid these things. Many inventions and discoveries that could have greatly benefited many people have been suppressed in this way. Much corruption has been suppressed, which has resulted in the detriment of society. A profession that is part of and loyal to a corrupt system may mean that you have to be corrupt to work the way the system requires. This is because you may have to obey and use corrupt methods. Fortunately some people expose what is happening and choose to leave or be sacked from the profession. There is a lot of corruption exposed on the news in the Illuminati controlled media. But this must be the tip of the iceberg as there is much more suppressed. If people do wrong, the natural thing is to suppress it. You can therefore safely assume that there is widespread corruption in every mainstream system. The danger in working for the system is that one could be working for the Illuminati and Satan, who control the system.
The corrupt mainstream medical system forces and teaches people to take unnecessary and harmful drugs or therapy, to the benefit of the drug companies who have suppressed natural cures.
In most schools a teacher would have to teach what the system wants even if it is bad for them and their students. People promoting or getting people interested in paid jobs would have to advise people to do something that is wrong in most cases. Anyone in the public service or in a large company would probably have to do and recommend things that the corrupt system does. For example if you knew a better way to do something, you would not be able to use it or advise people of it. You would have to do wasteful things that deceive and hinder people, which is the goal of the Illuminati behind the corrupt system.
The more people the conspirators lure to work for them, the stronger they become. It also means that less people are working for Godly purposes. Many may be totally unaware that they are working for a conspiracy, unlike those who would be part of the conspiracy. We should be turning away from yoking with the evil world system. There are many different ways to work for God's purposes, where people can use all their existing skills. The Apostles stopped working for the corrupt system to follow Jesus.
There could hardly be a better way to get control of the world and force everyone to worship Satan, than to deceive everyone into being very busy but doing the wrong things, so they are distracted from the truth. The Bible says that we should be busy and work hard, but we are to use our time for God's will. Being busy doing the wrong things is only helping Satan and hindering God's work. There are too many people seeking to earn more money than what they need, and not enough people volunteering to do God's will. Due to corruption there is not enough money to reach those who deserve it.
A main controlling measure is to deceive the majority that the purpose of life is to spend most of your time to make money and spend it on really unnecessary things. The Illuminati deceive people into thinking that making excessive money is easy and good, despite the fact that almost all small businesses fail. People trying to earn excessive money require more goods and services than someone who is satisfied with enough income to survive. These goods and services include energy, fuel, water, rent, interest rates, registrations, licenses and essential products. The problem is that these goods and services are mostly purchased from those with wealth and power.
It is not money that is bad; it is the corruption you have to yoke with to get it. As a result it is a gamble to get more than you need to survive which means you are likely to lose more time and money than you gain.
The worldly deception that everyone must try to make and keep more money than they need for the essential things is dangerous for many reasons. The first reason is because almost everyone believes and is deceived by it. Secondly, it is transferring wealth and power to those planning a one world dictatorship. Thirdly, it is sending people broke, so they are forced out of business, and banks and multinationals can take their properties and gain more power. Fourthly, it is taking most of peoples time so that they cannot learn and share the truth or expose the powerful. Fifthly, it is destroying peoples lives, such as by causing them stress related illnesses and making them envious and greedy for money or each others professions. Also it is contributing to poverty, drug addiction, suicide and crime. Therefore many people will be so misled and wounded that they won't want to expose those planning to take over the world.
One article mathematically proves that people who freely volunteer to who work hard, or people who use all their excess income for God's will are a net benefit to society. However people who earn excess money and don't use it for God's will have a negative impact. The term "make money" is deceptive. Unless you are a bank or a mint it is illegal to create money. It has to come from somewhere to the disadvantage of someone else. But if you use your money and time for God's will you are not guilty of disadvantaging others.
We should be positive about doing something that is good and Godly that will fix these problems. But instead of this people are conditioned to be positive even if they are working for the world's system, despite the fact that they are often doing the wrong thing, and that things are going wrong. They therefore encourage others to follow suit. Other people are therefore lured into the mainstream system. This includes the commonly known; workforce, education system, churches, pursuing of material goods and popular things.
To succeed financially in the world system you often have to be on the same wavelength as the world and therefore risk corruption by it.

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The workforce deception and corruption.
Charging money suppresses goods and services.
Waste is a goal to gain control.
The danger of competition instead of fair regulation.
A conspiracy comparison.
The answer to a more efficient and happy workforce.
The big picture of world statistics.
Corrupt world system deceptions are deceiving the people. Also most multinationals, politicians & banks are corrupt.
Small businesses borrowing & unnecessary distractions, help multinationals & banks take control of property.
Banks and multinationals have shares in & control of many companies like the media.
One world government to be hastened by banks and multinationals with shares.
Political parties & lobby groups ignored by politicians & the media.
Political & government corruption. Political donations & control.
Corrupt education system conspiracy.
Conspiracies of AIDS, cancer, vaccines, drugs, & fluoride.
Small businesses and volunteer workers discriminated.
Gradualism is used to introduce satanic doctrines or laws.
Gun laws and control gives one world government power.
Countries in debt lose control to international laws.
How the international bankers conspiracy caused wars, assassinations and depressions.
Peace treaties give false security & hasten one world government.
Banks create money & lend at interest - Inflation & bankruptcy.
Third world debt causes starvation & poverty.
Governments are restricting subdivisions & councils are amalgamating.
A conspiracy against small businesses through unfair regulations, taxes and competition.
Predatory pricing. Large businesses destroy small businesses with unfair competition.
Deregulation of primary products cause small business bankruptcies.
False government figures on unemployment and GDP.
Mergers & multinationals cause mass layoffs of staff, unemployment, poverty, automation & slave labor.
Welfare and tax avoidance mean that governments enforce consumption taxes.
Free trade suits multinationals & monopolies.
A cashless society.
Foreign investment & privatisation is selling assets to multinationals.
Overvalued stock market bubble! People are investing borrowed money in shares of companies which are making a loss.
World heritage & one world government.
Corruption in the justice or legal system.
Organisations planning a one world government.
The Illuminati is planning a one world government.
The Y2K or millennium bug cost small businesses & governments dearly. Conspiracy???
Governments are encouraging gambling on poker machines & casinos to raise taxes.
UFO's & government conspiracies at military bases.
Genetic engineering gives multinationals power over food, crops & farmers.
Wage rises cause inflation, unemployment & small business destruction.
Trade Unions, small businesses, pensioners and sincere unemployed people.
Small business and promotion failure rates.
Supressed inventions and inventors.
Promoting Christian ministry and truth is better than seeking excess money.
Many powerful societies & philosophies are evil & satanic.
Christmas & Easter help commercialisation & multinationals.
A positive conclusion with the solutions.

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