Largest China White Heroin trafficking organization
Tue Jan 6 23:59:02 2004

This site exposes the largest China White Heroin trafficking organization in the UNITED STATES and examines the dynamics of the most heinous drug crime of this century. This crime was the murder of 9 Buddhists at Wat Promkunaram Temple, Aug. 10, 1991 on the far west side of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. By this examination systemic narcotics corruption is revealed in many layers of Arizona government. While major media imposed a news blackout of the Temple Murders, Arizona law enforcement led by AIR FORCE Intelligence officers fabricated a case against teenagers known to be innocent. Other textbook examples of U.S. Department of Defense drug trafficking are presented. More intelligence fronts propagandizing the American public are exposed here than anywhere else. The business aspects of war are discussed. Economic crimes less than $300 million will probably not interest us.


No one is above the law. No one is below the law.
It was human folly for the UNITED STATES to empower an agency of government to specifically break its own laws. The CIA and the Constitution there after became mortal enemies --- until the day one will overpower the other in a final victory. Will we be a nation under law or a nation under law breakers?*/

Brian Downing Quig 6-9-98

The parents of Tim Ring visited Phoenix and visited the crime scene of the fatal WELLS FARGO armored car robbery with me. Phil Ring is a retired New York state trooper. Their son Tim now sits on Death Row --- convicted by the testimony of BOUNTY HUNTER MURDERER Mike Sanders. I can say with certainty that the crime could not have taken place as Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley maintained. It is also certain that Tim Ring could not have been convicted without the collusion of the judge, the prosecutor and his own attorney. The judge was TEMPLE MURDERS Judge Gregory Martin and the attorney was Greg Clark. FBI Special Agent Weldon Kennedy held a press conference with Rick Romley after the public was shown FBI surveillence video of Ring being brutalized at FBI Headquarters during his arrest there. It came out later (when Mike Sanders led an ill-fated full body armor hooded home invasion where a young engaged couple was riddled with bullets in their bed) that Ring and Sanders were BOTH AGENTS OF FBI SAC WELDON KENNEDY!!!

MICHAEL SANDERS is in a position to spill his guts about Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley.

In this home invasion that left the young couple in a condition inapproprate for an open casket funeral, one of the victims shot Mike Sanders in the testicles. Sanders is a pretty tough cookie and probably would have toughed out any other wound but that! At the hospital they have a police unit for such occasions.

Phil Ring thinks it possible corrrupt police were running the home invasion scheme. From his own experience he knows that drug dealers seldom call the police to report a robbery of their money and drugs. There were accounts that Sanders and company were involved in other home invasions that night and reliable accounts that there were 7 not five invaders.

FBI Special Agent In Charge Weldon Kennedy denied the tests on Temple Murders weapon that would have set Jonathan Doody free before going on to deliberately botch OKC Bombing investigation. There is no more transparent cover-up.

Weldon Kennedy, who was made Director of the FBI's OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING INVESTIGATION (because in the beginning it looked like an Arizona plot with McVeigh living in Kingman, Arizona) used Ring and Sanders to infiltrate ARYAN REPUBLICAN ARMY-type groups in Arizona. They were trained to impersonate ultra-Right wingers dedicated enough to use the tactic of bank and armored car robbery to fund revolutionary purposes.

My guess about the WELLS FARGO "robbery" is that one or more of FBI Special Agent In Charge Weldon Kennedy's "confidential informants" tasked with imitating armored car robbers got the notion that it would really not be hard to do the real thing --- and benefit!!

Jim Greenham, whose girlfriend got things started by telling the police that Greenham told her he "shot someone" the day of the WELLS FARGO robbery and that he was spending lavishly. In the here available affidavit Greenham explains from the same prison where Ring is a prisoner --- that he only testified against Ring because he did not think Ring could possibly be convicted --- the circumstances of the crime being what they were.

The prosecution maintained that the driver was shot by Ring from a distance with a .22 caliber rifle as the driver opened the door to smoke a cigarette. No blood or brain tissue was found in the van. No blood was on the driver's glasses found at the scene even though the shot was from the left temple out the right eye! No bullet was found at the scene. Retired Phoenix Police officer Jack McLamb agrees. Not possible.

Just north of DILLARDS there is an orange grove which would have provided an excellent concealed place to unload the million bucks (just a Greenham said). McLamb remarks, "Can you imagine anyone shooting someone in the head to wound them?" Even the motel where Greenham said the money was split is right there around the corner. Another political prisoner of Romley and Kenndey is Barry Ammons. His affidavit clarifies how this Greenham confession came about. Now, through a system of prison snitches, Judge Martin and County Attorney Rick Romley found out that notes were being passed by prisoners referencing the confession --- so Martin had Ammons' cell searched --- the hand written confession was never seen again --- and pressures were applied to Greenham to recant the confession. And the public in Arizona would know nothing of this --- if not for this commentary on narcotics corruption! That is because of an unholy alliance between ARIZONA REPUBLIC publisher John Oppedahl and Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley. I have noted how very quiet they both are on issues presented on this site.

Phil Ring said that becasue Ammons refused to cooperate with Romley on his son's prosecution that he was framed and sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Phil Ring said that even though the victum refused to identify Ammons in court, and the 20 affidavits of persons stating that Ammons was in New Orleans at the time he was supposed to be in Phoenix committing the crime, the jury convicted anyway. Ammons wanted to fly the these witnesses in to testify but Judge Martin said the affidavits would be OK. OK for a frame-up! Martin sentenced Ammons to 17 years for sexual assault. Are readers beginning to see what poor Jonathan Doody had to contend with in his trial?

Ring wants a new trial. He deserves one. His trial was so fraud-ridden that it was the very last show broadcast in Arizona as live COURT TV! People who video taped the show noted that the transcripts did not match the video tape.

As I predicted Romley fought like hell to keep the prosecution of the second "Wells Fargo robber", Bill Ferguson. The courts determined that a special prosecutor would be assigned --- probably as a result of protests generated by this commentary. A source who was in Romley's office advised that they directly heard Romley "conniving to get his own man appointed special prosecutor."

I regret that I had some difficulty posting the excellent Tim Steller article on the AERO POSTAL C-130 obtained from Chandler company T&G AVIATION found stuffed to the gills with cocaine in Mexico City. T&G sold the plane to drug traffickers less than a year after they got caught leasing the same plane to TRANS LATIN AIR for cocaine transport. Does anyone think that Rick Romley can not figure this one out?

Brian Downing Quig 6-1-98

There is something that 200 journalists are now suddenly pursuing that caught my attention back in May of 1995, less that 2 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing. This new interest is now in a man named Robert Jacks who the FBI now claim is their top interest in the bombing investigation but do not seem to be doing much to find. Kevin Flynn the reporter for the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS in Denver set things off by publishing this article which draws attention where it should be --- back to John Doe 2.

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