Thom Hartmann
1939 MGM Cartoon Peace On Earth
Mon Jan 1, 2007 14:44

In the spirit of the season, this 1939 MGM Cartoon Peace On Earth is the only cartoon ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! It was broadcast in the US just after Germany had pre-emptively invaded Poland, a protest against Bush-Iraq-style pre-emptive wars, and before the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor and thus entered WWII. You'll be amazed..

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The Summer Arbitrons are in, and once again, head-to-head in the same daypart (9-noon PT, noon-3 pm ET) Thom Hartmann beats Rush Limbaugh (and every other talk host) in Seattle (just like Thom did last year, too!).

"Thom Hartmann is the new Progressive Superstar!"
--Bob Agnew, PD, KQKE "The Quake" (Clear Channel/Air America San Francisco)

"Once again Thom Hartmann is the #1 Talk Show host in Seattle - even though he's a Progressive!"
--Paul Fredricks, OM, KPTK (CBS/Air America Seattle)

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