A CUTURAL WAR? . . . ....
Tue Jan 2, 2007 12:17

With the upcoming invasion of the internet by Chertoff, Cheney, etc., we are looking at "culture" war all right, one that will we send us into the DARK AGES again BECAUSE we (you, me and everyone) will NOT be able to find out the truth, and only the truth!!!

People need to realize that when the internet becomes controlled (i.e. monitoring, arrests, truth information sites taken off the net, etc.) we will have ONLY the suckup media who already does this government's bidding.

We will ALL become "sheeple" led by a fascist/dictator idiot which is leading us into the 4th Reich and preparing to initiate eugenics to the max. He is going to make Hitler look like an angel of love!!

WHat is about to happen in this nation is the most disturbing things that will shake this world for generations to come.

Mark my words, they have not been leading up to their goals to let ANY type of rebellion within this country stop their plans, if ANYTHING, any upheavel will just excellerate their plans.

PEOPLE, we are in such deep doodoo, I just don't see HOW we can stop what is on the drawing board for 2007:

1.) war on Iran;
2.) MORE TROOPS to Iraq;
3.) the DRAFT;
4.) loss of more constitutional liberties (what few are left);
5.) the exercising of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 against persons like myself, you, etc., JUST because we don't like what is going on;
6.) people being gathered up and taken to the Civilian Miltary camps that are ALL over this country for the smallest infracgtion of the law, left to someone else's discretion;
7.) the dollar loosing total value;
8.) the economy going belly down;
9.) millions of people loosing their homes BECAUSE they cannot pay for them, living on the streets to be taken to the military camps;
10.) BIO weapons released on the U.S. population because THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY OF US TO CONTROL!!

NOW<"think" (an old slogan of ibm's, thanks to mr. watson, their president during hitler and who helped hitler gather info on citizens for years, webstripperattrwas webstripperlinkwas="" punch cards thereby coming up w/the tatooed numbers on the jews in the concentration camps, go read, true story!)

So, if you "think" about the above 10 items, and remember ALL the postings of the past year, you will see for yourself that when you list the main issues, 2007 looks like it is going to be the year from HELL for the U.S. population.


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