SHE's BACK.......
Tue Jan 2, 2007 17:17

SHE's BACK.......


Hear her vacation recap from Christmas Eve mall shootings in suburbia, to MTV marathons of horribly spoiled brats, to the loss of James Brown and Gerald Ford, to the bizarre hanging of Saddam, to posing with Susan Sarandon’s Oscar in her bathroom [PHOTO] on New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile, Gerald Ford’s funeral was held today in Washington. Oddly, Papa Bush used the occasion to slap down JFK assignation theories. And last week we learned posthumously that Ford oposed the Bush/Cheney oil war in Iraq.

We have “officially” surpassed the 3,000 mark for US troops killed in Iraq, fallout over Saddam’s hanging continues, and the bodies just keep piling up. Hussein was executed in what appeared to be an abandoned meatpacking plant by plain-clothed men in ski masks amid taunts and chats in support of Shiite militia leader Moktada al-Sadr. All in all, it looked like just another revenge killing in Iraq’s civil war.

Bush’s plan to correct the horrible mistake of going into Iraq: escalate the war.

POLL: Even the active-duty forces have turned against their Commander in Chief.

Rudy Giuliani’s battle plans are found and given to the press. Concerns of his scandals and fundraising are tantamount.

CNN beats Fox to the punch by both purposely and “accidentally” linking Obama to Osama.

John Edward’s sums up Bush in 8 simple syllables: “What planet is he living on?”

Also, “Stay the course” is named the top phrase of 2006, OJ’s ghoulish book may be out by the end of 2007, and 25% of Americans expect the second coming of Jesus Christ this year.

These stories and much more on today’s Randi Rhodes Show.

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