The Universal Protector
Tue Jan 2, 2007 21:00

The Universal Protector Must be in Your Possession Before January 13th

It's now way after midnight and I've been thinking all evening about how I can alert you to the potential danger present on January 13th. I'm really concerned that you need extra protection on that day, as there is a higher than usual risk of negative planetary energy impacting on you and possibly causing a downward spiral of fortune.

But please don't worry, as I have discovered the perfect solution. Please read this carefully...

The Solid Silver and 24K Gold Universal Protector Will Be Your Precious Metal Barrier Against All Harmful Energy

When I came across this unique talisman, I knew that I had to drop everything and contact you immediately. The Universal Protector is an amazing radionic device that has been carefully made to exacting scientific and mathematical specifications, taking advantage of the most powerful esoteric secrets known to man.

It is programmed to neutralize every kind of negative influence known and bounce back the negative vibrations to wherever they come from originally. If you like, it is the principle of "Return To Sender"!

As I'm sure you are aware, there are many sources of harmful energy that could have the potential to block your path to prosperity and peace of mind. But on January 13th there is one in particular that disturbs me.

Extraordinary Planetary Activity

Now, as you know, I regularly study the planetary movements for the months ahead and I was disturbed when I noticed what was happening on January 13th. On that day a potentially hazardous combination of planets occurs as Mars is exactly conjunct, or next to, Pluto.

This is a phenomenon that happens every two years at the most and is known astrologically to be a time when unexpected events can create extremely difficult and possibly harmful energy to manifest, here on earth.

Mars And Pluto: Danger of Unforeseen Incidents

Traditionally, Mars and Pluto together signal the possibility of increased tension, aggression and accidents of all kinds. Pluto, above all, represents ruthlessness and the unexpected so it is frequently implicated in dangerous situations and Mars symbolizes aggression and even violence especially linked to crashes and explosions.

When these two planets are exactly conjunct, there is a high risk of minor events spiraling out of control. For example, routine arguments may escalate into fights or insignificant auto accidents could be transformed into major incidents.

This planetary combination could have serious repercussions for all of us. And it is not always possible for even the most skilled astrologer to predict exactly how or where these events are going to take place. All we can know for sure is that on or around January 13th there is a big risk of danger or upset.

As an Aquarius, You Can Protect Yourself From Danger.

As you know, Kenneth, my overriding concern is for your welfare and happiness. Knowing that you are an Aquarius, I was desperate to alert you to the possibility of excess negative energy on January 13th.

You see, as an Aquarius, the pattern the planets will make could mean your judgment about something or someone is way off beam.

So you can see why I'm a little worried that there can be an upheaval when this formidable planetary pattern occurs. But the Universal Protector talisman is an astonishingly simple way that you can protect yourself from coming to any harm during this time.

The Universal Protector has been crafted from pure Sterling Silver, coated with 24 karat Gold and this is for a very good reason, Kenneth.

Sterling Silver: Protection Par Excellence

Sterling Silver has been prized and revered since its discovery. It has been scientifically proven to heal wounds, which is why it is used in hospital dressings. However, this protection is not merely physical. Mystics have long known that wearing silver is a way of protecting yourself from any kind of harmful energy as this wonderful metal enhances and increases your own psychic and spiritual abilities to detect and avoid danger.

24 karat Gold: Powerful and Incorruptible

The Universal Protector is coated with 24 karat Gold, as it is considered to be simply the most powerful metal of all because it never tarnishes and therefore it protects and preserves the precious Silver beneath.

Together, Silver and Gold form a mighty barrier to harmful, negative energy, whatever its source. This is why the most sacred objects were always fashioned from Gold and Silver.

But there is even more as the Universal Protector
contains sacred symbols that have been revered from time immemorial...

The Double Triangle: Strengthening Your Own Life Force

The Double Triangle represents the fire of spirituality plus the security of the earth. In many religions, including Christianity and Hinduism, the Triangle stands for the Sacred Trinity. The upward pointing triangle symbolizes masculine energy and the downward triangle stands for the feminine principle. Together they represent unity and wholeness.

The Spiral: Returning to the Source

The Spiral is among the most sacred signs known to humanity. It symbolizes the timeless and universal flow of energy, from Heaven to Earth and back again. However, the Arrowed Spiral is the most important symbol on the Universal Protector as it helps ensure that negative vibrations are sent back to where they originate from, allowing only positive and protective energy to flow towards you.

The "Bubble" of Protection

When you wear this pendant, you may feel as though you are surrounded by an invisible bubble of protection, filled with positive and life enhancing energy that protects you, allowing you to flourish and prosper. In fact, it works by strengthening your own natural ability to deflect danger and only allow positive and helpful energy to influence your life.

The Universal Protector works continually against harmful energy, which may be manifesting materially or psychically. Not only that, but it dissolves spiritual, emotional and material blockages to your success.

Protection Against Unknown Danger

You may often be in danger without even realizing it, Kenneth, as negative vibrations are constantly present in your life. Every day you are bombarded by environmental pollution, other people's intentions, the residue of the past even the radiation that is naturally released from the earth itself. On some occasions you may experience a subtle sense of unease but more often than not, you have no idea...until you notice how you are lacking in energy, failing to reach your goals, worrying about money and experiencing difficulties in your relationships.

When adverse planetary energy is added into the equation as it will be on January 13th, I feel it is essential that you take the precautionary step of obtaining the Universal Protector.

The Universal Protector Reinforces Your Own Ability To Ward Off Harm

Once you begin to wear the Universal Protector pendant you will feel an increased sense of well being and calm. You will be able to think clearly and work towards your goals with genuine confidence. And you can be assured that this talisman is working with your own innate psychic ability to avoid danger! January 13th will be just another day for you as you will be untouched by the planetary chaos!

I want you to wear the Universal Protector at all times and to ensure that, my 1st FREE Gift to you is an 18 inch, 14 karat Gold plated chain. But this talisman is so valuable that I also want you to have a Burgundy Velvet Presentation Box so that you can keep it safe when you are not wearing it. You will hear the click as the box shuts tight so you'll know that its power is secured.

I am Offering You This Second Gift as I Want You to Be Protected
Day and Night
While you are wearing the Universal Protector, your own ability to detect and avoid dangerous or harmful situations is at its greatest. But I want you to be PROTECTED 24-7 and that is why I am giving you a 2nd Gift, FREE OF CHARGE, a Universal Protector for your home. The talisman is embedded in a resin case so that you can stand it on your bedside table where it will eradicate or neutralize any type of negative energy likely to invade while you are asleep.

I am so concerned about January 13th and how the planetary clash will impact on your life that I have insisted that you are able to experience the benefits of the Universal Protector for a full 30 days absolutely risk FREE. All you have to pay is $6.95 to cover the costs of shipping and handling. Only if you're completely satisfied, after 30 days, will you then be billed in 4 easy installments of $19.95.


I believe this is a small price to pay for the complete peace of mind that you will experience with the Universal Protector. And, of course, should you decide at any time, be it one month or ten years after purchase that you no longer want the Universal Protector, then you can return it to me for a complete refund, including the original shipping and handling fee, but your 2 FREE Gifts, the 14 karat gold plated chain and the Universal Protector for your home are yours to keep, no matter what.

Remember, Kenneth, January 13th could be difficult in many ways; this talisman will help to ensure that you can easily overcome any problems that arise.

With love from your friend,



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