President Gerald Ford's Farewell Address
Wed Dec 27, 2006 15:45


President Gerald Ford's Farewell Address, State of the Union

"Americans can disagree without being disagreeable...."

President Gerald Ford's Farewell Address, State of the Union


Former US President Gerald Ford dies

Former US President Gerald R Ford, who picked up the pieces of Richard Nixon's scandal-shattered White House, has died at the age of 93. ...



Gerald Ford - the 38th President of the United States - had one of the shorter tenancies at the White House and is the only unelected man to lead the US.

He became the "Accidental President" on the resignation of Richard Nixon but quickly lost much of the good will and respect he had when he pardoned his predecessor for his role in the Watergate scandal.

He struggled to win popularity as president and once he had lost the White House to Jimmy Carter, a Washington career that had lasted more than three decades seemed to be at an end.

But Mr Ford - 63 when he left office - managed to move into the role of elder statesman, becoming the face of senior Republicans during the 1980s.

Though perhaps best known for his love of golf, Mr Ford was brought back into the political spotlight after the 2000 presidential election fiasco when he and former foe Mr Carter were asked to change the voting system for the better.

After the White House

[President Gerald Ford sitting with Donald and Henrietta Fredrickson]

This photograph was taken during Donald Fredrickson's inauguration as NIH Director. From left to right: President Ford; Fredrickson; and Henrietta Fredrickson. Their son, Eric, can be seen in the background.



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