Information Warfare on the Internet


[I posted this to alt.mindcontrol in early December, 1997. The group had been flooded with posts for sex-related web sites, and included graphic jpeg images. While this post is mostly about Usenet news groups, much of it applies to email and web sites too. The term information warfare is, in many respects, just a new word for what used to be called propaganda.]

The recent porn posts in alt.mindcontrol fit in as one of a variety of techniques for disrupting internet news groups. If you read about the basic cointelpro techniques, most such disruptions are variations on those themes. They are also deniable, and this uncertainty is cultivated and prized by harassers because it can lead to (justified) paranoia and false accusations that discredit the victim.


Information techniques

Hardware techniques

Combined hardware/information techniques


Can anyone truly doubt that these techniques have been extensively studied and documented by our government? The stonewall of denial fights for every inch of ground, no matter how trivial. People will still deny obvious, documented (cointelpro) things like this to delay having to deny the next step of the chain ("Yes, maybe they studied it but they would never test it on Americans [they did], and they surely are not still doing it today [they are].")

Secret agencies are still arms of the federal government.


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