by Brian Downing Quig


Left is the 880 acre Digby estate where Pamela was raised. Since Averell Harriman was raised on a 20,000 acre estate, Pammy clearly married up. The intimate affairs of the woman responsible for placing Bill Clinton in the White House are more sordid and convoluted than those of the most bizzaar day time soap opera. In fact, Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman makes Madonna look like ---- well, a virgin!!

The George Bush camp financed the Clinton campaign! Jackson Stevens, the largest investment banker in Arkansas and one of the largest bankers on Wall Street, was the largest financial backer of the BILL CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN.

Specifically, Stevens arranged a $3.5 million line of credit for Clinton,late January of 1990 when, absent this windfall, Clinton would certainly have been out of the race. Clinton had just bombed in the New Hampshire primary. Two items made this gesture highly significant. Stevens was solidly in the Bush camp ten months earlier Stevens had contributed $100,000 to the GEORGE BUSH FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN, assuring his position in Bush's TEAM 100, and in 1988 Mrs. Stevens served as co-chairman of the GEORGE BUSH FOR PRESIDENT COMMITTEE!

Certainly it looks bad for one fat cat to be such a big contributor to both front runners. Enormously exacerbating the odor of this circumstance was the fact that it was Jackson Stevens who first introduced Hassan Abedi, the founder of BCCI, to Clark Clifford and Burt Lance. This introduction turned out to be the initial act in BCCI's attempt to illegally take over Washington D.C.'s largest bank, FIRST AMERICAN BANKSHARES.

There were other notables arranging money parties for Clinton and one in particular who represented the dead center of the Bush camp was Pamela Harriman. Pamela Harriman is the widow of Averell Harriman, former CEO of the same BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN money ship where Prescott Bush derived the Bush family fortune!! George Bush's grandfather, George Herbert Walker, was president of BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN.

Twenty year old Pamela Harriman was the wife of Winston Churchill's son, Randolph, when fifty year old Averell first laid eyes on her. While the German bombs pounded away on the other side of London during World War II, Averell created one of the world's most shocking sex scandals as he stole the affections of the Prime Minister's daughter-in-law virtually in plain public sight holding hands under the table at state dinners and the like. All this happened while Averell and Pamela were staying at Grosvenor Square, (owned of course by the Grosvenors who are close relatives of George Bush.)

In a year when "family values " received so much discussion in the presidential campaigns it would seem especially appropriate to mention the circumstances of Averell's and Pamela's affair in London. Averell was in London as the top American for Lend Lease, the U.S. banking assistance program to aid the British. Joseph Kennedy was across town with the title of U.S. Ambassador but those in the know realized it was Averell who one needed to see for anything extensive. When 50 year old Averell first noticed this hot hot 20 year old red head, Pamela was about a year into a marriage with Randolph Churchill. Her affair with young American correspondent, Edward R. Murror was another shock for London's upper crust and another embarrassment for Randolph Churchill. She later became the kept woman of Elie de Rothschild, the wealthiest man in France, the kept woman of Gianni Agnelli, the wealthiest man in Italy and the kept woman of Ali Khan, the wealthiest man in the Middle East. These billionaire playboys basically held Pamela in contempt. They would sit around with their circle of friends discussing yacht races and the like and say "Pammy is upstairs. Why don't you go up and pay her a visit?"

During the war Averell had a 20 year old daughter, Kathlene, living with him in London. When the public frequently saw Averell, Pamela and Kathlene it was assumed that the two girls were together and Averell was showing them the town. Kathlene would cover copiously for her father all the while Mrs. Harriman was left in the dark in America. We wonder what the Democrats and Republicans think of these "family values".

When World War II broke out BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN, headed by Averell Harriman, UNION BANK headed by Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker and the law firm of SULLIVAN AND CROMWELL, headed by John Foster Dulles were transacting what was essentially all the major business in the UNITED STATES for the NAZI cartels. Then after the war these men went on to higher level positions of public trust. Averell became ambassador to the USSR (leaving Pammy behind), John Foster Dulles became Secretary of State --- his brother CIA Director ---all for the furtherance of a business scheme that has been called the Cold War.

A computer search was initiated in a local library of all nationally syndicated magazines for any mention of Pamela Harriman. In more than 5 years 6 magazines mentioned Pamela but only VOGUE, Aug 92 Vol. 182 mentioned her in connection with her last husband, Averell Harriman --- this in connection to a big D.C. bash announcing Clark Clifford's book, COUNCIL TO THE PRESIDENT. NEWSWEEK 5/15/87 referenced the fact that Pamela Harriman has raised more money for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY than any other single person and TIME 6/3/91, and two other issues of NEWSWEEK 12/24/90, 6/25/90 as well as NATIONAL REVIEW 2/10/89 and the aforementioned VOGUE all referenced Pamela's political action committee --- nick named "PAM PAC". Not one nationally syndicated magazine included in their articles the most germane fact that the person hand picked by Pam herself to be chairman of PAM PAC was none other than our present Bill Clinton! When Clinton lost his race for governor Pam was there to dust him off and set him up as chairman of her all powerful vehicle of power --- PAM PAC!

Not one news magazine connected the names of Bill Clinton with Pamela Harriman in any article for more than 5 years! Is there one reader out there who thinks this omission was not coldly calculated? Pamela Harriman enjoys such power that not only can she keep her name out of print but she can control each and every word printed about her --- at least in regards to the publications herein referenced. Is it possible that TIME, NEWSWEEK, and the others could possibly overlook something as overwhelmingly apparent as this. It is not. These publications are not trying to provide their readers with usable knowledge. They know the secret elite that drive human events but they will never share their knowledge with readers.

If Pamela Harriman was the single largest contributor to the Democratic Party, who was the largest financial contributor to the Republican Party? Why it was a Texan named Walter Mischer. Mischer also distinguishes himself by being the largest single donor to both George Bush and Lloyd Bentsen --- quite a neat trick when one considers that it came close to being a Bush/Bentsen race for the presidency. Peter Brewton's currently available book, GEORGE BUSH, THE CIA AND THE MAFIA is primarily focused on the role Mischer played as a kingpin in the looting of the S No doubt the Bentsen appointment to Secretary of the Treasury pleases Mischer enormously. Misher's name is also void of mention in national media. I guess the pundits in the major media think the public would not be interested in those who finance the men who become presidents.

After this massive news black out of Pamela during the presidential campaign it is unexpectedly refreshing to find none other than the chief diplomatic correspondent for TIME MAGAZINE, Christopher Ogden, come forward with an unauthorized biography of Pamela, entitled LIFE OF THE PARTY. All the items included in this article (which I had published before Ogden) are verified in this remarkable book which is selling well after almost six months in print.

Ogden opens his book with a description of the party Pamela threw for the Washington elite after the Clinton victory. I quote:

"Katharine Graham, neighbor and chairman of the Washington Post Company, was there. So was Bob Strauss, once Washington's premier power broker, a former Democratic party chairman who had just up and quit as Republican Bush's ambassador to Moscow to fly home for the festivities. Clark Clifford, a tarnished prince indicted (but never brought to trial) for his alleged involvement in a banking scandal,was absent, but everybody else who was anybody was in the Harriman home. Speaker of the House Tom Foley huddled with Senate majority leader George Michell and Lee Hamilton, head of the House Foreign Relations Committee."

"Lawyer Warren Christopher, Senator Lloyd Bentsen and Congressman Les Aspen grinned and told guest they didn't know if they would be named secretary of state, treasury and defence. Less than a month latter they were." I believe the reader is getting the point.

A good companion book to LIFE OF THE PARTY is Brooke Hayward's run away best seller of the 1970's, HAYWIRE. In this book about her step mother Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward, Brooke portrays Pam as the ultimate evil. After being passed around sexually for two decades Pam moved in on the marriage of celebrated Broadway producer Leland Hayward who was Brooke's father. Best known for his run away super success, SOUND OF MUSIC, Hayward hit the skids creatively during the Harriman marriage.

Almost the entire corpus of Brooke's expose revolves around Pamela's behavior on the day Brooke's mother Margaret Sullavan died. Margaret Sullavan was the noted Broadway and movie actress that Leland had divorced about 15 years before. Brooke was staring in a Broadway production at the time and had decided when she learned of her mother's death that she would go on with the performance that night. After considering everything Brooke decided that it was what her mother would have wanted. The show must go on. Every member of the audience and every critic in New York would have been riveted to Brooke's performance. It would have been the highest test of an actor's talent. Only Pamela stuck her poison needle into this once in a lifetime opportunity by canceling the show!! Brooke's brother was in a drug treatment center at the time he learned of his mother's funeral and went to a tailor to buy a dark suit for the funeral on the family's credit card. When Pamela was alerted she thought the cost was too much and canceled the purchase. Brooke's brother showed up for the funeral in blue jeans. One needs to be acquainted with the lavish spending habits of Pamela to appreciate the bitter irony of this gesture. Needless to say, the more the American public learns of Pamela the less they will like her.

As this is being read Pamela is the hottest socialite in Europe. Bill Clinton appointed her ambassador to France. She lives in the most opulent residence in Paris --- just next to the Palace of Versailles The heirs of Averell Harriman have a big law suite against her. They claim that her effort to move family paintings, like a 40 million dollar Picasso to her residence in France is an attempt to defraud the Harriman estate. That's vintage Pamela. The only item of value Margaret Sullavan left Brooke was a string of pearls which Pamela kept for herself.

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