Audio Tapes:

Interview with John Driscoll of the Bangkok DEA

For those wishing learn quickly if the Wat Promkunaram murders do in fact relate to 4 shipments of China White heroin, $2.5 billion each, all of which entered the United States with the foreknowledge of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, only one shipment being stopped --- this is the proof. I interview Driscoll after he questioned Lamthong Sudthisa-ard regarding the Temple murders the day before Lamthong is sent back to Thailand. Driscoll reveals that he was involved in setting up the Oakland heroin bust --- the largest in world history (3 minute audio sample --- takes 5 minutes to download). The America West Airlines pilots narcotics trafficking case is discussed as well as the fact that Driscoll was the case officer for Raymond Perry Russo, the star witness in Jim Garrison's prosecution of Clay Shaw for the murder of President Kennedy. This is rich.

Interviews with the "opposing" attorneys in the Jonathan Doody Appeal

I interview Jonathan Doody's defense attorney, Peter Baukin, who handled both the original trial and the appeal, just after the GRAPEVINE broke the story TEMPLE MURDERS BODIES MOVED AFTER DISCOVERY. He confirms that the bodies were moved.

On the reverse side is my interview with Crain McLennon, the attorney representing the state of Arizona in the Jonathan Doody appeal. In these interviews neither of these attorneys admit any knowledge of how or why 50% of the evidence shown to the original jury became sealed! It is shocking to learn all that these attorneys knew that never found its way into the court documents.

Video tapes $25.00 each

The Heroin Highway

I edited the 40 hours of video tape of Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz interviewing General Khun Sa, the undisputed heroin overlord of the Golden Triangle --- to produce this 2 hour video. This video documents the single most significant event for the heroin trade --- something the U.S. government denies even to this day --- the construction of a highway (with drug suppression monies given to the Thai and Burmese) that now facilitates ten ton trucks carrying opium when previously horses and mules were required! The highway goes right to the general's front door!!

Mr. "X" Identifies General "Y"

John Judge interviews Col. L. Fletcher Prouty.

One day I was speaking by phone to my favorite source, Fletcher Prouty when he says "I had lunch today with a well known movie director, and do you know I haven't seen one of his films --- but I understand that he is quite good." This was Oliver Stone and the very beginning of the film "JFK" (8 Academy Award nominations). My article by the same title in the INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION section gives somewhat of a preview of what this bottom line explanation of the Kennedy assassination presents. I had Fletcher and Robert Groden scheduled to do an event at UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara when Stone requested Prouty's presence at an event at the Kennedy School at HARVARD. I had this video shot in the Colonel's living room so that I would have something to present to the students (on a 40 foot rear projection screen). Never before available.


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The key documents, including 132 pages of police reports, court records, testimony, BATF Director McGaw denying tests on the murder weapon, the forged gun store ledgers, the gun title of ownership showing a serial number not that of the murder weapon and selected Lamthong documents indicating a protected status with the federal government.

The two above mentioned audio tapes plus the recorded conversations of Mike McGraw with his "girlfriend" Pam who was being used as an agent by Sheriff Tom Agnos (He claims the first two audio tapes of these conversations were lost but here they are.)

The 10 issues of the GRAPEVINE NEWSPAPER which include the full exposes presented on this site.

A 200 page hard copy of my first chapter including all the significant media coverage of the Temple Murders arranged in a logical order.

A 1.5 Meg floppy disc with all the html files on this site.

A 1.5 Meg floppy disc with all Bo Gritz BBS files .

A 1.5 Meg floppy disc with both Costa Rician Investigations.

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