Boston Globe, The
New England's largest, check out the paper for its perspective.

The Boston Review /
Boston Review is a bimonthly magazine of culture and politics with a broadly
progressive outlook. Featuring articles on political issues, economics, and
literature, as well as book reviews and original fiction and poetry, we offer a
quality and diversity of content that is unequalled in print or on the web.

Chicago Sun Times
This is a very good news site; I particularly like their list of cool sites where the consummate net surfer can start on a global journey.

Christian Science Monitor,The
Its reputation speaks for itself!

An extensive range of up-to-the-minute news on a wide variety of topicsin the USENET format.

CNN Interactive
TV News goes OnLine!

Daily News,The
One of the best overall listings of news sources available on the Web, TheDaily News is Sam Sternberg's catalog of sites providing significant newson a daily basis without charge.

Electronic Newsstand Homepage
Great Collection of Newspapers & Magazines in all areas good Familystuff.

Electronic Timesof London
The online version of the venerable old publication respected all overthe planet.

Envvironmental News Network
If it's about the environment and it's news, it's found here.

Free Speech Newspaper
Brian Downing Quig, one of the premier investigative journalists today, showcases some of the top stories he has published over the past few years. An example being the series of stories on the massacre of the 9 Buddhist monks at Wat Promkunaram Temple on the far west side of Phoenix, Arizona on August 10, 1991, a story well covered in the national press. What the national press missed however, Quig has uncovered --- some startling evidence pointing to Heroin smuggling with very strong hints of government complicity. Now the government has an innocent teenager doing time. Quig has put together a nice site here with lots of related writing by other top journalists.

Edited by John F. Kennedy Jr., it is the first national feature magazineto be launched simultaneously on both newsstands and here on the World WideWeb; "Not Politics As Usual".

"GrandOld Page Directory" of Political Sites
Extensive index of excellent on-line political-related sites.

Great briefs!

Houston Chronical Interactive
Another online version of an old print publication.

THE most important power an American Citizen has is the right to disagreewith a law as a Juror by "nullifying" that law. Read about thisultimate power vested in each citizen by the founding fathers.

Mercury Center, The
Put out by the San Jose Mercury. Has a very newspapery feel to it.

MoJo Wire by Mother Jones onlinemagazine 
The online version of Mother Jones magazine for an alternative to theconservate view.

NandO Times
An excellent presentation of electronic news.


An inexpensive subscription service for any category.

Newspaperson The Net
>From Editor & Publisher Magazine.

New York Times, The
All The News That's Fit To Print.

Planetary Market's Classifieds
Not really news but what's a newspaper without a classified section? Thisone's attempting to become global in scope.

Point NOW News Guide
A days news from an eclectic group of papers. On the day I reviewed, TheBoston Globe, The Irish Times, The Daily News (Halifax), The Straits Times(Singapore), Aschi News (Tokyo), The Jerusalem Post, Nando Net and the Star(Kuala Lumpur) were represented. A truly diverse, international view ofthe day's news.

Political Corrections:A W3 Distress Signal
So far, this page has been up about three months; nobody has uttereda peep, which I guess means that there is no proof what is stated on thispage is less than factual. If anyone can provide other information, pleasesend proof to me by email, if I continue not hearing from anyone bearingproof, I'll have to let this page stand where it is! I don't want to hearfrom people bearing opinion only!

ReutersNews Summary
If it's news, Reuters probably has it covered!

San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner
Still one of the better free online news sources

SourcesSay (People and Politics Behind The News)
Of special interest to the political scientist

A place to find a speaker to come to your meeting or event to talk on somethingcurrent

Tico Times Online, The
Central America's Leading English Language Newspaper

TimeNews Daily
Excellent use of the Web for publishing!

Today@ NASA
Latest news "from space"

Great News links

Touch Today
This site lets you make choices of many different news sources on a very user friendly panel; it looks like they *all* may be here in one place
"The InterNet Newspaper"

U.S. News Online
Has the look and feel of U.S. New & World Report in its print version

USA Today
The online version of the simplistic summary treatment given by USA Today'sprint newspaper; lots of pictures and brief summaries.

Wall Street Journal, The
The best resource for business news!

Washington Weekly, The
Emphasizes U.S. national politics with a strongly conservative slant inits editorials and news coverage. Only contains the table of contents butyou'll be able to see if it's something you want to purchase!

WorldNews Page
From all around the world

WWW News Today
Daily electronic newspaper published 7 days a week as a FREE service tothe Internet

The two have teamed up to give you the news with an ultra-simple interface.Top Stories, Business, Technology, World, Sports, Entertainment, & Politics;either the Headlines or Summaries.

This list is regularly updated.

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