Below are the files of a computer bulletin board that I put together for Col. James Bo Gritz back in 1987 after he returned from his second trip to Burma.

- (f01) 2-4-88 The total fraud of the Iran Contra Committee

- (f02) 2-4-88 The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Will Not Respond!


Here is where the CIA cocaine involvement gets started. There is no doubt it is intentional.

- (f1) 2-4-88 Bo Gritz letter to George Bush

- (f2) 8-12-86 General Khun Sa, Transcript of message to George Bush, opium eradication proposal

- (f3) 11-11-87 Tom Fitzpatric, NEW TIMES, From Burma to Bush, a Heroin Trail.

- (f4) 8-13-87 William Stevenson, TORONTO SUN, The Bank of Intrigue

- (f5) 8-18-87 Evans Johnson, NEW YORK CITY TRIBUNE, U.S. Assistant Defense Secretary Called Drug Trafficker

- (f6) 5-4-87 George L. Church, TIME, Perot's Private Probes, A A Billionaire Pursues his Own Iran and MIA Trail

- (f7) 6-15-87 Major Mark Smith letter to Rep. Bilbrey, Supervised Bo Gritz POW activity for DIA 1980-84

- (f8) 8-29-86 Arthur Sucheck letter to George Bush which initiated Burma MIA mission

- (f9) 15,8472-4-86 Daniel P.Sheehan, affidivit of the CHRISTIC INSTITUTE, mentions same drug traffickers as Khun Sa

- (f10) 6-26-88 Khun Sa letter to Justice Department

- (f11) 5-21-87 William Stevenson, TORONTO SUN, In Khun Sa's Fields the Poppies Grow

- (f12) 8-13-87 William Stevenson, TORONTO SUN, The Bank of Intrigue,

Meese, Citizen Complaint of Wrongdoing by Federal Officers

- (f14) (undated) (Unsigned) NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL, Activities of Bo Gritz, U.S. Army Retired This is what is being circulated in Washington to Congressmen and Senators.

- (f15) 7-10-87 Lance Trimmer, The Burma Report, first hand account of meeting with Khun Sa

- (f16) Johnny Johnson, DAILY NEWS DIGEST, U.S. Government Policy Involves Dealing Drugs?

- (f17) Johnny Johnson, DAILY NEWS DIGEST, Drug Story Hard to Believe

- (f18) Brian Quig, DAILY NEWS DIGEST, George Bush Stronghold Seized! Col. Gritz addresses 125 of George Bush's close friends at the HOUSTON CLUB

- (f19) 5-15-87 Frank Trippert, TIME MAGAZINE The Spectator In Solitary, (Edwin Wilson, who at the time he was caught selling 43,000 lbs. of C-4 plastic explosives to Khadfy was a close associate of Shackley and Clines, sits in jail)

- (f20) Brian Quig, Letters on this subject which have gone unanswered by congressmen and senators.

- (f-21) 9-29-87 Steven Magagnin, The End of Good Life For CIA Groupie, Ronald Rewald, McCLATCHY NEWS SERVICE

- (f-22) Paul Rademacher letter to the 25 IRAN\CONTRA COMMITTEE members regarding the $300 million cocaine incident at Laguna Army Airfield. No responses!

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