B.C.C.I.: Bank of Crooks and Criminals International

by Brian Downing Quig

Early last month regulators in 62 countries shut down the BANK OF CREDIT AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL. The July 29, 1991 issue of TIME MAGAZINE boldly proclaimed on its cover "THE WORLD'S SLEAZIEST BANK: How B.C.C.I. and its "black network" became a financial supermarket for crooks and spies --- and how the U.S. is trying to cover up its role." Read this issue.

I never thought I would be recommending a TIME MAGAZINE cover story on a drug money laundering bank with CIA ties. I can't find anything wrong with this most detailed account. If I had written this article few would have believed it. If it can be accepted that this material, presented by a magazine whose largest stock-holder is the Rockefeller controlled CHASE MANHATTAN BANK (a 5.5% controlling interest the last time I checked) is approximate to the truth, then a more profound lesson can be erected on this foundation.

Here are some excerpts from this TIME article and then some conclusions that will never be found in TIME. All quotes here will be from this article.

"B.C.C.I. is the largest corporate criminal enterprise ever, the biggest Ponzi scheme, the most pervasive money-laundering operation and financial supermarket ever created for the likes of Manuel Noriega, Ferdinand Marcos, Saddam Hussein and the Columbian drugs lords."

A significant part of this story involves B.C.C.I.'s "stealth-like invasion of the U.S. banking industry by secretly buying FIRST AMERICAN BANKSHARES --- whose chairman is Clark Clifford". It is known from Col. L. Fletcher Prouty that Clark Clifford was the attorney who drafted the original charter for the CIA at the direction of John Foster and Allen Dulles and the original "Secret Team".

B.C.C.I. maintained what its insiders called a "black network" which was engaged in international bribery, blackmail, and assassination of government officials at the highest levels. The CIA used B.C.C.I. to facilitate funding of the Contras, illegal arms sales to Iran and Iraq as well as the arms supply to the Afghan resistance. The Justice Department up to four days ago was obstructing the investigation. One bank employee said when B.C.C.I. wanted to make a point, they might send an uncooperative person the severed hand of his brother with the rings still on the fingers. These are powerful charges.

B.C.C.I. maintained accounts for Contra leader Adolfo Calero and Sandanista leader, Daniel Ortega, as well as such disparate figures as Noriega, Saddam, Marcos, Adnan Khashoggi, the PLO, the Mossad and the governments of China, Argentina, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Peru. There is a very important lesson to be drawn from the fact that here was this international bank which was facilitating both right-terrorists and left-terrorists. THE RIGHT-TERRORISTS AND THE LEFT TERRORISTS ARE FINANCED AND DIRECTED BY THE SAME INTERESTS!!

Think about it. Isn't this the best means of stimulating the lucrative arms industry? Doesn't control of both the violent right and the violent left confer total world domination? And doesn't this insight explain many anomalies such as the fact that the U.S. government has been observed building up enemy states in the years preceding its military interventions.

The U.S. sold $50 billion dollars worth of weapons to Iraq before the gulf war. The simple fact is that the U.S. is so powerful that it is necessary to build up these enemy states in order to have any pretext for maintaining a cranked up arms industry. From the business standpoint, war is the ultimate consumer. Perhaps more important is the fact that wars are necessary to maintain internal control for the ruling class. But, in the age of the Hydrogen bomb there can be no such thing as an all out go-for-broke war. It is therefore necessary to promote phoney wars which collectively have been called the Cold War. These low intensity conflicts consume more dollars than conventional war.

We saw Ed Wilson supplying Kadafy with hundreds of Green Beret trainers and 42,000 lbs of C-4 plastic explosives prior to U.S. altercations with Libya. Carter gave the Sandanistas $300 million in aid, more than Samosa got in 10 years, prior to trouble there. The U.S financed the Kama River truck plant which produced the trucks for the Afghanistan invasion and built the highways used by the Russian tanks. The day General McArthur signed the peace treaty with Japan half the weapons stored on Okinawa were shipped to Ho Chi Minh and General Giap who met these shipments at the docks of Hai Phong harbor with Lucien Conein, the CIA case officer for Diem. This was enough to equip an army of 450,000 men. This may seem crazy until one stops to consider whose interests this serves.

This is not the first time the CIA has been linked to a drug money laundering bank. Jonathan Kwitny's book, THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS, A TRUE TALE OF DOPE, DIRTY MONEY AND THE CIA, SIMON AND SCHUSTER 1987, is a hard hitting expose of the hidden role of the American intelligence community in international narcotics trafficking.

Kwitny documents the participation of what was essentially the entire U.S. clandestine operations cadre in the founding and operation of the notorious NUGAN-HAND BANK --- an Australian money laundering operation set up to facilitate Golden Triangle heroin trafficking. Major officers of the bank included Admiral Buddy Yates (President), General Erle Cocke, General Edwin Black, General LeRoy Manor, and ex-CIA Director, William Colby with other CIA affiliated persons too numerous to mention.

The phrase "Bank of Crooks and Criminals" was coined by Robert Gates, George Bush's designated CIA Director. Three years ago he prepared a report on B.C.C.I. for CIA. Apparently, his moral indignation was not sufficiently aroused to recommend a Justice Department investigation then.

Very, very little of this story reached the American people. The few who did become informed were not prepared to believe such heinous activity on the part of the U.S. government. Now here is a replay --- only B.C.C.I. is 100 times bigger! It is very difficult for me to believe that nothing will come of this. My guess is that the CIA has already used its "get out of jail card" on the NUGAN-HAND BANK.

According to Sherman Skolnick, two Federal judges in Chicago are blocking the release of documents from the B.C.C.I. branch there which implicate George Bush in enormous secret business deals with five world dictators including Saddam and Noriega. Skolnick was recently added to LIBERTY LOBBY'S PAC committee joining Fletcher Prouty and Victor Marchetti. For Sherman's recorded message on B.C.C.I. and related matters call HOTLINE NEWS 312-731-1100.



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