America's God is Baal, the Idol of the "Washington Monument
Sat Aug 23 00:20:49 2003

Read about the Obelisk in the encyclopedia and internet and see how the "Washington monument" is really the ancient Mystery religion idol (erected of course by Freemasons, usurpers of power) to Jupiter, the Sun, i.e. Baal-worship, and why it is due east of the White (washed) House and why every President wakes up to this idol in the direction of the rising Sun to the East (the same way Mohammatans bow...trace back to Nimrod worship).

If God were America's trust then it would be reflected not in sayings or ceremonies but in the civil laws reflecting the Laws of God (who never changes) against every vice and evil that America "tolerates" under "liberty" and "freedom". "Tolerance because of my faith" is a pious sounding Pharisaical principle touted by George W. Bush in his Presidential (propaganda) campaign to especially "let in" a sodomy supporting administration (with Cheney's daughter as backdrop and a cabinet member appointee). "Tolerance" by definition implies a tolerance of some sort of evil, which is always wrong, but is a clever means of condemning "judgment" or seeking of justice against evil doers--which is contrary to the laws of God in Scripture. "Hate evil, you who love the Lord". When government promotes, defends, supports, coddles, and even funds VICE and false religion it becomes evil itself and contrary to the very purpose of government, which is to promote and defend good and punish evil--i.e. "a terror to evil doers" (Romans 13). Evil is being called good and good (seeking righteous judgment) is being called evil--a revolution of justice and religion.

The right-wing Republican move (which is indeed a conspiracy of a false "religious right" to justify a power-grab) for a constitutional ammendment for the Pledge of (Absolute) Allegiance and the motto "In God We Trust" are a means of establishing a self-righteous sounding "Christian America" (which promotes all kinds of evil and makes merchandise of it) for the purpose of justifying Absolute Authority, Dictatorship, Police State, and a Tyrannical Government that punishes those who would resist the usurpers. Saying Christian words has been employed by many kings of history to fool the churches and Christians into trusting it and maintaining absolute loyalty, coerced by pure lies. (King Charles I is a good example). When symbols of government or religion replace just laws then it becomes a dangerous Superstition and method of indoctrinating into Blind Obedience (simon-saiz mimickry)--the worst of persecutors! Hiding behind the fig-leaf of the Yankee American flag (which overthrew both Constitutional law and Christian liberty of conscience and social arrangement for abolitionism and socialistic equality) these usurpers desire to REQUIRE all to bow the knee to Baal in Washington (as Promise Keepers did around Baal's monument) and establish a false righteousness to persecute all justifiable dissent against a government that is both anti-Christian and anti-Constititutional.

This false "Christian" appearance is the very spirit of Anti-Christ, an imposter and pretender of religious and civil authority. Nebuchadnezzer demanded all bow to his Nationalistic idol when the (patriotic) music played or face the fiery furnace. That is how tyranny is being established.

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