Janet C. Phelan
Justice Alert! Demonstration in front of Courthouse
Wed Dec 20, 2006 17:09

We are planning a demonstration in front of the San Bernardino Courthouse for the second week in January. The first such demonstration, on October 13 of this year, made the ABC local evening news, and was covered by the local press.

The demonstration, timed with an appearance in court by Attorney J. David Horspool, is to protest the use of Probate Court to rob the elderly of not only their life savings, but their very lives.

Horspool represents one of the most infamous conservators of the elderly, Melodie Z. Scott. Scott who is President of C.A.R.E., in Redlands, California, was the subject of a front page expose in the Los Angeles Times last year, entitled "Guardians for Profit.--When a Family Matter Turns Into a Business " http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-conserve13nov13,0,2846858.story

It is the contention of those organizing the demonstration that the Times article did not go far enough to expose Scott, Horspool and their cohorts, and we are using these civil demonstrations to shine the light on their cruel and predatory behavior.

We all have parents. We may not all have rich parents, who desire to leave their money to their offspring, and run afoul of their decent intents when encountering the Horspools and Scotts of the world. But most of us desire the best for our parents in their declining years. Beth Fairbanks, who organized the October demonstration, lost her mother to a "decision" made by her mother's conservator, Melodie Z. Scott. After gaining conservatorship over Beth's mother, Melodie Scott signed an Advance Directive, apparently without the knowledge or consent of Beth's mother. When Beth's mother fell ill with pneumonia, Scott "decided" that it was in the best interest of Beth's elderly mother to withhold any medical care, including antibiotics.

As a result of this "decision," Beth's mother died.

It appears that her estate has gone to pay Melodie Scott's expenses as Conservator.

Anyone desiring information about the planned action may call this number, and leave a message for Janet --(310) 755-4469. Your call will be returned within twenty four hours.

Janet Phelan

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