Torture Camps US/Europe: Corruption; Chosen Media Design
Wed Dec 14, 2005 15:05

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Subject: Torture Camps US/Europe: Corruption; Chosen Media Design
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 07:12:37 -0500

Torture Camps US/Europe: Corruption; Chosen Media Design

Intro- Guys, I really donıt have time to hit my laptop. However, the share
below might provide food for thought. It and similar lexicon have been in
the global Slavic press.

Recent cyberspace posts from prominent sources, are sounding like the Czarıs
pre Bolshevik proclamations. They finger incredible corruption,
unprecedented on a global scale, not seen since 1916. The following message
is typical. It ends as it does, for obvious reasons-

³One canıt say that the Am Senate is anti-Semitic. If we wait a wee bit
weıll have the United States of Israel and then weıll be able to speak about
who rules the roost. Chertoff for a long time now has controlled the
Homeland Security and thus the CIA. Who is ChertoffŠ²
³Amerykanskim Senatem nie mozna powiedziecŠ bo bylby to antysemityzm.
Czekajmy dalej a jeszcze troche a bedziemy miec Stany Zjednoczone Izraela i
wtedy bedzie juz mozna mowic kto tu rzadzi.Chertoff ma juz dosyc dlugo pod
swoja kontrola Homeland Security Office a wiec tym samym CIA. Kim jest
ChertofŠ² (Pol cyberspace alluding to Euro media)

Guys, according to numerous ­notice I say ³numerous²- Slavic media, the CIA
was able to establish torture bases on Polish soil due to anti-majority
policy; mainly, dual ethno loyalties gave the public a hatchet job. People
in the Foreign Ministry canıt figure out how this unspeakable crime was

Euro states thought theyıre were helpless against the Chief of La CessPool
Grandeıs kleptocracy. Now an unprecedented move against corruption has
commenced. It started when Lech Kaczynski and his twin brother became
president of Poland. Their platform: Fight corruption. LK went so far as to
assert that the country should be pro-majority. He was smeared
internationally when he indicated that the death penalty should be retained
and that Poland was a Christian country; that European traditions needed to
be defended.

Woman libbers went hysterical when he teamed up with the League of Families.
He has gone so far as to state Europeans should not be aborting their
babies. In other words, he has openly set himself up as a target to a
conglomerate of whores, feminists and anti-majoritities.

When he was mayor of Warsaw, Kaczynski did not favor granting permits for a
gay parade. He has categorically reiterated, over and over again, that heıs
for the majority, against corruption. His goal: Investigate corruption.
Thus, the office of Equal Rights for Men and Women was abolished. This
infuriated the EU. Somehow, he won the election despite a negative image
portrayed by mainstream media (Gazeta Wyborcza,Wprost, etc.). Englandıs
Guardian indicated that Lech has potential anti-minority tendencies.
Anticipate that The Wash. Post, Le Monde, NYT and others will globally
vilify him.

It gets worst. One of LKıs friends is Andrzej Lepper. This fellow had to
recant insinuations that were not positive towards an unnamed minority.
Then, thereıs the Warsavian scandal of LK befriending a radio priest. One of
the most hated media individuals is Fr. Rydzyk. He controls the most popular
Christian radio station in Europe. Rydzyk is Polandıs version of the FDR
/1930 eraıs Fr. McKoughlin (not sure of the pronunciation). Rydzykıs plug
for morality and ME peace even has agnostics and atheists tuning in!

Now a sea of sources within the Kaczynski bureaucracy are pointing their
finger at Chertoffıs brethren, a former Pol Prez, Mr. Kwiasniewski
(Stolzman). How will the mainstream media manipulate indisputable facts?
Will Euro TV act like NY-LA press in the Zakhelm Pentagon affair of the
missing trillion dollars?

Can you imagine establishing camps to torture people? Globally sowing chosen
moral seeds! Hiding such decadence? Tomorrow, or next month, when cronies
use their zydeo journalistic paint, remember what you heard here. Then, make
your own judgment.

When things quiet down on the home front, Iıll try to extract info for a two
pager on what Slavic groups are calling the lobby filosemickim. If you
decide to read the findings, you will become more knowledgeable about
transnational networking(s) of a global anti-majority element.

Conclusion- One has no idea how the Kaczynski twins will survive the
onslaught of global media. Queers, feminists, zionists and others will unite
against what is becoming known as the ³Duck Twins.² The Kaczynskis have one
common component in their bio-foundation: Education amalgamated with a
knowledge of diplomacy.

Is the investigation of Chertoffıs torture camps and dissemination of info,
by small town media, the start of grass fires? Or, will the global
anti-majorityites do to the West what Feliks Dzierzynski did to the Czarıs
anti-Bolshevik elements?

Whatever the case may be, spectators have to be careful of despicable
anti-Semites. This scum might try to compare Moscowıs Bolshevik Secret
Police Chief Dzierzynski to Chertoff. Such an assertion would be absurd.
Dzierzynski was in charge of the East. We all know that Chertoff looks after
the West!

Stay tuned.



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