Avail Remarkable Wonders of the future. DON'T LET THE GOVER
Thu Dec 15, 2005 20:40 

Please read the short essay that follows. Some people insist that
“THEY” (meaning the big boys, government, or whoever they are) will
never “LET” us revolutionize energy production in America. We
believe that either we are free men and women living in a free
country with free enterprise, or, if we are not, we have bigger
problems than these technologies are able to address. We do not
intend to ask “THEIR” permission to do what we are told we already
have the right to do. Whether or not we have the right to try to
make this country and our world a better place should not be the
question. The real question should be whether or not we have the
capability of doing so. Between this essay and our Free Look Kit
offer, we believe the reader/viewer will have all the information he
or she needs to assess that possibility. All we are asking our
countrymen for is the opportunity to prove it. We suggest that after
reading this essay, the reader sign up for our unique Free Look Kit
offer to be able to examine, for yourself, the proof of our
capability at absolutely no risk!

The writers of this essay are not stating that t they currently have
a free electricity technology that is ready right now for the
market, but they do think they have shown the public on two national
tours, enough scientific proof for the reasonably enlightened person
to believe it is possible, and they certainly do themselves, believe
it is possible. They are only seeking the opportunity to have public
demonstrations in multiple legal jurisdictions in every state on the
same day and hour, with football stadium crowds present to avoid all
the “dirty tricks” of the biased media and corrupt public officials
that typically prevent fair competition in America. If you are
interested in attending a live demonstration of revolutionary
technology, please read this essay on why critical mass public
awareness is necessary, and find out how you can sign up to be a
witness at these demonstrations in exchange for an allotment of free
electricity for your needs, possibly every year for life, just for
witnessing the technology.

The International Tesla Electric Company, a newly formed business
created for the sole purpose of advancing a revolutionary technology
to produce low cost green electricity, plans to offer to sell
electricity in all fifty states of the United States, and all
provinces of Canada. What follows is a plan to eliminate the need
for any fossil fuel or nuclear power plants in North America, and to
decentralize electricity production in the USA. This is a plan to
shut down every coal, gas and oil powered plants, as well as every
nuclear plant in the USA within the next five years. A low cost
non-polluting form of electricity production will take their place.
This plan takes into consideration the fact that many powerful
self-interest groups do not think this is a good idea. It also
considers that the banking system may be hesitant to finance such a
revolution. It is a plan to recruit the largest self-interest group
in North America to stand with us against these other

This plan rests on three main premises:

The first is that it is technologically possible to do.
The second is that big business will stop at nothing to maintain its
status quo and to protect its markets.
The last, and most important premise, is that Americans look out for
number one, as long as what is being proposed is morally ethical,
and that politics can be influenced by the masses.
To gain more information on the first premise, the reader can get
“The Case For Free Electricity” Public Information Kit. The second
premise is already widely known and does not require a superior
intelligence to grasp. This essay is primarily about the last
premise and a strategy to involve the largest self-interest group in
America... the people!

We are convinced, after years of fighting the system, that the only
way to bring out a technical revolution is to involve the masses.
Big business, corrupt politics and the controlled media have taken
the place of free enterprise in America. We are convinced that the
only way to get it back is to let the people know what big business
is costing them in technical advancements, and to let them share
greatly in the fruits that will be brought about by reviving it. It
starts with free electricity. We plan to recruit the support of the
American people in the same way politicians do when they are running
for office. Politicians get their votes by promising to give voters
something that belongs to someone else if they will vote for that
politician. If there are more senior citizens than farmers, then the
enterprising politician promises to do away with the farm programs
to start elderly care programs. It works! They get elected. We plan
to do something similar. We intend to enlist the American people to
support our effort by offering to provide their energy needs for the
rest of their lives absolutely free in exchange for their support!

In the late ‘80s we were ready for the electric revolution, but we
failed to see the importance of critical mass public awareness. We
made the mistake of thinking that all we needed was a working model
of the technology. It was a great learning experience. You can read
all about that in a book I wrote called, “The Alternative”. This
book is included in the Free Look Kit that we offer the public to
read at no risk. I wrote that book from a prison cell when the state
of California kidnapped me and put me in prison without a trial or a
conviction. They were willing to play that card mainly because of
their fear of mass public awareness. (Read the book.)

We have learned that when the public is involved, the rules change.
However, the media cannot be relied upon to inform them. Freedom of
the press belongs to whoever owns the press. That dog will not bite
its master, either. The media will not promote anything that is
against the interests of its largest advertisers and stockholders.
When we operated a program to break their media freeze, the response
we got was: “Go directly to jail... Do not pass Go, and do not
collect $200. My Public Awareness Advertising Plan got me thrown in
prison without a trial! There was no trial, because they had no time
for a trial. We ran an ad on nationwide TV which showed me cutting a
power line, with the voiceover announcing that the American people
could disconnect from the electric company and never pay an electric
bill again. We made so much money selling an information kit from
that ad, that we turned a million dollar ad campaign into a
multi-million dollar ad campaign in a couple of months. At the rate
we were going, every time an American turned his TV on, he would
have been watching us cut a power chord with our little chant. It
caused the US Supreme Court to take a major risk in a precedent
setting move they have only made once in all of US history (see the
Supreme Court letter exhibited in the book.) They condoned putting
an American citizen into prison without a trail or conviction.

My wife asked my lawyer, “How can they get away with doing this to
my husband?” The answer showed me why public awareness is so
important. The lawyer replied, “They can do anything they want to
do, to anyone they want to do it to, as long as there are not too
many people watching.” The key is to get too many people watching!
When I assembled 600 people in Los Angeles to witness my initial
technology, all it got me was arrested. My technologies were
confiscated without anyone seeing anything. We later proved we could
make free electricity in a court of law, but that was like the
proverbial tree falling in the woods without a sound. The media
refused to cover the event.

We are convinced that we have to be clever to get past all the dirty
tricks employed to stop free enterprise in North America. The goal
is to have a massive demonstration in every state (Republic) of the
United States, and every territory of Canada for good measure. Our
goal is to get into each separate state in the hopes that there
might be one governor who would want what we have to offer, listen
more to his people, or have a unique energy problem and have to
listen. We have learned enough about the legal system to know how
they try to conceal their true motives with “Consumer Protection”.
If anyone claims to have such a technology, the court would give the
Attorney General and/or the Sheriff the right to come and get it to
have it tested by an independent and unbiased scientist to see if it
really does work. In fact they can do that if we are making that
claim to anyone who is expected to give us money for any purpose at
all. If we were claiming to already have such a technology, even
though no one gives anyone any money to get involved as a witness,
they would still be able to get such a right to confiscate and test
the device. If we do not claim to have a free energy device, they
cannot measure what does not exist. The last time that was done to
me, the independent and unbiased scientist who tested my technology,
just happened to work for Consolidated Edison Electric Company in
California. Needless to say, they found that the technology did not
work. I noticed there was no punishment of any kind for the expert
after we later proved in court that I was able to make free
electricity and all the criminal charges were dropped. It seems dumb
to crapshoot with the future of the world by betting on the
integrity (or bravery) of a scientist who is probably already owned
by our opposition. If he says our stuff works he’s dead and if he
says it doesn’t he is rich. What would any family man do?

Having two demonstrations in each state kills the state’s deception
of protecting the consumers by testing the technology for them,
because that ploy only works if you just confiscate ONE of the TWO
for testing. If you take them both you are trying to stop it. If you
take ONE you are testing it. The fact that one is being demonstrated
before a huge football stadium full of people while an independent
and unbiased scientist is testing the other one keeps him unbiased.
So, there have to be two demonstrations and, since you do not know
which one will be confiscated they both have to be big, well
promoted, and well attended events. Two Woodstock Rock Concerts in
every state would be hard to keep quiet, and impossible for the
media to ignore. We would not only get past the dirty tricks of the
legal and political system, but we’d get the media in the bargain.
Two football stadium-sized events to demonstrate the end of all of
the pollution and energy shortages would be to tough even for those
spin meisters not to cover.

We determined the size for the one hundred (two per state)
demonstrations by counting backwards. If there were 16 million homes
that had a 30 kWh generator on them pumping all their excess power
back into the grid 24 hours a day for all 365 days a year, then we
could literally provide ALL the electricity this nation consumed
last year and then some. In fact it comes close to 1.5 times as
much. So, there would be no reason to disconnect more than about 15%
of the homes from the grid and let those homes feed the grid all the
power it needs. It certainly does decentralize power production (we
will discuss that more fully further on in this essay.) So, our goal
would be to locate 16 million homes to use as our power plant. That
is a lot of red-blooded American voters for any politician to tick
off, so that would very definitely get the attention of the
politicians. It would neutralize them at worst and make supporters
out of them at best. In fact 1/50 th of that number in every state
would be a lot of red-blooded voters for the governor or state
congresspersons to tick off. A scientist in one state testing one of
the two devices in that state, while knowing there are 70,000
witnesses watching the other one perform, would be a little
unnerving for him as well. Not to mention the fact that the same
thing is going on in all 50 states at once!

Of course, it is a tall order to get 16 million people in this
country behind us, especially with all the media, Attorney’s
General, BBB (Big Business Bureau), and other members of the good
ol' boy team on the hunt. So, we got the idea of initially getting
only ten percent of the number we really want. Then, after they’ve
come to the event and the technology has been proven, we will allow
each of them to go home and select nine of their friends and family
to disconnect from their energy bills for the rest of their lives.
Thus starting with only 1.6 million witnesses, we could get all 16
million of our participants pretty much overnight. One hundred
demonstrations divided into 1,600,000 witnesses means we can invite
16,000 witnesses to each demonstration. That is a lot. Each of them
coming in a car means a lot of cars. Why not encourage them to bring
some friends to this historic event? We figured that with an average
of four people per car, that would up the attendance to 64,000
witnesses. Some of them may have friends who want to bring their own
carload, so filling a football stadium with 16,000 witnesses invited
and registered to come should not be a problem. So, we have been
busy trying to locate the initial 1.6 million people who are willing
to come to 100 demonstrations with 2 in each of the fifty states.

The idea is to have the demonstrations on the same day and at the
same hour. Until that time we will NEVER claim to HAVE a completed
free electricity device, so there is nothing to confiscate until the
day of the event. We plan to drive in with the demo units set up on
flatbed trailers as self-contained demonstrations. I guess the
officials will have to get a court order and disappoint a whole
football stadium full of witnesses to haul one off to a private
place to test it for “consumer protection”. I doubt that even one of
these demo units will be confiscated. That means that two football
stadiums full of witnesses in the state will be encouraged to
witness the events. There will be one hundred football stadiums with
somewhere between 6 and 7 million people who will eyewitness the
event across the United States. I would say that this achieves the
deterrent of there being far too many people for the opposition to
play the usual “dirty tricks”. Of course the media will have to
cover the event and either tell people it did or did not make free
electricity. The genie will pop right out of that bottle. But, in
addition to the fact that the public is aware, we will also be well
on our way to gaining every home we need for grid access to replace
all the fossil fuel and nuclear power plants with very green energy.
All we have to do then is fund and build them.

Funding 16 million 30 kWh generators could get pretty expensive. If
the most rich and powerful people in the world do not want to see
this happen, it would be unreasonable to think that the banking
system will be anxious to loan us the money to build them. So, what
is the plan to finance such a massive undertaking? We are going to
let the initial 1.6 million witnesses start the funding and then let
either the bankers or the electric companies provide the rest of the
funds. The little incentive to the initial 1,600,000 witnesses that
is going to get them determined to come to the event, no matter what
the media, big business, or public officials do to dissuade them, is
the promise that they may never pay an energy bill at their home
ever again (possibly for the rest of

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