Don Stacey
How much longer are we going to take it, folks?
Sun Dec 10, 2006 22:50

How much longer are we going to take it, folks?

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Marilyn A. Guinnane

Perhaps financial advisor Dennis Gartman best exemplifies the prevailing attitude in America: "Who cares!" When I heard him say this at the New Orleans Investment Conference with regard to gold price suppression I was at once taken aback. 'Who cares?' A crime is being committed but why should we care? After all, as Mr. Gartman went on to explain, "Gold is going up, okay? So what difference does it make whether there's manipulation of the price today or not?" (paraphrasing)

Anti-trust laws exist for a reason, Mr. Gartman. But then, immigration laws exist for a reason, as well, though few seem to care about that either; particularly not our politicians. Oh, many citizens actually do care about being flooded with illegals but they are, in the main, too afraid of appearing politically incorrect to say so, what with Orwellian hate crime laws breathing down our necks. With the scare tactic threat of labeling even animal rights activists as terrorists, with Newt Gingrich recommending the curbing of free speech, with the treasonous North American Union pact Puppet Bush has ushered us into that promises to drag America to death's door, you have to stop to question at what point in history did we manage to take such a wrong turn? We are supposed to be a republic! Our rights are supposed to be written in stone! Our beloved Constitution is supposed to be upheld, honored! These politicians who took an oath of office to do precisely that---were they drunk at the time? On drugs? How could they have forgotten? How did they manage to lose their spines when America's sovereignty and integrity absolutely counted on them? They voted into being the misnamed Patriot Acts I ⅈ they voted in the Military Commission Act; they voted in the Real ID Act, and a plethora of other treasonous acts. Did you focus on that word, people? Treason. Our elected representatives are guilty of no less than treason; treason by definition: The betraying of one's country. Beloved citizens, our Constitution is sacred. It is that sacred document that makes America what it is! Was. Used to be, used to be, used to be.

You sort of wonder how many times Dubya had to rehearse, "The Constitution is nothing but a goddamned piece of paper!" before he was able to complete the sentence without forgetting the words. But he did manage to slip his neck into the noose, all right, when he finally did say it. The only treasonous statement ever uttered publicly by a president, though for certain not his only transgression. That September 11 was an inside job is glaringly apparent to all but the mentally challenged by now, so that a vast segment of the population of this country, having awakened from programming, know it. The slaughter of three thousand Americans in order to create 'a new Pearl Harbor' as all but called for by Zbigniew Brezhinski (what he said was that it would take an event like Pearl Harbor to advance the agenda of preserving the power of the U.S. by controlling the Mideast, and so the stage was set one must deduce.) The inside-job-evidence certainly has treason etched all over it, from the failure of NORAD to the WTC having plainly been brought down by controlled demolition to the lack of Arab names on passenger manifests of the downed aircraft to the . . . oh the list is seemingly endless, but surely you know it by heart by now, as I do.

To those who say that Bush is a lame duck so let him ride out his presidency, and Cheney and all the rest of the neo-Nazis, er, cons, I would ask if you think that since Charles Manson is an old man now he ought to be set free, as well? These politicians are guilty of the cold blooded murder of not just WTC victims, but American troops through combat not to mention exposure to so-called 'depleted' uranium; they are guilty of murder of countless Afghanis, Iraqis, and if they have their way soon, Iranians.

There is so much that needs to be accomplished in order to even begin to set the U.S.A. back on true course it's staggering. And right on the eve of economic collapse, which is most likely a year off at best, though if the derivatives bomb implodes economic collapse could happen tomorrow. Can you even imagine a trillion dollars? A billion is an immense figure but a trillion . . . a trillion is Einstein-time. Now imagine a quadrillion. I know, I understand, you can't. Nor can I. But there exists almost half a $quadrillion in derivative debt 'out there,' half a $quadrillion in other words in corporate side bets, waiting to fall like a forest in the wake of an atomic explosion. We're talkin' ugly stuff here, and it's not as though this might happen; it's going to. The only question is when.

There are 3.3 trillion dollars missing from the DOD and HUD. Now how can $3.3 trillion be unaccounted for? Is your blood boiling? If not, why isn't it? Can you say banana republic , boys and girls? Don't be like Dennis Gartman, I beseech you. Don't say, 'Who cares!' Be like the Paddy Chayefsky character instead. 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!' That's the ticket.

So the following is a list of necessary steps to take, then, in redeeming our very precious country, and there's no time to waste:

1. Stop the North American Union and prosecute those responsible for such treason.

2. Force an independent investigation of 911 and prosecute those responsible for its occurrence.

3. Abolish the Federal Reserve System, the IRS, and get us out of the U.N.

4. Withdraw all military from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the other 130 countries where they are presently deployed.

5. Repeal laws stripping us of our rights including the U.S.A. Patriot Acts, the Military Commission Act, the Real ID Act.

6. Remove all members of Council on Foreign Relations from government offices.

7. Enforce our borders, prosecute those who employ illegal immigrants and ship all illegals out of our country.

8. Investigate missing trillions of dollars from government accounts and prosecute those responsible for looting our country.

9. Abolish all federal offices that are influencing education.

10. Force an independent investigation of the use of depleted uranium in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo, prosecute all who were responsible for it.

Let's just do it.

Did you see the disgusting 60 minutes program tonight??

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