Meet the Architect of the "Patriot Act"

Meet the Architect of the "Patriot Act"
Sat Dec 6 01:53:08 2003

Meet the Architect of the "Patriot Act" (Born in Vietnam)

Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice
Viet D. Dinh


Viet D. Dinh was sworn in as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy on May 31, 2001.

Prior to his entry into government service, Dinh was Professor of Law and Deputy Director of Asian Law and Policy Studies at the Georgetown University Law Center.

Dinh graduated magna cum laude from both Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where he was a Class Marshal and an Olin Research Fellow in Law and Economics. He was a law clerk to Judge Laurence H. Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. He served as Associate Special Counsel to the U.S. Senate Whitewater Committee, as Special Counsel to Senator Pete V. Domenici for the Impeachment Trial of the President, and as counsel to the Special Master in In re Austrian and German Bank Holocaust Litigation. He is a member of the District of Columbia and U.S. Supreme Court bars.

As an academic, he specialized in constitutional law, corporations law, and the law and economics of development. His representative publications include Reassessing the Law of Preemption, 88 GEO. L.J. 2085 (2000); What Is the Law in Law and Development?, 3 THE GREEN BAG 2D 19 (1999); Codetermination and Corporate Governance in a Multinational Business Enterprise, 24 J. CORP. L. 975 (1999); and Races, Crime, and the Law, 111 HARV. L. REV. 1289 (1998).

Born on February 22, 1968, in Saigon, Vietnam, Dinh came to America as a refugee in 1978....

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Military in Society

The "Founding Fathers" worried a lot about the effect a large standing army could have on their young democracy. They had just endured occupation by English and Hanoverian troops and fought a revolution to throw them out. And history had shown that a large standing army was as likely to be used to oppress its own people as against foreign invaders. To ensure that this did not happen here, the Constitution envisioned a system of state militias that could be called into federal service to meet a common threat. In case of an impending major threat or for continuous needs, such as manning frontier posts, Congress could authorize an army, but could fund it only for a period of two years.

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