Re: Supreme Court Takes Up Family Privacy Issue in Vince Foster

Re: Supreme Court Takes Up Family Privacy Issue in Vince Fo
Thu Dec 4 03:04:49 2003

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Subject: Re: Supreme Court Takes Up Family Privacy Issue in Vince Foster
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 00:56:46 EST

The Death of Vincent Foster
Evidence Of A Cover-up

This is the story that nobody dares touch.

Despite having reported the discovery of Dr. Haut's signed report confirming the existence of a second wound to Vincent Foster's neck, radio host Rush Limbaugh to this very day refers to Vincent Foster's death as a suicide.

Even Matt Drudge, when presented with the FBI records proving that the FBI fraudulently manufactured Lisa Foster's recognition of the gun found at Fort Marcy Park, refused to get involved, opting instead for a story accusing Sidney Blumenthal of domestic violence (for which Drudge was then sued).


Pat Knowlton's audio tapes of Miguel Rodriguez confirming the deceptions and cover-up in the Vince Foster Case.

Part 1 (RealAudio)


The Oslo Accords, motive for Vince Foster's murder (?)

Salvador Astucia challenges Foster researcher Hugh Turley to a debate.

To participate in the discussion, send comments to:

[Original posting was August 15, 2002, but the discussion is ongoing.]

Introduction by Salvador Astucia

Hugh Turley has researched the death of Vince Foster since it occurred on July 20, 1993.

Here is his website:

Although I disagree with some of the information presented on Mr. Turley's website, I agree with his conclusion that Vince Foster was murdered (as opposed to taking his own life) and there was a massive cover-up perpetrated by nearly all facets of the United States government and the American news media.

Recently Mr. Turley challenged my assertion (via private email) that the motive for Foster's murder was the Oslo Accords which was in the works when he was killed.

(Reference Opium Lords, pp 311-316)

Rather than debate Mr. Turley privately, I have decided to go public.

I challenge Mr. Turley to debate the topic of Vince Foster and the Oslo Accords in a civilized manner.

Here is my response to Mr. Turley's most recent email, dated April 15, 2002:

[NOTE: On August 16, 2002, Hugh Turley contacted me and requested that I omit his speculative comments about motive from this discussion thread. He explained that he makes of a point of never discussing motive when he gives lectures about the Foster case. Consequently, he regards emailed statements on that topic as his "private thoughts" and requested that they remain private. I complied with his request. Omissions are noted.]


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