Vince Foster's Death: An FBI Cover-Up?
Vince Foster's Death: An FBI Cover-Up?
Thu Dec 4 02:13:10 2003

WorldNetDaily: Vince Foster's death: An FBI cover-up?

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The Oslo Accords, motive for Vince Foster's murder (?)

Salvador Astucia challenges Foster researcher Hugh Turley to a debate.

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[Original posting was August 15, 2002, but the discussion is ongoing.]

Introduction by Salvador Astucia

Hugh Turley has researched the death of Vince Foster since it occurred on July 20, 1993.

Here is his website:

Although I disagree with some of the information presented on Mr. Turley's website, I agree with his conclusion that Vince Foster was murdered (as opposed to taking his own life) and there was a massive cover-up perpetrated by nearly all facets of the United States government and the American news media.

Recently Mr. Turley challenged my assertion (via private email) that the motive for Foster's murder was the Oslo Accords which was in the works when he was killed.

(Reference Opium Lords, pp 311-316)

Rather than debate Mr. Turley privately, I have decided to go public.

I challenge Mr. Turley to debate the topic of Vince Foster and the Oslo Accords in a civilized manner.

Here is my response to Mr. Turley's most recent email, dated April 15, 2002:

[NOTE: On August 16, 2002, Hugh Turley contacted me and requested that I omit his speculative comments about motive from this discussion thread. He explained that he makes of a point of never discussing motive when he gives lectures about the Foster case. Consequently, he regards emailed statements on that topic as his "private thoughts" and requested that they remain private. I complied with his request. Omissions are noted.]

--- Turley wrote:

> Salvador-

> My only point was that my research did not support a

> link between Foster's death and Israel via a

> Foster/Hillary romance or any trips to Norway.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you never did any research regarding motive. So what research are you discussing?

You do not need to convince me that Foster was murdered. You and DC Dave convinced me of that long ago.

Since I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, I used your respective conclusions that Foster was murdered as the framework for my research about motive.

Therefore, it is illogical for you to cite your research in a discussion about motive when you have done no research in that regard. Again, correct me if I am wrong--and I apologize if I am--but I do not believe you have spent even one hour researching the motive for Foster's murder.

Having stated that, here are the FACTS upon which I base my conclusion that Foster was killed because of the Oslo Accords:

Fact No. 1: Israel took an enormous amount of Arab land in the Six Day War in June 1967. On November 22, 1967, the UN issued Resolution 242 which stated more or less that the land Israel took was taken illegally and must be returned. Israel has ignored Resolution 242 for 35 years, with the exception of some land returned to Egypt in the early 70s.

In 1973, the UN issued Resolution 338 which was essentially a restatement of 242. Both have been ignored by Israel and the United states for years.

Fact No. 2: In June of 1992, Yitzhak Rabin was elected Prime Minister of Israel. This was a major shift in the political climate of Israel. Likud (a radical right-wing political party) had ruled or shared power for 15 years prior. Suddenly Rabin--a moderate force--was in power.

Seeing an opportunity for peace in the Middle East, Norway intervened and brokered secret peace talks between Rabin's new government and the PLO.

There were eleven secret meetings between the PLO and Israel from April 1993 through August 1993.

These meetings set the stage for the Oslo Accords which were announced in September 1993.

The Oslo Accords stipulated the implementation of UN Resolutions 242 and 338. Again, these resolutions stated that Israel must return the land it took in the Six Day War in 1967.

Fact No. 3: The meetings were spearheaded by a Norwegian Statesman named Johan Holst (Minister of Foreign Affairs). In fact the first several meetings were held at his home. It was very informal.

Fact No. 4: Foster's death (July 20, 1993) occurred while the pre-Oslo meetings were in progress (April-August 1993).

Fact No. 5: Holst died suddenly of a heart attack on January 13, 1994 at the age of 56. (six months after Foster’s death)

Fact No. 6: Yitzhak Rabin was shot and killed in an apparent Israeli/Likud coup on November 4, 1995.

(Read this rare article by the assassin’s mother, published in George Magazine, March 1997:)

Fact No. 7: Bill and Hillary were "partners in power." It was essentially a co-presidency.

Fact No. 8: During the Clinton presidency, Hillary made several public statements in support of a Palestinian state.

Fact No. 9: Vince and Hillary had a "special" relationship that was both professional and quasi-romantic, although there is no evidence of a physical affair. Vince was known to do favors for Hillary because he respected her as a colleague and because he was in love with her as a woman. Bill knew of their relationship and apparently accepted it as part of the partnership with his wife. In fact, he gave Foster highly classified top-secret assignments.

Those are the facts. Now here are some logical points we can make using deductive reasoning:

Logical Point No. 1: Given America's long-standing support of Israel, it is reasonable to conclude that America participated in the pre-Oslo meetings (April-August 1993).

Logical Point No. 2: Hillary was probably the moving force behind the Oslo accords within the Clinton Administration. Bill was not opposed to the concept per se, but based on Hillary's public comments about a Palestinian state, it is reasonable to conclude that this was more her issue than Bill's.

Logical Point No. 3: Given the informal nature of the pre-Oslo meetings, it is quite possible that the Clintons sent a personal emissary to attend, probably someone who was part of their inner circle. That person could very well have been Vince Foster.

Logical Point No. 4: Given that Vince and Hillary had a "special" relationship which was both professional and romantic, it is quite possible that Vince was a mover and shaker behind the scenes at the pre-Oslo meetings. Additionally, if he attended, then he may have been extra-aggressive because of his love and admiration for Hillary.

CONCLUSION: Foster's murder was a signal to Hillary from Likud fanatics: NO RESOLUTION 242 & 338 AND NO PALESTINIAN STATE !

> I know there have been rumors and speculation from

> journalists of a Vince/Hillary romance and rumors

> from journalists of trips to Switzerland.

I never mentioned Switzerland, not via email or in Opium Lords. You brought it up, then rejected it as a rumor. Let the record state that Mr. Turley first mentioned Switzerland, not Mr. Astucia.

The eleven secret meetings that led to the Oslo Accords occurred in Norway, not Switzerland. So I do not understand why you mentioned Switzerland. You have brought it up in several emails, but I fail to understand the relevance.

I therefore respectfully request that you cease from mentioning Switzerland again because it will only confuse readers.

Regarding the "romance," there are credible sources who witnessed Hillary and Vince together for years and have stated that they had an unfulfilled romantic relationship.

Rumors of a sexual affair abound, but not by the more credible sources.

We can debate this point if you want, but I do not see the need. The evidence is overwhelming that Hillary and Vince cared for each other a great deal and that Vince went out of his way to please her. And she enjoyed the attention. It was fairly innocent really, rather sweet.

[Omitted Mr. Turley's speculation about motive per his request. 8/16/02]

[I responded to Turley's speculation as follows:]

Respectfully, this is not a guessing game. [...Omitted specific response to Turley's speculation. 8/16/02] We must follow the trail of evidence and go wherever it leads.

It was purely by accident that I stumbled onto facts implicating Israel in Foster's murder. As part of my research for Opium Lords, I analyzed the Middle Eastern policies of every presidential administration since Kennedy. It was then that I discovered the timeline of the pre-Oslo meetings and Foster's death.

I was astonished to learn that Johan Holst died of a heart attack six months after Foster. A year and a half later, Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in what appears to have been an Israeli coup sponsored by the Likud party.

[Omitted further speculation by Turley about motive per his request. 8/16/02]

Yes, this all ties in well with my assertion that Israel (Likud) sponsored Foster's murder because he was deeply involved in the preliminary negotiations for implementation of UN Resolutions 242 and 338 via the Oslo Accords.

[...Omitted my specific response to Turley's speculation. 8/16/02]

At this point, I request that you explain what part of my thesis with which you disagree, and why.


Salvador Astucia

Questions About Patrick Knowlton, et al.

by Salvador Astucia, August 16, 2002

It appears that Mr. Turley is evading my challenge to a public debate. Today he contacted me and expressed disappointment that I had made one of his emails public. To calm him down, I agreed to remove all statements in which he speculated about the motive of Vince Foster’s murder; however, Turley evidently does not want to participate in a public debate, only a private one.

Consequently, I feel compelled to publicly ask him a few questions about a central figure in his research, a man named Patrick Knowlton.

For readers unfamiliar with Knowlton, here is Hugh Turley’s description from an interview in August 2000:

[The case] centers around Patrick Knowlton because he is the key witness in the case. He was at Fort Marcy Park the day that Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster's body was found and he witnessed the fact that Mr. Foster's car was not at the park. Officially, we have been told that he drove there and committed suicide. But the facts don't support that when you look at the evidence and we've compiled a lot of it at our website, There are a lot of documents there that we filed in court. …

Patrick Knowlton is a key witness in the [Foster] case. He came forward to tell what he saw. The FBI interviewed him. They falsified their reports of what he saw and, when he complained, he was subpoenaed by [Independent Counsel] Kenneth Starr to testify before the White Water grand jury. At that point, Mr. Knowlton suffered witness intimidation on the streets of Washington, D.C., and the FBI participated in that witness intimidation. We have proof of that. That's what our [law suit against the US Government] is about. I am disappointed that in this election season, none of our government officials seem to be concerned with grand jury witness intimidation. There are a lot of popular issues that are proven to be good for popular debate but this one seems to be off-limits.

(Hugh Turley, interviewed by Zoh Hieronimus with World Net Daily, August 19, 2000)

Patrick Knowlton filed a law suit against the government for harassment, but there are several aspects to Knowlton himself that are quite disturbing.

Here are some questions for Mr. Turley about Knowlton:

[1] A reliable source advised me that you (Turley) first met Patrick Knowlton when he was Chief of Security at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, DC.

Is that correct?

[2] What year did you first meet Mr. Knowlton?

[3] Did Mr. Knowlton have a registered firearm when he worked at the Saudi Arabian embassy?

(As Chief of Security at the Saudi Arabian embassy, it seems reasonable that Knowlton would carry a firearm.)

[4] Was Mr. Knowlton carrying a registered or unregistered firearm with him when he was at Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993, the day Vince Foster was killed?

[5] To your knowledge, has Mr. Knowlton ever been considered a suspect in the murder of Vince Foster?

Have any independent researchers or crime investigators ever considered the former Chief of Security at the Saudi Arabian embassy a murder suspect?

[6] On your website, you indicate that Mr. Knowlton has a girlfriend named Kathryn who witnessed governmental harassment against Mr. Knowlton while they walked the streets of Washington, DC.

In a previous conversation, you advised me that Kathryn is Jewish. Do you acknowledge this fact? (That she is Jewish.)

[7] If my assertion that Jewish fanatics sponsored Foster’s murder to thwart the Oslo Accords, wouldn’t this undercut the reliability of Mr. Knowlton’s testimony, given that his girlfriend is Jewish? After all, the motive—as I described—involves the Jewish State.

[8] Your website indicates that the lawyer who handled Mr. Knowlton’s case was John Clarke.

A reliable source advised me that Mr. Clarke’s services were paid by Accuracy in the Media. Is this correct?

[9] Are you aware that many people believe Accuracy in the Media is a front for the Mossad?

Have you ever heard that?

What are your feelings about Israel's Mossad (a spy agency) possibly sponsoring Knowlton's law suit against the US government?

That is all for now. ª

Summarized Discussions About Oslo & Foster

The following is a summary of email and newsgroup exchanges from interested parties.

[1] August 15, 2002 (see Communiqué A, email)

Salvador challenges Turley to a public debate. Salvador further advises Turley that the URL for this webpage has already been posted on about 50 newsgroups under the following name: "The Oslo Accords, motive for Vince Foster's murder (?) (debate)"

[2] August 16, 2002 (emails omitted per H. Turley's request)

Turley responds and is quite upset about several things, but his main complaint is that Salvador publicly disclosed a private email containing Turley's "private thoughts" about the motive behind Foster's murder. Salvador agrees to omit all portions of email containing such private thoughts.

[3] August 16, 2002 (see Communiqué # 1, email)

A reader (who requests anonymity) provides background information for the discussion. He sends Salvador an email containing an interesting article about Zionism - written by Edwin M. Wright.

[4] August 16, 2002 (see Communiqué # 2, email)

Salvador advises Turley that he has prepared a list of questions about Patrick Knowlton et al. Salvador requests that Turley email answers to be added to web page.

[5] August 16, 2002 (see Communiqué # 3, newsgroup)

Salvador posts message to about 50 newsgroups. The article is entitled "The Oslo-Foster Debate - questions about Patrick Knowlton et al." It advises Usenet readers that questions have been raised about Knowlton's involvement in Foster's murder and points readers to this webpage.

[6] August 17, 2002 (see Communiqué # 4, newsgroup)

"BernardZ" from soc.culture.jewish responds to Salvador's article. He calls the debate "rubbish" because Israel supported the Oslo Accords. Bernard further cites a Palestinian leader who was critical of the Oslo Accords.

[7] August 17, 2002 (see Communiqué # 5, email)

Salvador invites Jim Robinson (founder of Free Republic < > ) to participate in the discussion. Salvador advises Robinson that all written comm

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