The New World Order and Bush
The New World Order and Bush
Fri Dec 5 15:14:17 2003

The New World Order and Bush

Great information C-Skank.

The truth becomes more and more apparent to me. Bush knew. He is part of the whole dreary, sick plot and accepts his role in the NWO plan by the Illuminati Satanists. The Illuminati existed from the Mystery Religions from Babylon and passed on to many religions and went to the modern sphere at 1776 by the Rothschild using there waterboy Adam Weishaupt (a Satanist and an ex-Jesuit priest).

He acted in pure evil Just like his grandfather Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush funded Nazis during WWII and was involved in numerous Eugenics programs. After the war, he becomes part of the Senate and recruits Nazi cover-up artist Quaker Richard Milhous Nixon in 1946 sending him to Congress in the same year. Allen Dulles was dealing with Nazis even signing a deal with them in 1933, but Nazi got rid of the Konti documents that would indict Dulles of treason and trading with the enemy act passed in 1942, so Nixon handled that.

Later his father GWHB was into big oil by owning the Zapata Oil Company in 1959. Then he heads some of the Bay of Pigs Operations from Miami using Cubans like Martinez, Rodriguez, Bosch, etc. to attempt to kill Castro but failed. Later George H. W. Bush involved himself in the JFK assassination. YOu can look at an FBI document in 1963 days after the assassination telling of George H. W. Bush from the CIA involving himself with Cuban radicals.

At the day of the assassination only hrs. afterwards, Bush calls up FBI headquarters in Dallas, Texas saying Oswald did it even before he was the suspect. How ironic. How could Bush know that Oswald did when he wasn’t even a suspect yet unless he’s involved with it. His other Texas knit group including Clint Murchinson Sr, Thorton, Lyndon Baines Johnson (33rd Degree Freemason), H. L. Hunt, and other are involved in the assassination since many of them planned the final stages of the assassination at November 21, 1963 at Clint Murchinson’s Mansion. Well, we all know the Illuminati, Freemasons, and the Jesuits assassination JFK in November 22, 1963.


-Order of Freemasonry
-Knight of Malta
-Order of St. John of Jerusalem
-Order of the Skulls and Bones
-Council of Foreign Relations

were the main arms executing the whole thing. JFK was independent and rebelled against the social order standing for the common man and seeking devoutly for peace in the world so he was killed. They kill people who won't go for their program or play by the rules so to speak. Seems funny. Later, George H. W. Bush opposes the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 then supports it to support his Republican seat in Texas. Bush 41 is a piece of work. By 1969, Bush supports Planned Parenthood and even calls for population control of the United States population particularly in minority communities.

Nixon in the 1970's appoints him as an ambassador of the United Nations for China. China? China is a dictatorship and we support Communist China yet we're in the Cold War with Communist Soviet Union. How odd and that tells me that this Cold War was a shame since the Commmunists back in 1917 was funded by Wall Street just like the Communists in the 1960's-1991. That's historical fact.

One way The bush family embraced the Illuminati plan is there bloodline. There bloodline is related to the British Royals, Queen Elizabeth, and the Mervongians making willing supporters of the Illuminati. George H. W. Bush is a servant for the Illuminati being a member of the Bohemian Grove, Skulls and Bones, MJ-12, Pilgrim Society, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group, Big Oil, etc. Therefore George H. W. Bush is definitely part of the New World Order scheme.

In the 1970's he lied and said he wasn't part of the CIA but I've mentioned that old 1960's FBI document proving that he was. Kangas proved that and he was murdered by the Bush cabal in 1999. He soon becomes head of the CIA and the Council of Foreign Relations (a notorious globalist organization). In the 1970's he supports and trains Afgan rebels to defeat the Soviets. He especially loves Osama bin Laden since the Bush and Bin Laden families in the 1970's own businesses together and even they've spent vacations together.

Osama was a secular man then turned religious to Islam once on the battlefield. Osama formed MAK in the 1980's with the CIA assassitance and blessing along with al-Qaeda in 1989. Well 9/11 know comes into play I guess. We viciously wants specific answers to 9/11 I suppose. A week after 9/11, I knew Osama wasn't involved in 9/11. In an Ummat interview just after 9/11 he denied it. Osama is a terrorist, but a patsy in this event. No way hijackers with sole boxcutters, and overthrow a whole airliner, and flight those planes with such precise precision to various locations across the country.

It doesn't occur in that matter and I refuse to believe the lie that Osama did it alone. The United States government was told dozens of times of the terror attack on America and that's outlined in the internet and even throughout the mainstream media. Bush was told of 9/11 even before he went inside of the Elementary School in Florida. Inside the school Card said "America is attacked" to Bush and Bush did nothing for 30 minutes in a cold manner. Bush consented to those actions since he wanted to create his NWO. In fact the government created 9/11 by using explosives, missles, airplanes, and other devices to force people into a frenzy to accept security at the expense of eliminate certain God-given civil liberties and rights people fought for centuries.

Bush even bragged about it in a subliminal by saying "Evil has found its willing servant(him, he talking about himself" It's not a Right or Left issue because both would abhor tyranny and the hijacking of our country by homocidical, insane maniacs and Bush and his cronies are part of the bunch.

The same men in the Nixon administration (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell) that lead the coup of Chile in September 11, 1973 are in the Bush administration which lead the attacks on 9/11. Also, there is a JFK connection to it as well. JFK died to increase opium/herion/cocaine profits from the Vietnam war which JFK refused to expand. 9/11 occured to promoted the exploitation and imperialism from natural resources in Afganistan, the rest of Central Asia, and Iraq. Those areas are a garden for tapped resources so defense contractors like the Carlyle Group are into the mix and yes George H. W. Bush is one of the chairmen inside of the Carlyle Group and yes the Carlyle had many connections to the bin-Laden and yes the Carlyle Group is head by the Knight of Malta Frank Carclucci [who worked in the Reagen administration]. In the JFK murder, Oswald was a patsy and worked for the CIA and in 9/11 Osama is a patsy and a notorious CIA operative. We gave him stinger missles in the 1970's and Osama is an example of blowback (we prop up a man to our advantage then later he becomes our so-called adversary which we're fighting against). In the JFK assassination evidence from the Zapuder film and other sources prove that JFK was shot from mmore than one bullet in different direction. In 9/11, new footage from the blast and artitect experts prove that there were more than 1 explosive inside of the WTC buildings and even WTC #7 were no planes crashed into the buidlings. In the JFK assassination Intelligence, Big Oil, the Bush Crime Family benefits the most and in 9/11 Intelligence, Big Oil, and the Bush Crime Family Benefits the most. I see the analogy.

Now with the 9/11 coverup the fact is clear; GEORGE W. BUSH AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT KILLED 3,000 PEOPLE AT 9/11. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

The doubters can never prove me wrong anyway.

Bush is subverting the Christian faith by brainwashing folks that he is a Christian when he isn't. George W. Bush is also a member of the Skulls and Bones [invented in 1832] and its ceremonies are the antithesis of Christian making Bush not a Christian. The tomb ceremony, oath, actions of coffin ceremony all are contrary to the Bible and shouldn't be followed. Many of the rich or elite of society are members of these Secret Societies to gain influence in the world. Little do they know they are in fact sheeple as well.

The Committee of 300, Council of 13, 3,etc. and the Jesuit General control the world and Satan controls them. Every time Bush tries to prove that he is a Christian he says that he converted by the advice from Billy Graham. Billy Graham is an apostate Baptist, 33rd Degree Freemason, and self-admitted denier of salvation by only Christ so that's a sham. Christianity says Christ is the only faith for anyone to follow yet Bush on record says that Islam is of God and to dissent with Islam as a false religion is akin to hate speech. Bush and his cronies just use that to exploit millions of people with an authentic view of God.

That is to control to rule over the Christian Right so to speak for 3 decades by the W.C.C., Council of National Policy, and Moon with the Illuminati, Freemasons, and Jesuits calling the shoots. The Illuminati uses one man to tell subjects to force Christian to accept him as true so they can be reluctantly to accept illegal policies and laws (Patriot Act, TIPS, Iraq War, Gun control, distorted views of patriotism, etc.)

Now we’re in Iraq.

After WWI, The Masonic British leaders occupied the whole country back then.

Now in 2003 nearing 2004, The Bush White House has constantly contrived this occupation as a just war, but this wasn’t a just war. Saddam Hussein was strongly funded by the United States government in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980’s. Bush, Crowe, and other men directly gave Iraq chemical and biological weapons to permit Iraq to butcher their opposition and even their own people. The First Gulf War was consented by Glaspie giving Saddam a blank check to invade Iraq in 1990 by George H. W. Bush’s blessing, but then we’ve striked them. We even killed 100,000 innocent Iraqis in cold-blood in 1991 by an American General. In this new Iraq war, problems still persist. Even General Franks claim if an attack occurs, he wants to suspend the United States Constitution which is treasonous in it of itself. These globalists used Iraq as a perfect buffer to create their new Solomon Temple, get resources, and form global government. That’s the deal. Saddam is a war criminal, but we offered no conclusive case to attack, since he offered no immediate threat to America, possessed no elaborate weapons of mass destruction, wasn’t involved in 9/11, had no complex relationship with al-Qaeda, and has no crucial interest to fight that sovereign country.

We’ve formed a bad precedent of imperialism. All indications prove that George W. Bush lied to the American people and promoted the Iraq War firmly for political reasons. War is always a booter when followed the right way in the polls. The majority of the American people aren't buying into Bush's lies about Iraq though. It seems perfectly logical with reason and common sense. There's no doubt about it.


Bush is the follower of the Illuminati's New World Order/Age of Aquarius goals. Nothing more.

I'm not even 21 years old and the truth is so obviously that anyone can realize the reality of these CIO (Criminals in Office). I kind of respect Bob Schiedt since he pulls no punches and just shows the truth although I don't subscribe all of time to his opinion on Jews.

I know some racist, evil spiteful, trashy Zionists Jews like that war criminal Sharon ,but not every Jew is evil or Arabs for that matter.



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December 4, 2003

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