Clinton and his evil twin Bush
Clinton and his evil twin Bush
Thu Dec 4 04:26:26 2003

William Jefferson Clinton - the experimental Bush

I wonder if it has occurred to anyone else that we seem to be living in a time warp. A curious Twilight Zone like era where the events of the past seem to repeat themselves yet seem to become bigger and better with every reoccurrence. Thinking back on that dark stain on American history known as the "Clinton Years," one cannot help but to see some eerie and ominous parallels to the times we live in today. It's almost as if the Bill Clinton era was something of a trial balloon where contrived, planned future events could be tested on a small scale in order to evaluate their future effectiveness when the time was right to institute the "real thing" in the Bush II era. Sounds silly yes, but let's just for the sake of argument, make a brief comparison of the two eras as they have played out to date to see if in fact there are any parallels between them.

William Jefferson Clinton roared out of nowhere in 1992 from the relative obscurity of being Governor of a small backward southern state to become President of the United States. In 2000 George Walker Bush roared out of relative obscurity to trade his Governorship of a large backward southern state for the Presidency. Clinton was put there by rich corporate friends both from his state and the nation. Bush rose to the Presidency riding the backs of his corporate friends and his friends in the Supreme Court. Both had many shady friends: swindlers, con-men and corporate thieves as buddies and backers. Clinton had the swindling Mc Dougalls who stole millions in their Whitewater development scam to help him. Bush had both Ken Lay, and his low life brother Neil to help out his cause. Lay stole BILLIONS as the head of Enron, Neil Bush stole BILLIONS as the head of Silverado in the Savings and Loan scam.

Bill Clinton was a habitual liar who rarely told anything that could be construed as the truth. George Bush is a pathological liar who by all accounts has NEVER told the truth, about anything. Bill Clinton was reputed to be a philanderer and womanizer. George Bush is reputed to be a sodomite, homosexual if you prefer. His suspected "life partner" aka "bum buddy" is Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe for anyone who is interested. Clinton claimed to be a Christian even though he is a known communist. George Bush claims to be a Christian even thought he is a known Skull and Bones member, a Satanist. Clinton smoked dope, he claims, only once and never inhaled. Bush "was" a lifelong drunk and heavy cocaine abuser. Clinton dodged the draft to avoid service in Vietnam; Bush slithered his way into the National Guard to avoid Vietnam... then deserted.

You may be beginning to see the pattern we mentioned earlier, Clinton lowers the bar and Bush goes him one lower, IN EVERY CASE. Clinton was a scum ball in every sense of the word, so what does that make George W. Bush? An Uberscumball of course. The parallels don't just stop at their inaugurations, in fact, they continue well into their respective terms.

William Jefferson Clinton surrounded himself with many of his old criminal pals in his new administration. George Walker Bush surrounds himself with many of his dad's old criminal pals as well as his own. A little over a year into the Clinton era, America witnessed the terrorist bombings of the World Trade centre and the Oklahoma City Federal Building. The bombing of the Murrah Federal Building killed over 160 people. The supposed perpetrator was caught almost immediately and the blast was never properly investigated. In fact the rubble was cleared quickly and moved to a guarded landfill where there was no possibility of anyone getting to the bottom of the mystery by seeing or examining it. The case was closed as quickly as possible despite the doubts held by many as to the nature of the blast and the identities of those who carried it out. Much evidence later surfaced that the Murrah Building was brought down with demolition charges, but the avenue was never explored by the authorities.

About a year into the Bush administration era the World trade Centre Towers were bombed again and totally destroyed. The bombings killed 3000 people. The supposed preps were identified almost immediately and the blast was never properly investigated. The wreckage was quickly loaded onto ships headed for China where there would be no possibility of examination of the crime scene evidence. The case was closed quickly despite the many questions that still remained, including a total breakdown of the 19 terrorists hijacking story. Rumors have swirled ever since that the buildings of the WTC were taken down with demolition charges. No investigation by the authorities has ever been aimed in this direction. Clinton used the Murrah bombing as an excuse to enact his domestic terrorism bill, Bush used the WTC bombing as an excuse to enact the Patriot act. Both resulted in lost freedoms for the American People but Bush's version was by far worse.

Several days later terrorists downed an airliner just after takeoff in New York City. The FAA and the NTSB refused to rule the cause as terrorism despite numerous witnesses who report mid air fires and explosions on the plane. During the Clinton era TWA flight 800 was downed by a terrorist missile. Though witnessed by numerous people numbering in the hundreds, the FAA and NTSB refuses to validate the missile as the cause of the in-flight explosion which occurred shortly after takeoff.

Clinton signed the Brady Bill trashing the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Bush has said that he favors extending it when it sunsets next year. Wanna bet it get's EXPANDED too? Make me a wager, I'll gladly take your money... sucker.

Near the end of Clinton's watch, Clinton sparked a bloody war against a Third World Nation based entirely on lies. Clinton's war in Serbia was "justified" by false reports of a massacre of Albanians that was supposedly to take place imminently on the orders of Serbian bad guy Slobodon Milosevich. The rumors of the imminent massacre proved to be a fabrication as well as many reports of "war crimes" that were also alleged. George W. Bush also sparked a bloody war on a Third World Nation using scary lies as well. Bush's war has resulted in the deaths of as many as 10,000 people and counting. Bush's excuse was an imminent threat of a terrorist massacre this time directed against Americans by Iraqi bad guy Saddam Hussein. The rumors of our imminent destruction at his hands turned out to be easily as false as Clinton's accusations against Milosevich.

I'm sure that anyone who really takes the time to study could expand this list tenfold, and hopefully someone does. This list is by no means complete, however it does expose a pattern that I am sure the "powers that be" hoped we were all too stupid to see. That pattern being the fact that everything Bill Clinton did during his regrettable tenure as President is happening all over again, but only on a much grander scale. You see, Bill Clinton was nothing but the experimental Bush. Everything he did was a test run that was intended to expose planning flaws, oversights and the like so that the real McCoy would be more likely go off without a hitch. In addition public reaction could be studied and gauged in order to better tailor propaganda to be more effective. As an added bonus the peons would also receive some valuable conditioning that would help them to accept the phony contrivances as reality instead of the preplanned crimes that they really are.

After the Clinton fiasco was all said and done, what was the one "evil" that both Republicans and Democrats unanimously pointed to as the worst evil of them all? Can you name it? I'll give you a hint... his name was Ken Starr. Ken Starr was the Independent Council investigator who was charged with ferreting out evidence of Clinton's many crimes. He was like Elliot Ness fighting the murderous Al Capone. Starr should have been considered a national hero, instead he was roundly demonized even by Republicans. And when it was all over, rather than Clinton, the criminal, being considered the "bad guy", that title fell on Starr. In the aftermath it would be Ken Starr and his Office of Independent Council who would disappear into history. Even more important than all the benefits of a good dress rehearsal , "the powers that be" and Bush benefited from one monumental act that dwarfed all others in terms of importance... getting rid of the Office of the Independent Council. Congress repealed the Independent Council Act shortly after the Clinton fiasco was unfortunately laid to rest.

Now George Bush and his band of criminals can operate with impunity against the American people and the world, never having to worry about any pesky investigator prying into their dirty business. Yes dear reader we were set up. Bill Clinton was nothing but a dress rehearsal for the real thing. We were shown a monster and monstrous criminal acts to acclimatize us to the even worse criminals and worse things to come. And this time it is a sure thing that there is nobody looking into any of it on our behalf.

We are screwed totally, some of it has come to pass; some of it has yet to come. For instance George Bush has not yet unleashed his "bigger and better" version of Waco yet. 80 innocent nobodies died at Waco, how may can we expect from the Bush version? According to the pattern we have demonstrated, many, many more.

America, you don't need a psychic to tell you what the future will bring. Just look back to the Clinton years and you'll know what the illuminists have in store for you, only this time in spades. Scary isn't it.


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