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ATTN: Chief, Voting Section
Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice
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Today's "Politics of Despair", has election fraud taking place in full view, with a haughty arrogance of 'whatcha gonna do about it?" VoteScam, by the Collier Brothers, shows the extent of this fraud by computer, counting of votes. No paper trail, no method to check for fraud, the counting all in the hands of a private contractor where all votes go to be tabulated is a sure fired method for getting the appointed man/woman (mostly men) into his slot.

Florida House Candidate to Face Litany of Criminal Charges After Alleging Vote Fraud
By Miriam Raftery
Raw Story

Monday 12 June 2006

In an exclusive interview with Florida House of Representatives candidate Charlie Grapski - arrested after he filed a lawsuit alleging voting fraud against Alachua County City Manager Clovis Watson, RAW STORY learns of corruption allegations that can only be described as not seen since the days of Boss Tweed.

Charlie Grapski, a Democrat running for the Florida House of Representatives, was arrested in April after filing a lawsuit alleging that City officials abused power and influenced the outcome of an election by manipulating the absentee voting process. The story, however, does not start or end with election fraud allegations. What Grapski tells is a tale that one cannot imagine occurring in a law abiding country, one of false arrest, intimidation, and a crony-business system all centered around money interests.

Clovis Watson is not only the City Manager of Alachua county and, as such, the defendant in Grapski's lawsuit, he is also the Police Commissioner of Alachua, Florida, a town dominated by the Republican Party and pro-development Democrats. Watson, one website alleges, is funded by the Alachua County Republican Party, and declined to accept the Democrat of the Year Award because he is planning a switch to the Republican Party. The site also takes aim at Grapski.

According to Grapski, "Clovis Watson filed a sworn complaint as a police officer himself, and as City Manager he was the aggrieved party. As Police Commissioner, he was his own boss and accepted the sworn complaint from himself - and then instructed his subordinates on the police force to have me arrested."

Now, RAW STORY has learned, the Sheriff's office has announced that additional charges, including felony wiretapping, will be filed against Grapski and Michael Canney, a Green Party member who witnessed and videotaped Grapski's efforts to obtain public records.

In this exclusive interview with RAW STORY on June 11, 2006, Grapski reveals startling details of his situation and updates regarding an election outcome allegedly changed by absentee ballot manipulation. He also levels serious allegations of abuse of power by public officials, including officials linked to President George W. Bush's brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Raw Story's Miriam Raftery: What was your background before you decided to run for public office?

Charlie Grapski: I'm a political scientist and political theorist. I taught those topics at the University of Florida. I am finishing two doctorates, one in politics and one in law; that's a PhD in law, not a JD. I've been involved in local politics for a long time as an activist. I served on a campaign charter review board for the City of Gainesville.

RS: How did you become involved in election reform?

CG: I've been involved in election reform a long time and have been pushing for election reform through charter review board this year.

RS: Let's go back to April and what happened that that started all the troubles leading up to your arrest.

CG: On April 11th there was an election in the City of Alachua. That's part of my district that I'm running for. I went up to the polling location to meet people and get petitions signed and campaign for my candidacy. I knew of some problems in Alachua, but I didn't know how bad they were; people came to me with all sorts of concerns. I said "I'll stay around to watch the vote count on election night." So I went there and saw a number of violations of the law. This was at City Hall. The City officials conducted the elections themselves, which is problematic.

RS: What happened next?

The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act of 1986
United States Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Voting Section
Introduction To Federal Voting Rights Laws

* Introduction To Federal Voting Rights Laws
* Before the Voting Rights Act
* The Voting Rights Act of 1965
* The Effect of the Voting Rights Act

Any jurisdiction seeking additional information concerning its eligibility to obtain the requisite declaratory judgment under Section 4 or copies of previously submitted bailout provisions and consent decrees that have been entered, should contact the Voting Section. You can call, toll-free, at 800/253-3931 or write to:

Chief, Voting Section
Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania AV N.W. Room 7254 NWB
Washington, DC 20530

An attorney will then contact you to further discuss the matter.

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