1,000 Grandmothers Needed....
Mon Nov 13, 2006 15:55

1,000 Grandmothers Needed

to Close the School of the Americas (Nov. 17-19)

Susan Sarandon and Granny D Endorse 1,000 Grandmothers

Gathering at the School of the Americas Nov. 17-19 - Contact*

Actor and activist Susan Sarandon endorses the 1,000 Grandmothers gathering at the School of the Americas/ Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHINSEC) at Fort Benning, Georgia on November 17-19.

In a written statement, Sarandon refers to grandmothers risking arrest in order to close the SOA/WHINSEC, ³Going to jail is one thing when you¹re young but to still believe, when the world has betrayed you over and over, is another thing. [These grandmothers] give me hope not only for the future but that I may be able to hold onto and act upon my convictions for years to come.²

"Granny D"

Great-grandmother, activist, and Democratic candidate for US Senate in 2004, Doris Haddock, a.k.a. ³Granny D², also endorses grandmothers¹ efforts to close the military school that teaches torture, counter-insurgency techniques, and psychological warfare to Latin American soldiers.

Grandmothers are organizing in cities across the nation in preparation for the annual mobilization to close the school. With the mid-term election throwing out over 20 incumbents that have supported the teachings at the SOA/WHINSEC, a more favorable Congress will be able to pass legislation to permanently close the US Army base. The goal of 1,000 Grandmothers is to close the school by educating the newly elected and sitting members of Congress about the people¹s objection to the teaching of such un-American values.


The SOA/WHINSEC made headlines in 1996 when the Pentagon released training manuals used at the school that advocates torture, extortion and execution. Despite this admission and hundreds of documented human rights abuses connected to soldiers trained at the school, no independent investigation into the facility has ever taken place.

New research confirms that the school continues to support known human rights abusers. Despite having been investigated by the United Nations for ordering the shooting of 16 indigenous peasants in El Salvador, Col. Francisco Del Cid Diaz returned to SOA/WHINSEC in 2003.

Support for the SOA/WHINSEC continues to erode. Earlier this year, the governments of Argentina and Uruguay announced that they would cease all training at the school, becoming the second and third countries to announce a cessation of training. In January of 2004, Hugo Chavez announced that Venezuela would no longer send troops to train at the school.

This grandmother effort is completely grassroots and decentralized. State and local contacts can be found on our website that enables other grandmothers and grandmother supporters to plug into local efforts as well as the larger protest event at the School of Americas in Georgia this November.

For information about the ³1,000 Grandmothers² mobilization, go to http://www.1000grandmothers.net <http://www.1000grandmothers.net/> .

More information about the School of the Americans can be found on the School of the Americas Watch website at www.soaw.org http://www.soaw.org/ .

More information about Doris Haddock can be found at http://www.grannyd.com.

* Contact:

Sue Hilderbrand ­ Url.: sue@1000grandmothers.net
Cathy Webster ­ Url.: athousandgrandmothers@yahoo.com

Site Url.: http://www.1000grandmothers.net

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