Re: Judge Roy Moore, Down, but not out!

Harmon L. Taylor
Re: Judge Roy Moore, Down, but not out!
Sat Nov 15 18:09:08 2003

There is a VERY good reason why the "contrarian" school of thought for investments works. That reason is simple. The majority are typically missing something, and therefore, are typically wrong. As well meaning as they may be, they are still missing something and are still wrong.

It won't happen today, but in time, what is recorded here as a "majority vote" is about as good as the evidence gets on the reasons why a "pure democracy" is such an evil form of government, for this vast majority vote effectively states plainly that the PRIVATE property at issue IS NOT TO BE and CANNOT BE used by its "owners" in the manner and fashion desired by such owners, but must, instead, yield its use to the desire of this uninformed majority.

It is NOT the good Chief Justice's religious beliefs that are at issue here, and until we see beyond the smoke and mirrors, we're simply encouraging a grand push toward a huge political and legal buzz saw. The "state government property" at issue is "private property" that has long since been "posted" with "No Trespassing" signs by the "owners" specifically regarding NOT bringing "messages" of a Christian nature onto "their" property.

The "solutions" to such an issue are simply NOT that complicated, but neither are they to be found in the courtroom. The solutions are found in the transactions involving the property.

When the blind lead the lead, they both fall in the ditch. Matt. 15:13-14.

Harmon L. Taylor
Author, "We, The Posterity: Voluntary Bondage"
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Judge Roy Moore, Down, but not out!
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