Bush and Blair - the betrayal:

Bush and Blair - the betrayal :
Fri Nov 14 16:34:16 2003

Bush and Blair - the betrayal :

America's first loyalty was to Ariel Sharon, not the prime minister. In the internal struggle over peace in the Middle East, the neo-conservatives within the administration prevailed. Elliot Abrams, chief of Middle East affairs at the NSC, was their main man.


By George! :

How were the Queen and Tony Blair to know in 2001, when they extended the invitation for President Bush to make his state visit next week, that two years later it would be shaping up as the most fraught and ill-timed exercise of its kind in living memory?


Blair ' dishonest, shallow and cheap' in justifying Bush visit, says Cook


UK Ready to Send More Troops to Iraq:

The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, has suggested that more British troops will be sent to Iraq if they are needed to cope with the country's deteriorating security situation.


Deal on 9/11 Briefings Lets White House Edit Papers:

In its statement, the victims' family group, the Family Steering Committee, said the agreement would "prevent a full uncovering of the truth and is unacceptable.


What did Bush know before 9/11 attacks?:

Did U.S. President George W. Bush receive — and ignore — advance warning of a plan by Al Qaeda to hijack passenger planes and fly them into buildings in the United States?


U.S. Civilian Contractor Killed In Iraq:

Suspected insurgents raked a convoy with automatic gunfire, killing a U.S. civilian contractor and wounding another American, a U.S. military official said Friday.


Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage :

"It concerns me, because you can't understand the true cost of war if you can't see the amputees and the people who have been killed," said Steve Robinson, executive director of the National Gulf War Resource Center, a veterans group. "The results of war have to be witnessed at graveside, whether you like it or not."


A Farewell To Law:

The lawless unilateral decision of the Bush Administration to declare war on Iraq was supposed to be legitimised afterwards. History shows it often happens to illegal actions that are successful. Yet, it did not happen with Iraq where the situation worsens every day.


A Must Read.

GCHQ whistleblower charged :

"Any disclosures that may have been made were justified because they exposed serious illegality and wrongdoing on the part of the US government which attempted to subvert our own security services. A Must Read.


3 U.S. GIs Face Charges in POW Abuse Case :

U.S. military prosecutors have decided to prosecute three American soldiers from Pennsylvania on charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners of war, a U.S. Army spokesman said Friday.


Patrick Seale:

Who Will Be The Next Victim Of US : Is the US preparing to administer a dose of its Iraqi medicine to other states in the area? Has the neo-con agenda of softening up the area to make it comply with US and Israeli demands been given a new lease of life?


And then there was one . . .:

In his farewell address to the nation in 1796, George Washington, himself the country's greatest soldier, urged future generations to "avoid the necessity of those overgrown military establishments, which under any form of government are inauspicious to liberty".


Tokyo and Seoul backtrack on Iraq:

On the eve of a visit by Donald Rumsfeld, Japan and South Korea have backed away from committing more troops to support U.S. operations in Iraq.


Iraq: the crumbling coalition:

Despite claiming in February that it had assembled a coalition of at least 30 "willing" nations, America has been unable to assemble a credible group prepared to provide troops in the numbers required.


Troops In Iraq By Country


''George Bush killed my son,'' Rosemary Dietz Slavenas said.

''I believe my son Brian died not for his country but because of our country's lack of a coherent and civilized foreign policy."


U.S. Death Toll By State:

[Is it a coincidence that states who have the largest number of deaths are also states with the biggest immigrant populations?]


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The hidden cost of Bush's war:

Officials say that 20 per cent of the wounded have suffered "severe brain injuries" while 70 per cent had wounds with the "potential for resulting in brain injury". About 600 have been dispatched to a specialist burns unit in San Antonio, Texas.


Some Evidence That Bush Is Waking To Reality:

Watching a subdued George W. Bush these days — his cockiness visible only at Republican fundraisers — I am reminded of the late Shah of Iran.


Former Israeli security chiefs blast government:

Four former heads of Israel's Shin Bet security service launched an unprecedented joint attack on government policy towards the Palestinians in an interview in which they called for withdrawal from occupied land


Facility 1391: Israel's secret prison :

It has been removed from maps and airbrushed from aerial photographs. But Facility 1391 certainly exists - you just have to ask the Palestinians and Lebanese who have been imprisoned and tortured there.


Hidden Face of Homelessness :

In a patch of trash-littered woods behind a Southern Maryland strip mall, Charlotte Mumford leans on her walker and thinks about the winter.


Afghan Taliban Says Leader's Voice on Tape :

A recorded voice purportedly of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar admonished guerrillas who have abandoned a "Jihad" against foreign troops and urged renewed resistance, two years after American invaders drove him from power.


Taliban regrouping outside Afghanistan:

There's evidence that Taliban fighters are regrouping in sanctuaries inside Pakistan. Two years after the hardline militia's withdrawal from Kabul, Afghanistan is preparing for a critical new year with its first elections scheduled and a troubled program to disarm key warlords.


Testing times ahead for Afghanistan:

Dr Ahmed also says the massive opium crop which has just been harvested will only add to the difficulties facing the country.


The Media's Double Standard':

I first came across Cooper's 'double standard' thesis in the Observer newspaper, where its unabashed appeal to 'civilised' people passed by without a whimper of opposition from the 'liberals


Dollar Heads for Biggest Weekly Loss Against Euro in Six Months

The dollar fell against the euro, headed for its biggest weekly loss in six months, after Europe's economy returned to growth and the Federal Reserve signaled it won't raise interest rates in coming months.


Italy furious after US Navy tried to cover up sub accident

The US Navy covered up for nearly a month an incident during which a 7,000 tonne nuclear powered submarine from the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet in Italy ran violently aground in the Mediterranean Sea north of Sardinia last month, a US Naval official confirmed Thursday.

Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August 1765) John Adams
Trial of Alabama Chief Justice Moore begins
For refusing to deny God or deviate from his oath
November 11, 2003
Douglas W. Phillips, Esq., Vision Forum

"Scotland Yard's information office refuses to answer questions as to why Abu Hamza isn't under arrest. Several leaders of the Muslim community in Britain allege that he is working for the British Secret Services - in particular MI5 - as an agent provocateur..."

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