Bush's Middle Eastern Quagmire and Apocalypse Future

Mark Dankof
Bush's Middle Eastern Quagmire and Apocalypse Future
Fri Nov 14 15:58:21 2003

Bush's Middle Eastern Quagmire and Apocalypse Future
Mark Dankof for Al Bawaba

One trusts that an American electorate mesmerized by Reality TV and the NFL/NBA regular season schedules will stop long enough to contemplate the apocalyptic implications of Gordon Thomas's October27 th exclusive for the American Free Press: that George Bush's neo-conservative regime has secretly flown 100 Harpoon cruise missiles tipped with nuclear warheads to the joint American-UK military base stationed on the remote Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. Thomas informs us that it is now known where72 of these Harpoons have been subsequently assigned--to three Israeli Dolphin-class submarines ( 24apiece) that have subsequently left Diego for the Gulf of Oman. The purpose? To target Iranian nuclear facilities well within the range of the Dolphins and their collective nuclear-tipped payload supplied by the United States. Most ominously, these instruments of mass death and destruction are under the command-and-launch decision making authority of one Ariel Sharon, whose moral, political, and military mindset is best revealed by his pivotal role in the Sabra and Shatila massacres in southern Lebanon in1982 , along with occupational policies on the West Bank and Gaza that have recently included the deliberate IDF bulldozing to death of Olympia, Washington's Rachel Corrie, an unarmed peace activist protesting Palestinian house demolitions sanctioned by the Sharon government.

It gets worse. The Thomas story has subsequently been confirmed by a senior aide to Bush National Security Advisor Condolezza Rice for both the Los Angeles Times and London's Guardian newspaper.

Where, pray tell, is the American media and Congress in confronting George Bush with the absolutely incomprehensible decision to supply any government--much less the Sharon regime in Tel Aviv--with American nuclear weaponry and the accompanying authority to decide if, when, and against whom the Apocalpyse is to be unleashed? Who are the powers in his Administration who have set this obviously reckless and derailing course of action in motion? May we conclude that they are largely the same advisors--with direct connections to the Likud regime in Israel--who urged the President to involve American men and women in an ill-conceived preemptive strike against Iraq, where the fraudulent Administration claims about Weapons of Mass Destruction in that country are made all the more maddening by the obvious, enveloping quicksand of death, debt, and international ill-will increasing exponentially by the day? And where are the medallioned luminaries of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in this nightmare--scheduling this week's tee times at the Congressional Country Club?

Pat Buchanan correctly observes that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Wurmser and Company have now placed themselves, and their countrymen, in mortal peril with the neo-conservative strategy on preemptive military action against Iraq and the subsequent occupation. As Mr. Buchanan analyzes things, the Project for the New American Century crowd has only three options in the political and military morass created since March. The first is to withdraw from Iraq completely, an option made problematic by the subsequent power vacuum, civil war, and outside interventionism that would surely follow. A second involves continuing the present course of action by priming the pump of American lives and dollars in the elusive hope that a responsible government and economic infrastructure for the Iraqi people can emerge from the present chaos and violence. Buchanan notes here that the elusiveness of the goal is matched by the thinning of the patience and political will of the American electorate for Mr. Bush's version of the War on Terrorism and For World Democracy. The third is the most ominous of all--a deliberate escalation of American military interventionism in the Middle East by preemptive attacks against Syria and Iran, with all of the attendant risks.

The Thomas report on Harpoons for the American Free Press must be seen as the most significant sign yet that it is the third option which has been selected in the secret and dark inner counsels of the Bush national security team. The Boys of Empire and Sharon lead us to Apocalypse Future.

Mark Dankof is a correspondent for Uncensored News and Views. A3 rd party candidate for the U. S. Senate in Delaware in2000 , he is an ordained Lutheran pastor and post-graduate student in systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. His web site is entitled Mark Dankof's America at http://www.MarkDankof.com

The Corporate Media abandons the sinking Ship-of-Fools in Washington by Les Blough11-11-2003

The real story in the New York Times article about Paul Bremer's complaints about the media is not just about a political bum moaning about a great media-watchdog - as the NYT would have us believe.

Quite the contrary. Lest we forget, - this same media about which Paul Bremer bitterly complains - is the media that supported the war on Iraq until the destruction was complete. The Neocons in Zionist "think-tanks" who served as advisors to the Bush regime - engineered the war. The
corporate media garnered and maintained the support of the flag-waving U.S. population for the war.

The U.S. economy is weakened. The media is reporting a surging stock market to be enjoyed by the rich. - while the national debt grows to burden future generations of young American taxpayers and joblessness, homelessness, personal bankruptcies, home foreclosures and living-on-debt become a fact-of-life for the bourgeois and poor. Funds have been diverted from education, healthcare and support for our poor to war on others.

The assault on civil liberties in the U.S. is now institutionalized in the "Homeland Security Act". U.S. soldiers are being critically wounded and dying in Iraq in increasing numbers. And U.S. citizens are enjoying the status of the most hated people in the world.
Ordinary Muslims and Arabs have been successfully villainized by a new, virulent, media-driven racism.

The Zionists have been given the greenlight for escalated atrocities, destruction and land-theft in Palestine. The guns are cocked in other Middle-Eastern nations and Russia.

The Middle East is now destabilized. Israel is prowling the seas with submarines equipped with America's nuclear warheads. Israel has cash-on-demand as never before at the
U.S. Congressional ATM.

$$Billions are tucked away in the coffers of the corrupt "Rebuild Iraq" corporations and the industrial military complex. Iraq and Afghanistan - whatever their prewar conditions - have been destroyed as a nation with tens of thousands of Afgans and Iraqis dead and maimed, their infrastructure in ruins, their way of life turned to chaos and anarchy, tribal wars, chaos and heroin thriving in Afghanistan, Iraq's antiquities looted by foreigners and
their proud history - as humans - our history - the cradle of civilization - devastated.

Now this same corporate-media - distances itself from the war it wanted all along, burning it's U.S. and U.K. lapdog-governments along the way - with headlines that scream about the injustice of this ill-conceived, criminal war against the sovereign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Justification for "pre-emptive wars" has been established as a valid way of dealing with conflict for all nations. The world may be skirting the edges of thermonuclear war and anyone who says so is marginalized by the media as a "conspiracy-kook". In the article cited above, the New York Times has it both ways - preserving it's status as a watchdog, victimized by Bremer and Bush-administration, but also selling the propaganda for the regime in Washington that things aren't as bad as they seem to be in Iraq.

So I ask, - What did Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfield, Ashcroft, Bremer crowd think? - Were they really stupid enough to believe that the media who helped them get appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court - would remain on-board
and go down with the sinking ship-of-fools in Washington?

Throw the Bush regime out of Washington in2004 ? Of course! But make no mistake, whatever regime takes their place - Republican or Democrat - it will be owned and operated by the same neocons and their media backers who managed the Bush regime.

Do we really want to address the atrocities of the U.S. government in the Middle East? Are we willing to pay the price for real change? If our answer is "Yes!" to these questions, we will not have it by voting for the next corrupt politician offered to us by this corporate owned "democracy" in2004 . We will only have it by turning out en-masse on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Watch for the next national protest and march against Washington. Even if you have never participated in a political demonstration before, make plans to be there.

Les Blough is an editor at Axis of Logic - a webiste committed to publishing news and commentary that is often not presented in the major news outlets. The website can be visited at http://www.axisoflogic.com

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