Re: Our Pledge Of Allegiance - OUR WAR IN IRAQ

Bob Scheidt
Re: Our Pledge Of Allegiance - OUR WAR IN IRAQ
Sun Nov 16 09:15:15 2003

It hasn't been that long ago that when asked about their purpose, military men would state that they served "GOD and country" ... In todays Amerika, this surely must be illegal.

Of course, most military men serving in the U.S. Military Branches were Christian, and had been told all of their lives that they were serving God and Country, they just weren't properly informed as to which god they were expected to serve. The god presently being served is "Mammon" and the war is appropriately titled "OPERATION IRAQI LIBERATION or O.I.L. for short.

Deception rules Amerika. PNAC, (Project for Neutralizing All Christians) has taken control of the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) in D.C., has appropriated the Western Division of the Roman Praetorian Guard for the purposes of setting up shop in Iraq, to enhance the Zionist Agenda, world domination, UN Control, world government.

Part of the Plan is to "fire" God. Kick God out of the Courts, the Schools and any other place He might publicly reside. However, God doesn't reside in temples of stone, He resides in the hearts and souls of His people. This may back-fire on the sub-human scum "OCCUPYING" D.C.

The reason that this God removal program may back-fire is obvious. Amerika, under the ALL-SEEING EYE of DARPA is not the country that was once associated with God, it is the NEO-AMERIKA being created by a group of Zionist Jews and to put it bluntly ... "AIN"T WORTH FIGHTING FOR" ... and let me ask this question directly ... Whenever you see the Cross or a Nativity Scene being "legally" removed from public view ... is the Plaintiff Attorney demanding the eviction of Jesus a Jew or an Arab ?

I am not personally fond of Arabs, but I am definitely sick and tired of watching the Jews dismantle America one Christian Monument, one abortion, one sit-com at a time and one war after another. It's not the Muslims that are attacking our Christian values it's JEWS, and the worst part of this is that the preachers of America and our lousy, poor excuse for a government continue to assist them.

And, like the previous writer stated, we are no longer a Republic, operating a Republican form of government. We are a mobocracy being fed more mobsters through illegal invasion that is summarily sanctioned by the thugs in D.C. that have every intention of making Amerika equal ... to every third world banana "republic" in the universe.

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