US Media phony polls get worse

Cheryl Seal
US Media phony polls get worse
Sun Nov 16 21:02:08 2003

The Sunday Herald (UK) says that 85% of the Brits don't feel Bush should be honored with a state visit. Today, (11/16), the UK Independent had a poll of 9,800 people that said 91% of Brits do not even want Bush on UK soil. Now, tonight, on State TV (CBS), an "instant corporate poll" shows that 50% of Brits say having Bush over to visit is just fine and dandy by them. Of course, this is the same mainstream media who showed Jindal in Louisiana (the Bushie candidate) leading Democrat Blanca by something like 12% right before the election. She won by 2%. That's just a little issue of 14%! Of course, they claim it was her "hard hitting last minute campaigning" that made the difference. The truth: there never WAS a 14% lead! Just like Bush does NOT have a 50-52% "approval rating." They keep that figure artificially pumped just at or above the 50% line because, according to veteran pollster John Zogby, any president who drops below 50% is in deep doodoo. So you get insane and obviously fraudulent poll results, such as the one where it claims that while only 41% of the people say they would ever vote for Bush again, you still have the same 51% or 52% claiming they think he's doing a good job. Yeah, right. And Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is guiding Air Force One.

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