George Bush Jr. and 911.

Roedy Green
George Bush Jr. and 911.
Sun Nov 16 14:15:13 2003
The essay about Iraq is now split off into its own page.
I saw Barrie Zwicker's Vision TV documentary The Great Deception, What really happened on Sept. 11.

Ever since I have been mulling over a number of peculiar facts in my mind. The only way I can make sense of them is if I presume George Bush Jr. himself was behind the 911 attacks. This sounds so utterly preposterous, I want to dismiss it, yet I can find no other way of explaining the facts.
The Andrew Johnson Analogy
What if historians discovered that President Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's successor, had the following links with John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin?

1. What if ten years earlier, Johnson's father had hired and trained Booth as a spy/hit man?
2. What if Johnson's father had been implicated in an assassination attempt on President Franklin Pierce, when he was vice president?
3. What if Booth's and Johnson's fathers were business partners at the time of the assassination?
4. What if Johnson sent his secret service men to meet with John Wilkes Booth on Sunday 1865 February 5, 72 days prior to 1865 April 14 when Lincoln was assassinated. Even though was an outstanding warrant for Booth's arrest, they did not arrest him.
5. What if Johnson arranged meetings for all the cabinet during the week prior to the assassination with the man who gave Booth his gun collection, ammunition and get-away horse?
6. What if Johnson ordered the chief of police to stop a criminal investigation of Booth and his family just prior to the assassination?
7. What if Johnson provided a carriage for the Booth extended family to leave the area a few days before the assassination?
8. What if Johnson did nothing to stop the assassination, even though he saw Booth drawing his pistol?
9. What if Johnson ordered Lincoln's bodyguard to throw down his weapon, allowing Booth to continue with the assassination unimpeded?
10. What if Johnson kept watching the Ford Theatre play, laughing and smiling, both during and immediately after the assassination?
11. What if Johnson appointed a business associate of Booth's to head the assassination investigation?
12. What if after six months of fruitless "searching" for Booth, Johnson gave up the chase?
"The most important thing is for us to find John Wilkes Booth. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him."
~ Andrew Johnson, 1884-04-17

"I don't know where he is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority."
~ Andrew Johnson, 1885-10-16
13. What if a little after a year, Johnson suddenly changed his mind and instead suddenly accused a black man, Soddy Hussem, of murdering Lincoln and lynched him without providing a scrap of evidence, then declared the case closed.

Do you think historians would have painted as rosy a picture of President Andrew Johnson as his contemporaries did?

You might ask, why am I babbling about hypothetical evidence against a perfectly reputable, long-dead, president. I did this to try to sneak past your mental defenses against thinking any ill of the Bush family. Most people are so convinced president Bush is a man of honour that they dismiss every piece of evidence to the contrary as irrelevant. They don't dispute it. They just dismiss it as an unimportant tatter of a crazy conspiracy theory. I decided to mildly disguise the evidence against George Bush Jr., to sneak it past your natural denial. If that sort of evidence would be enough to convict Andrew Johnson in the eyes of history, then surely it should be enough to trigger an investigation into the activities of the living George Bush Jr.
In Preparation
"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it."
~ Mohandas Gandhi If you read this page and the other pages on this website that this page links to and also the offsite links it points to, it will utterly shatter your faith in the American government. The men in power are more evil than your worst nightmares. This is not new. It is just that the Internet has made it easier to expose the corruption that routinely goes on in high places and passes unnoticed. If you are normal, you will close your eyes and say "That is just too awful. It could not possibly be true." You may dismiss my sources. I urge you to use to do your own checking on any point you think is doubtful. That is the only way to hear both sides of the story. There are usually hundreds of sources for each fact. I have typically provided at most one source. If you don't like mine, check out to see if a source you do trust confirms or denies my assertion. If you chase all the links you will eventually find the source of any fact I have asserted here. I am just now going back and adding sources to each individual assertion. Again, I urge you to do your own research. Don't rely on just one source. With google it is easy, just a few keywords will bring up hundreds of articles you can evaluate for yourself.

It is scary when you begin to realise that the people in charge are murderers and thieves without conscience. You feel like a traitor for even entertaining such notions. You feel afraid that if you hold such notions you too will be in danger. It takes courage to follow logic rather than the herd.
"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice."
~ Albert Einstein
In a Nutshell

1. Speaking metaphorically, Bush Jr. slept with the enemy, before, during and after 9-11.
2. Speaking metaphorically, the arsonists (bin Laden & friends) had a dozen meetings with the building owner (Bush Jr.) before the fire (9-11).
3. Bush Sr. and bin Laden Sr. are business partners from way back. They both still work together for defence contractor Carlyle Group.
4. bin Laden met with CIA bigwigs 72 prior to 911 in Dubai in a hospital. They did not arrest him.
5. Bush asked the FBI to stop its investigation of the bin Laden family prior to 9-11.
6. In the week prior to 9-11 all of Bush's cabinet met with Mahmud Ahmad, the Pakistani ISI head of security, the man who is fingered in bankrolling bin Laden. The instant the first plane hit on 9-11 hit Mahmud Ahmad was having breakfast with Rep. Porter Goss, R-Sanibel, Sen. Bob Graham and other members of the House Intelligence Committee.
7. As 9-11 unfolded, Bush holed up with a bunch of children reading them a story about a pet goat. All planes were ordered to land. No planes were scrambled. Bush did not give the order to fire until after 9-11 was over.
8. bin Laden conveniently left a confession tape behind in Afghanistan and made other public pronouncements of his guilt.
9. The head German security said Al-Qaeda could not possibly have pulled it off. It was far beyond their capability.
10. Bush appointed Thomas Kean as 9-11 investigator. He has business ties with the bin Laden family.
11. Bush invaded Afghanistan without showing any evidence either bin Laden or Afghanistan had anything to do with 9-11. He continues to occupy Afghanistan under a new dictator, Unocal's Hamid Karzai, and they are building a Unocal pipeline through Afghanistan (which is what I originally predicted the war was really all about.) The people are no better off. They have the exact same nightmares, with the addition of rape gangs. To top it off, Afghanistan is now #1 in the world in heroin exporting due to a complete lack of drug enforcement. It would cost only $20 million to totally shut down the heroin trade, but Bush Inc. Red Ink has allowed a staggering 3000 tons to be exported. Bush is now the biggest heroin pusher in America, reviving the drug trade the Taliban had shut down.
12. Bush tries to confuse the American public making them think bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are one in the same. This way he can punish Saddam and let bin Laden off free.

What are you to make of all this?

It seems that if bin Laden is guilty, then so is Bush. Bush helped whomever did 9-11 by making sure none of the four planes were shot down.

I suspect that bin Laden is just a CIA operative, doing his job.
The Most Damning Evidence
To my mind, the most damning evidence against Bush Jr. is this:

Bush Jr. read a children's story aloud about a pet goat throughout the entire unfolding of 9-11. There were four hijacked planes, two towers hit, and he still kept reading the story. He did not monitor what was going on. He did not order any action. He did not even get himself to a safe location. I know this story is true because I have him on video tape. I bought a copy of the video showing this from Vision TV. Nero played the violin while Rome burned. Bush Jr. read a children's story while New York burned.

Now how do you interpret this?

I agree there are many ways to interpret his inaction, but it seems every possible interpretation should be sufficient to impeach Bush Jr.. Unfortunately, that fact alone is insufficient for impeachment. We have to determine which particular explanation actually applies.

* Bush Jr. was the only man in the western world who did not know what was going on. His handlers kept him in the dark.
* Bush Jr. was just a figurehead, so it was not necessary for him to stop reading. Nor did those truly in charge really need him when he finally did stop. Getting him to read a children's story helped occupy him and keep him out of the way.
* Bush Jr. was so clueless that he though the two tower hits were both accidents caused by inexperienced hijacker pilots and that there was nothing to be done about the other two hijackings. This is the explanation he gave to Jordan, a school child, when Jordan asked about it later.
* Bush Jr. was stoned/drunk/hungover. He was in no shape to deal with the crisis, so his people took him out of the loop. In the video, you can see Andy Card not even waiting for a response from Bush Jr. when he tells him of the second tower hit.
* Bush Jr. was just freaked like a deer in the headlights. He just did not know what to do so he effectively hid in the bathroom to avoid doing anything. If you can't stand the heat, Mr. President, get out of the kitchen, to quote Harry S. Truman.
* Bush Jr. knew this was all coming and was going to let it happen as a pretext for a war on whomever he damn well pleased. He knew he was in no personal danger. It was all pre-arranged. He could then invade Afghanistan, Iraq or any other oil-rich country on a 9-11 revenge pretext.
* Bush Jr., or rather his people, planned the attack. So he knew he personally was in no danger. bin Laden was on the CIA payroll and was seen by the French secret service meeting with CIA bigwigs 72 days prior to 9-11 in a hospital, reported in the Paris newspaper Le Figaro before 9-11.
* Bush Jr. was attempting to inspire children to sharpen their reading skills about goats, which was more important than the new Gommorah, New York City, in flames. As all good fundamentalist Christians know, it had, after all, been prophesised.

Well, Mr. Bush Jr., what is your explanation? I think you owe the country one. You have been strangely silent. Can't your spinmeisters come up with anything?
Why Did George Bush Jr. Lie About When He Was First Told Of The Attacks?

When you’re watching a news report, have you ever had the feeling that something’s fishy? That the event is not as it appears, and not as reported? I get that feeling fairly often. Sometimes I’m just being paranoid. Hey, nobody’s perfect. But other times that skeptical light bulb goes off for a good reason. Read the full transcript

When you’re watching a news report, have you ever had the feeling that
something’s fishy? That the event is not as it appears, and not as

I get that feeling fairly often. Sometimes I’m just being paranoid. Hey,
nobody’s perfect. But other times that skeptical light bulb goes off for
a good reason.

A little historical perspective. Here are two important events, each
reported -- and accepted -- as authentic fact at the time. Each was in
reality an elaborate deception planned at the highest levels and
executed to sway public opinion.

August 2nd 1964. In the Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnamese torpedo boats
attack the U.S. destroyer Maddox. The Associated Press story for some
reason is datelined Pearl Harbor. The lead: “Three PT boats, identified
by Secretary of State Dean Rusk…as North Vietnamese, attacked…” Later a
second U.S. destroyer is attacked.

Although no U.S. sailor suffers a scratch, the American public is
outraged. President Lyndon Johnson goes on television to ask the country
to support war action. Two days later the Tonkin Gulf Resolution is
approved by the U.S. House of Representatives, unanimously. Then by the
Senate, 88-2.

The resolution becomes the entire justification for the United States'
war against Vietnam. Before that’s over 58,000 American soldiers and
almost three million Vietnamese die.

One small problem. There never were any PT (patrol torpedo) boats. The
events never happened.

As Secretary of State Rusk, the president, and Defence Secretary Robert
McNamara knew. They knew because they planned the deception.

One source for this is former Admiral James Stockdale in his book In
Love and War. On the night in question Stockdale was at the controls of
a Sabre jet flying cover for the two destroyers. He saw nothing.

Another source is Ben Bradlee, much-respected former managing editor of
the Washington Post. Bradlee, in a public lecture in England in April
1987, states: "The ‘facts’ behind this critically important resolution
were quite simply…lies.”

August 2nd 1990. Iraq attacks Kuwait, claiming the Kuwaitis are
slant-drilling into Iraq’s oilfields. U.S. president George Bush pushes
for a land war against Iraq. But polls show the U.S. public is split
50-50 on that idea.

Then comes this eyewitness testimony before a Congressional committee.
From a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl who cannot be identified for fear of

[VIDEO CLIP of emotionally-distraught teenager, fighting back tears, her
voice shaking: “While I was there I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the
hospital with guns. They took the babies out of the incubators (her
voice breaks; there’s a long pause while she sniffles and wipes tears
from her eyes), took the incubators, and left the children to die (her
voice rises tremulously into crying) on the cold floor.”]

The U.S. public is outraged. Support for land war zooms. It’s a turning
point. Desert Storm is launched.

One hundred and thirty-five thousand Iraqis are killed. Large numbers
die since from sanctions still in effect.

One small problem. There never were any incubator baby deaths. Not one.

The CBC’s the fifth estate reveals the girl was the Kuwaiti ambassador’s
daughter, given her lines and coached in acting by the giant PR firm
Hill & Knowlton. This was one phase of a ten-million-dollar joint
U.S.-Kuwaiti campaign of deception. This man is lying.

[VIDEO CLIP of man testifying before a special public session of the
United Nations: “I myself buried 14 newborn babies that had been taken
from their incubators.”]

This man is lying.

[VIDEO CLIP of U.S. president George Bush: “…kids in incubators and they
were thrown out of the incubators so that Kuwait could be systematically

There were a lot of people in on what can fairly be described as a
conspiracy of fake organizations, false documents, fraud and

Now fast forward to a week ago Sunday. I’m watching the CBC television
news. The Israelis have easily intercepted a ship for some reason
crammed openly with munitions. I’m thinking: this is fishy. Now
something rare happens…


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