Re: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq

Bob Scheidt
Re: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq
Sun Nov 16 07:28:10 2003

Mr. Goff's Open Letter to the GI's in IRAQ speaks for me and I would imagine millions of other Vietnam and Korean War Vets, that were lied to and used as just so much cannon fodder by the poor excuses for "statesmen" we have in D.C.

I remember looking into the eyes of the other guys, coming in from the bush in Vietnam, to see if they were dead yet. I mean, to see if they had killed enough to lose their soul, or as Mr. Goff stated, their humanity. The statistics of war only document the dead that had rigor mortis, and never took account of the walking dead that were sent back home, that have since suicided, sleep in doorways, overdose and die in under-funded V.A. Hospitals.

This country, America, is being AM-Bushed, by a band of skalawags, scum-bags, neo-CONS, ... "butchers" ... and they are killing off the best of what makes a great country, our frontline youth. Those in D.C. have no loyalty to us or what has been our culture. They are invaders of the worst type. Sure, they look like us, but they are NOT US. They are oligarchs, elitists that never donate their kin to the depradations of war. They sit back, smoke their Cuban cigars, play golf and count the "Billions" in war contracts awarded to their cronies, for a small kick-back, of course.

I hate to say this, but we need to rid ourselves of these parasitic vampires before it's too late. But, in the mean time I would like to tell every soldier that is serving under the current Regime that I understand your dilemma, I was just like you, I wanted to serve my fellow countrymen, do my duty and demonstrate my love of country, and I understand that you for the most part feel the same way.

It ain't like you've been told. The U.S. has lost its direction and sense of humanity.

May God be with you all.

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