Are the Israelis willing to start World War III?

Are the Israelis willing to start World War III?
Sun Nov 16 18:53:26 2003

Countdown to Armageddon?
Are the Israelis willing to start World War III?

Exclusive to American Free Press - Washington - By M. Raphael Johnson:

According to a recent article by veteran British military analyst Joseph Vialls, Russia has sent the most advanced and feared missile in the world, owned only by Russia and China, the P270 Moskit, also known as the “Sunburn,” to Damascus and Tehran. This can only be understood as a counter to the Israeli threats to use nuclear weapons against their enemies.

The Sunburn flies at an altitude of 60 feet and is nearly impossible to defend against. A few fired at Israel could make that state “history.”

Add to this a new Russian air force installation near the Kyrgystan/Russia border, coupled with a Chinese base just over their western border with Kyrgystan, and Armageddon may be on the horizon. All Russian jets at this new base just outside of Bishkek are equipped with Sunburn missiles.

Vialls writes:

The gloves are off, and with America and Israel still unable to steal any oil from Iraq because someone keeps blowing the pipelines, Russian and Chinese firepower buildup suddenly slammed the door firmly shut on Caspian oil reserves in the old Soviet republics. For more than a decade American oil multinationals have been conducting “joint ventures” in the former Soviet republics bordering the Caspian Sea, with the stated intent of pumping stolen crude oil out through Turkey, then on to western markets. Now this route has been blocked permanently, and America is in no position to do anything about it, because a large part of the U.S. conventional army is currently bogged down in Iraq, being shot at and killed on a daily basis.

For many who have been watching this region as a confrontation between the United States and Israel versus Russia largely over the control of the biggest gas and oil deposits in the world, a new front has been opened.

As a response to this checkmate, Sharon recently visited Putin on Nov. 3 to meet with him concerning the nuclear issue in Iran. Quickly, Sharon permitted Palestinians to return to their jobs and eased their travel restrictions.

Since the end of the Gorbachev era, the Russian oligarchs, nearly all Jewish by ethnicity (with the noticeable exception of Vladimir Potanin), have controlled nearly all key sectors of the Russian economy. This, of course, includes Russia’s major ace-in-the-hole, oil and gas. The giant YUKOS conglomerate is presently one of the largest oil companies in the world, valued at about $40 billion.

YUKOS is the result of a “loans for shares” deal brokered through the semi-coherent Boris Yeltsin in 1995. Here, the liberal Russian government swapped loyalty from the oligarchs in exchange for privatization at prices far below that of the market. This $40 billion giant was bought for about $300 million, thus looting the entire Russian economy for the benefit of a handful of Israeli citizens living in Russia.

When YUKOS’s chair, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was arrested at the end of last month, the American capitalist establishment went orbital. Forgetting the 1999 New York Times’s expose on massive money laundering and fraud from YUKOS, the conservative establishment began to lionize oligarchy and, specifically, Khodorkovsky.

Recently, The Financial Times weighed in with a giggly piece from Chrystia Freeland, which referred to the oligarch as a “democratic activist.” About a paragraph later, the writer said—without irony—that the oligarch’s model for economics is the robber baron factories of the early American 20th century. Fox News, on Nov. 3, referred to YUKOS as the most progressive corporation in Russia.

According to a Nov. 3 Agence France-Presse story, Khodorkovsky made a deal with Jacob Rothschild this year that control of the YUKOS giant would pass to Rothschild in the event of Khodorkovsky’s arrest. However, the Russian government has frozen all YUKOS assets for the time being.

It is significant that YUKOS’s liberal pressure group, the Open Russia Foundation, is completely controlled by Rothschild now that its founder is in jail. As their official mission statement reads, “The motivation for the establishment of the Open Russia Foundation is the wish to foster enhanced openness, understanding and integration between the people of Russia and the rest of the world.”

Their board of trustees includes Rothschild and Henry Kissinger. The Washington, D.C. launch of the organization included Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Librarian of Congress James Billington, one of the leading voices against Russian traditionalism in the academic establishment. Significantly, the Open Russia Foundation recently provided Yale University with substantial grants to study the Russian economy as well as providing the Carnegie Foundation with 3 percent of its entire operating budget.

It seems that the drive to control the globe’s energy is progressing. The American empire’s battles in Serbia, Central Asia, Iraq and Chechnya are one and the same war. Other than fighting Israel’s enemies, these adventures are also wars to control Central Asian oil and natural gas (one of the main pipelines from the Caspian Sea went straight through Serbia). The control of this wealth by the United States and Israel necessitates bypassing Russian channels. This means that the Jewish oligarchy in Russia would become the central actor in world politics.

The Israeli/CIA complex was using Khodorkovsky to sell off the assets of YUKOS to Exxon/Mobil (as well as a smaller piece to Texaco), hence bringing Russia’s pipelines into the hands of the western powers. The Nov. 5 New York Times also indicated that the Bush family’s Carlyle Group was involved.

It was not long after Putin began threatening the YUKOS conglomerate that neo-conservative pundits such as William Kristol and Ariel Cohen began calling Putin a “communist,” “another Stalin” and “tyrannical.”

The basis of these wild accusations, of course, is the fact that Putin stands in the way of Zionist domination.

From this, the roles of several other variables and players develop clearly. The State Department/Harvard University alliance was meant to “deregulate,” or “privatize” much of the Russian economy precisely to keep the Russian state out of the equation. Therefore, pro-Israel oligarchs (that is, Israeli citizens living in Russia) then benefited, placing most of the economy in their hands, and, by extension, Israel’s.

Russia’s response has been to clamp down on further foreign penetration into defense and other sensitive industries, and specifically, to target those believed to be working for both the CIA and Mossad and attempting to control Central Asian oil.

It needs to be reiterated that where the CIA goes, Mossad goes as well. Israeli and American interests have come together in the dominance of the Central Asian region and therefore, so have liberal ideology, the Beltway set, neo-conservatism, Ivy League eggheads, Christian Zionism, the Rothschilds and the American media. Afghanistan through the Caspian Sea through to Georgia, Azerbaijan and into the Balkans (not to mention pipelines leading to oil-hungry China), have become one single theater of war over trillions of dollars in oil and gas wealth, incorporating every single power center in global politics. The battle against the New World Order is being decided in Moscow.

Therefore, all anti-Russian alliances in the region, from Islamic fundamentalism to Slavic separatism to the George Soros “Open Society” Foundation, are in the interests of the CIA/Exxon/Ivy League/NWO complex.

In Azerbaijan, for example, American elites have pushed for a “democratic” state, that is, a state not under the control of pro-Moscow Heydar Aliev, thus leaving the country open to U.S. oil investment. Aliev, of course, is promoting Russian interests in the region, and thus, has become a “tyrant” in the Beltway mind.

The American response to this situation within this region is to create the GUAAM pact, including, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Cohen gives us a clue as to why this entity was brokered under NATO auspices: “The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline will export up to 1 million barrels per year of high quality Caspian crude oil by 2005.” In other words, billions of dollars of oil are slated to be pumped through this region very soon, and the economic/military alliance of GUAAM is the means to ensure American control over it. This connects the Serbian, Afghan and Iraqi wars.

Russia’s response to Israel’s terror threats against most of the Islamic world is fully understood as both a political and economic question. Further, increasing cooperation between Russia and India, as well as China, are clear markers that Putin, one of the few actually competent leaders in world politics, is building an anti-imperialist and anti-NATO alliance with the aim of countering American/Zionist moves for the world’s oil and gas wealth.

The interests, however, go even further than Zionist control over American foreign policy decision-making. Vialls writes on another topic: that the existence of the American/Zionist empire is based on the victory of American forces over the Russian and Islamic. Of course, both in Bosnia and Chechnya, the Mossad/CIA operatives have not hesitated to assist fundamentalists in fighting Slavic nationalism, largely because Slavicism is a greater threat with Putin firmly in the saddle. Islam, divided and leaderless, with a history of centuries of defeat and colonialism behind it, is only a potential force in world politics.


"Where the CIA goes, Mossad goes as well. Israeli and American interests
have come together in the dominance of the Central Asian region and
therefore, so have liberal ideology, the Beltway set, neo-conservatism,
Ivy League eggheads, Christian Zionism, the Rothschilds and the
American media. Afghanistan through the Caspian Sea through to
Georgia, Azerbaijan and into the Balkans (not to mention pipelines
leading to oil-hungry China), have become one single theater of war
over trillions of dollars in oil and gas wealth, incorporating every single
power center in global politics. The battle against the New World Order
is being decided in Moscow."

MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 15 November 2003: The Christian Fundamentalists, Pat Robertson in the lead, are sure they see God's hand in all this. Ironically, in their truly dangerously radical theological view, they see in today's "Jewish State" the second coming of Christ which then results in the conversion of the world's remaining Jews to Christianity! But the cynical Israelis want and need the political support, the money, and the tourists; so they play the Christian Fundamentalists for the fools and cash in.
But even so, the largely white Christian right is not all mezmerized by the Jewish State.
Another group on the far right is actually leading a counter anti-Israel crusade.
Long associated with the now defunct 'Spotlight' newspaper this group is now much more amorphous and leaderless, spanning across a wider spectrum that includes another Pat (Buchanon), such groups in the American heartland as "We Hold These Truths", elements associated with The Washington Report, and the reincarnation of the Spotlight in its latest new form called Free American Press.
On the whole the following of these groups is middle-class middle-aged Christian Whites formerly extremely patriotic and flag-waving though these symbols have now been taken over by others, including the White House itself. Like many ideologically-centered movements, you have to be careful to watch out for the twists and turns that go off tract. But even so occassionally there are some interesting and provocative and revealing articles that emerge from these circles -- such as the one that follows "Countdown to Armageddon". With the 'mainstream' corporate media in both the US and Europe so afraid to raise serious and tough questions relating to Israel and 'The Jews' and what former Prime Minister Mahathir terms how "the Jews now run the world by proxy"... a major vacuum has opened for others whose journalistic and intellectual credentials are now always what we would hope for.
We do know, and we have said for some time, that Israel and the Jewish community have been playing with fire, acting extraordinarily arrogantly and hypocritically, and that a day of backlash and reckoning could eventually come in a big way. We don't know just how much of the analysis in the following article is right on the money, how much distorted by ideological blinders or inadequate or twisted information. We do know that these topics are now, especially now, of the greatest importance to the future of our world; that we cannot rely on the 'mainstream' media to give us either the facts or the crucial perspective; and that we should read and consider articles like this one in this overall context.
Oh yes, on the topic of World War III. Now what can be more important than that!
But when non other than Walter Chronkite, about a year ago now, gave a carefully prepared speech in which he clearly stated that he feared this is where the US was leading the world, once again the 'mainstream' corporate media refused to focus on or follow-up on such a warning -- even coming from one of the most establishment and credible American journalists of the last century! And when Ariel Sharon's top spokesman made a comment to a Jewish American gathering, unaware there was a journalist in the audience, that he was "sure World War III is coming" and everyone should now prepare...once again the 'mainstream' media spiked the story.
Furthermore we do know that the Israelis clearly decided some time ago that they were willing to repeatedly risk an escalating conflict and the radicalization of the entire region in order to pursue their own territorial, economic and domination goals. That too is part of the crucial historical context in which to read and ponder the above article:

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