Chemical Plant Security

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Chemical Plant Security
Sun Nov 16 20:33:30 2003

Journalists cited for trespassing at Neville Island chemical plant

Thursday, October 02, 2003

CBS news correspondent Steve Kroft, a reporter for the Tribune-Review and a cameraman were arrested on Neville Island last week after they trespassed on a chemical plant's property while working on a news story about lax security.

Kroft, an investigator for the news magazine "60 Minutes," Carl Prine, a reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and videographer Gregory E. Andracke were cited Sept. 22 with a summary charge of trespassing.

"They trespassed. My guys got them. My guys arrested them," said Neville Island Police Chief Edward Selzer.

The threesome were shooting pictures on the Neville Chemical plant property at 2:48 p.m. when they were spotted by plant workers, who summoned police.

Neville officers David Pugh and David Kerr arrived minutes later to find the trio, who by then had been stopped by the plant's security chief.

Prine has previously written stories about security at the nation's chemical facilities. He declined comment.

"We don't comment on stories we're working on," said Kevin Tedesco, a spokesman for "60 Minutes."

Each was fined $142, including court costs, and sent a summons by mail.

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