The Price Paid so that the Sheep Can Remain Brain Dead.

Victim of the Current Elitist Genocide Program
The Price Paid so that the Sheep Can Remain Brain Dead.
Mon Nov 17 00:31:12 2003

Some Sheep have Sacrificed Themselves for the Blind Masses

In 1993, I was part of team of scientists and engineers who wrote and submitted a US Patent that was in 1993, accepted by the US Patent Department and within one year the Patent was allegedly under the orders from the Rockefellers and other Elitist authorities, the Patent was removed permanently from the US Patent Office.

The following URL: can provide a brief description of why the Elite's had this US Patent removed because Elite's Bechtel corporation makes billions of dollars annually by storing Nuclear Waste, and by eventually turning this nuclear waste into weapons casings and other applied weapons for the Elites planned mass population elimination programs.

This patent proved that by using several means that included the use of Dr. Yule Brown's "Browns Gas," welding application that the Nuclear Proton can easily be changed to become a non nuclear atomic particle and that all nuclear waste including all other known waste matter could be at literally no cost be transmuted into being non waste material and particulate.

Thus all waste including nuclear waste can be easily at literally no cost, changed into being transmuted matter of value.

The Globalist Elites don't want you to know these kind of things because they want to have complete control over everything and that includes your future, your children's future, if you and your children going to be able to survive the Elite's planned global genocide, and now think about this URL:

and then consider that the Afghanistan and the Iraqi wars are fully and intrumentally planned and created by the Bush/CIA/MOSSAD/Elitists Crime and Murder Consortium's wars for their global money laundering profit that are wars that have also been in their global plan to make sure that their Moslem genocide succeeds.

The Elite's global genocide plan also includes the mass elimination within this next ten years or less of more then seventy five percent of the American and combined Afghanistan, and Iraqi occupation forces due to their being exposed to the Depleted Uranium particulate that is currently blowing through out the Iraqi and Afghanistan landscape.

So think about this: The Al Qaida, Bin Laden, Khomeini, and Soddam Hussein are and were Bush Senior/CIA created, trained, funded, and administrated operatives and operations and they still are.

So think about what the elites are pulling off the next time you want to listen to one of their motor mouth radio talk show disinformists who are mostly of Jewish and Black Pope Mafia Jesuit ties, and then think about who owns and controls the media Mafia, globally, and then also think about the insane cover up involving the elites already in motion global genicide starting with their orchestrated World War One, and leading all the way up to their planned Kennedy Assassination(s), and their WACO Mass murder operation because the innocent Branch Davidian's were witness to the Bush Senior's CIA owned asset Buffalo Airlines international Drugs, Weapons, and money laundering trafficing operations.

Read the: Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, then also read: the Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush by Pete Brewton, and also read: The Trance-Formation of American, Kathy O’Brien, and Mark Philips to name but a few of the titles that may awake this country as to what comprises the organized criminal organization that now completely controls every level of our entire society and government in this country and every other country world wide.

Bush Senior's CIA Mafia Buffalo airlines were refueling and undertaking the transfer of illicit CIA money laudering, sex slaves, kidnapped children, mind control subjects, intelligence operatives, weapons, and other clandestine operations at the old World War Two build runway that had bordered the Branch Davidian community.

The Branch Dividians became aware of what the Bush Mafia CIA was doing due to one of it's members having been a brilliant computer person who had hacked into the Pentagon Computer systems at that time and he had found out what the Bush CIA Mafia was pulling off and they were keeping track of this clandestine operation and this ticked off the Elites and wouldn't you know that the first place that was video taped blowing up when the Elites went into genocide the Branch Davidians was the Branch Davidian upstairs computer room.

The Bush CIA Mafia Buffalo airlines was also involved with Bush Senior's CIA Mafia money laundering operations, drug running operations, child sex slave transferring, illicit weapons transferring, and that also included the CIA's owned and operated Jim Jones (Jim Jones was and still is a CIA deep cover operative).

The Jones Town Guyanna South America CIA operatation was a secret mind control experimental operation that allowed for the CIA to undertake the use of using the hundreds of mostly kidnapped children and enticed Welfare parties to be used as test lab monkies for the CIA's exotic mind control drugs and experimental hallucination drugs.

The CIA administrated secret Jim Jones operation was undertaken while under the administration of Bush Senior and his Elitist cronies Globalist network and due to the unexpected visit by a California Congressman Meyer, who was murdered in Jones Town, the CIA Jones Town Mind Control and Secret Mind Drug experimental facility was immediatly closed down and destroyed and Jim Jones didn't die their by the way.

Think about the fact that the Bush CIA Mafia Elites have already pulled off their 911 genocide with the use of their three remote controlled aircraft, that may have been also Holographically masked, and the Bush Crime and Mass Murder Family's privatized security companies are now making mass profits from their war scams, their 911 genocides, and their numerous other global mass killing, money laundering, drug running, weapons transfers scams.

Plan for more Elitist planned exotic mass genocidal scams, that will be blamed on their deep plant operatives like Bin Laden, Soddam Hussein, and their other dog and pony show diversionary figure heads and remember, these so called bad guys are all employed operatives of the Bush CIA MOSSAD Mafia Elitists and think about every time one of their Necromancic mass murders occures as to who profits in the end result.

Why the video camera footage is always confiscated by the Federal and govermental authorities and why their pecking order bureaucratic operations personnel are never part of the fatalities like as in the Murrah Federal Building mass murder where the entire governmental intelligence staff except for one sole and almost retired Secret Service agent, were all vacant from the building that day, and all of the video footage from the building across the street was confiscated by the FBI, just like all of the airport video footage concerning 911 was also confiscated.

So think about this America, the few like myself who did try to do what we could but the Elites murdered Dr. Yule Brown, just like they murdered thousands of great scientists, inventors, and engineers, like Edwin Gray, E.V. Gray, the inventor of the High Speed Pulsed Discharge Motor, and they used Bush CIA NSA mind control on me and they also used their appointed operatives with use of judicial protection, federal agency protection, and forgery, that then led to the theft of my thirty years of research and everything that I had owned and I have now spent the last two years being homeless.

Also go to: and type in
Browns Gas and learn about how you can use sodium hydroxide in a low voltage containment at literally no cost that will readily allow you to easily create a gas that if used with a basic gas welding system then this Browns Gas can weld anything to anything and it can also be used to transmute all known elements into becoming other elements and it can also be used to transmute all nuclear waste into being non nuclear waste at literally no cost, but also into being materials of value.

Is this all a part of the Illuminati's new global War on Terrorism for the Elite's own global mass money laundering profit schemes and other behind the scenes population monitoring systems, and for their enslavement of the of the masses, that is now leading to their genocidal population cleansing so that they can have the planet eventually for themselves and their slave breeding populations when they crawl out from their thousands of exclusively built world wide underground survival city complexes for the Elite's own personal areas of refuge when the global mass destruction gets fully underway?

Is it obvious that the Bush CIA MOSSAD Mafia are the key operations working for the Elites who are in truth the real Big Brother who is keeping track of the current planet wide citizen slave populations?

Is this entire Military, Political, Industrial, Governmental system in this country of the USA just one big Mafia today?

Try to find and honest lawyer, banker, financial advisor, or judge today, and if they do rip you off, like most of them do and will, think about the fact that if you are not politically connected, you have no chance of ever finding justice in this once great country, of the USA, read this and think about what machine you are serving today?

Also on Google look up the work of engineer Jack Keller if it has not all ready been removed by the Elitist power interest's robotic bureaucratic operatives.



A Report Of Findings

These experiments were undertaken to verify the "Keller Catalytic Process" and the "Barker Effect". They prove that radioactivity can be changed or eliminated at will by electrical or chemical means, opening the door to atomic chemistry.

by Michael Wells Mandeville with assistance from Frank Stasny, Gary Hawkins, & Wil Wilson

The principal investigator undertook a series of experiments to test the "Barker effect" and the "Keller Catalytic Process" in changing the rate of radioactive decay of heavy elements (elements heavier than lead, such as radium, thorium, or uranium, all of which are radioactive). Barker claims that subjecting radioactive materials to high electrostatic potentials (50,000 volts to 500,000 volts) can increase or decrease the rate of radioactive decay, with short exposures of the high voltage capable of inducing erratic decay rates which slowly return to normal over a period of weeks. Keller claims that subjecting radioactive materials to the high heat and fusing reaction of a chemical process (Keller Catalytic Process) can eliminate the radioactivity completely.

An experiment conducted on October, 30 1993 by Jack Keller, using his "Keller Catalytic Process", showed a complete elimination of radioactivity in a sample of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) containing radium. Subsequent experiments were conducted separately and independently by the principal investigator in five series over a period of three months, December 1993 to March 1994. One series, CONTROLS C1-C14, constitute readings and manipulations of control samples of various formulations of radium in "NORM" (naturally occurring radioactive material). The other four series of experiments start with crude efforts which gradually become more refined and more decisive in demonstrating that the radioactive decay rate of radium in NORM can be altered at will by certain electromagnetic and chemical methods.

These results challenge prevailing opinions of scientists about the nature of radioactivity, which many physicists and chemists believe is immutable in nature, unless subjected to high energy nuclear bombardment (as in nuclear reactors, cyclotrons, atomic weapons, or suns).

In the simplest terms, the finding of these experiments is that the rate of radioactive decay, at least in radium, can be altered by electro/thermal chemical reactions or by high potentials of RF (electromagnetic radio frequency energy). Essentially, I have found that the claims of both inventors are substantially correct. Many of my experimental samples show clear, consistent patterns of major changes or diminuation of their radioactivity, which proves to me the validity of both the Barker effect and the Keller Catalytic Process (KCP), at least in general terms.

The major specific findings of these experiments are:

a) Fusing the radium into slag through a chemical reaction (using the specifications of the Keller Catalytic Process) has a clear effect. One sample which we monitored in November of 1993, fired by the inventor, showed a clear decay of all radioactivity to zero within about 72 hours. Other samples, which I fired and monitored myself, independently of the inventor and without his skill at obtaining a complete reaction, showed a remarkable decline in their radioactivity, by 50% to 70% (even though the reactions were amateurishly done without the requisite skill in making the material fuse thoroughly and completely) with a trend which shows some increase in the radioactivity one month after treatment.

b) Stimulating radium with the spark end of a large Tesla coil delivering more that 100,000 volts at low radio frequencies (most likely 50 kilocycles to 25 megacycles) for 30 minutes, while heated to 1400 degrees F, generates a clear effect. First, the rate of radioactivity decreases by as much as 50% over a period of time (a few days) and then it steadily increases over a period of about four weeks until it returns to as much as 75% of its original reading.

c) Heat up to 1400 degree F, in and of itself, seems to have no effect on the rate of radioactive decay of radium. We rather suspected that to begin with, since the high heats involved in nuclear reactors would have probably created results which the nuclear power industry would have detected long ago.

d) Stimulating radium with a Tesla Coil as in (a) above, but without heating the sample, creates a highly noticeable effect. First, the samples show an increase in radioactivity in their second reading (two of them showing greater than a 50% increase), which then decreases during a period of about seven weeks to come close to their original reading. This strange effect "parallels" the "Barker effect".

e) Strong magnetic impulses have little effect in changing the rate of radioactive decay.

f) Simply stimulating radium (in NORM) with a high voltage (12,000 volts AC from a neon sign transformer) seems to create a very strange effect, but I believe the measured effect (a sinusoidal wave of increased then decreased radioactivity) could very well be an "artifact", composed of purely random variations in the art of measuring the sample through time. This sample shows the difficulty of taking valid measurement.

g) The trends in the results are consistent for the types of experiments and among the multiple treatments which were done in each type, although variations in the sample compositions created quantitative differences in the results.

h) Great care was taken to insure that the radioactivity was not blowing off into the atmosphere or was being masked by some other material. The radioactive element did not "disappear", it was altered.

i) The Keller Catalytic Process clearly provides the strongest effect in the permanent elimination of radioactivity. It provides a clearly defined technology pathway, the exploration and development of which should be undertaken in a serious effort to solve the problem of disposing of radioactive waste.

The magnitude and clarity of these effects can be easily seen in the simple graphs with accompany this report. The expected error deviation of 4%. The standard allowance of error is 10%. The fusion fire experiments may have error deviations of 16% Any deviation (change in the graph line) greater than 20% in these graphs should be considered a significant indicator of the ability to alter the radioactivity of a sample.


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