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We can't do it all, this is just way too much for us. This group started a HELLISH amount of weeks ago, trying to focus energy, simple attention on the suffering that no one was looking at. Various people wrote networks, e-mailed them, just put some heat on and/or enlightened the media and we've got to get back to that. Would whomever had e-mail addresses, phone numbers that couldn't be ignored, to the various networks please re-list them? To Anderson Cooper, perhaps? To whomever? It's time for Letters to Whatever Editor! Do your local paper, e-mail to the New York Times, ANYBODY!!

We've GOT to let the media know that the suffering is NOT over; that there are only a handful of people still working this, and WITHOUT assistance of any kind. We have to let them know (FOX perhaps?) that the HSUS hasn't been on the ground for weeks and only caring individuals forsaking their jobs and their ordinary lives have been dealing with this catastrophic suffering, sans assistance of the MILLIONS of dollars that the HSUS accumulated, without kudos of any kind. FOX would probably love that, and at this point in time, I must say that I would enjoy their (HSUS) taking a much deserved hit; any sort of wake-up call would be much deserved. Any mud-flinging to the HSUS,
however, should be tempered with an acknowledgment of all those groups- Noah's Wish, Pasados, Alley Cat Allies, Garrison's group, Karen O'Toole,, etc. who have done WAY more than they and who continue in some way, shape or form, to help beyond what the HSUS has offered. That private individuals have been FORCED to create their own organizations, as in to deal with the suffering that the HSUS has said does not currently exist. Shame the HSUS! It's sad but true- they are the ONLY organization that could make time for the media looking just a tad sweaty, a tad tired, while exhausted volunteers splattered with the filth of decomposing animals worked in the background. FOX seems like a network that would love something like that.

They NEED to have people down in the Winn-Dixie staging area, visible and doing SOMETHING (and let's not forget that Wilma hit FL pretty hard, but THEY, the HSUS, say FL is "doing just fine"). We have to let the media know that so MANY of the rescues that people worked SO tiredlessly, so selflessly for, are now being euthanized (sp?) because of a lack of space. We have to let them know that there is simply NO SPACE right now, and under these ridiculous conditions that FEMA has mandated, for non-profits to bring in animal survivors; that they are left on the streets, waiting for the food drops of volunteers, just because there is 'no room at the inn'! And that THEY will be bull-dozed quite soon, if we can't find room for them! These are much loved individuals of families! And here would be a great time to point out that a poor PTSD chow puppy was put to sleep because of the trauma that FEMA put it through! We also have to let them know that hurricane victims who have TOTALLY BEATEN THEODDS by having their animals re-connected to them NOW have to have their much loved animals kept by non-profit agencies because FEMA won't allow animals in their incredibly un-used mobile homes.

We have to shame FEMA into picking up the slack that they created. Why should the HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, Pasados, AlleyCatAllies, GrassRootsRescue, et al, pick up the tab for a situation that THEY created? Animals are being put to sleep because their simply is no room! WE shouldn't spend so much time feeling helpless because we can't adopt, or foster, another one; because we can't tell our job supervisors that we really need to take a week off to do SOMETHING, clean cages at the Winn-Dixie, or SOMETHING- because nobody else is and it's so very necessary! WE'VE gone above and BEYOND! and I know that I certainly spend 23 1/2 hours a day grieving that I can't do more. We can now point to the newly released e-mails of the most-estimable Mike Brown as a reason for the government to pay some attention here. Mike Brown was apprised of the potential of animal suffering LONG before it became a given. And he never did ANYTHING- to the point that there are articles that record that, due tohis stance as FEMA director, NO animals should EVER be on a FEMA rescue mode of transport, volunteer rescuers would go out with their boats and would come back EMPTY, even though many humans could have been brought in but would NOT be parted with their non-human family members (and perhaps this would be a good point to query whether or not more human lives could have been saved... had they not been forced to choose between their own lives and the lives of those who depended on them). This would also be a good time to point to incidents that people really should look at, and which may not have occurred otherwise, such as- "Mike Minton shooting and running over animals/dogs- a sadist, obviously, but would he have had the opportunity to exhibit such cruelty had those animals been allowed to evacuate with their owners?"...OR..."The UnGODly massacre of beloved pets in the St.Bernard Parish (home of the philanthropist Mike Minton, et al)- would those have occurred had those owners been allowed to ea cuate with their animals?"

Plus- another Mike Brown e-mail:
He valued animal life enough that he sought competent care for
his own dog; just not for everybody else?!? We've got to get back to basics- please! Let's e-mail, write CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the major networks! Let's go to letters to the editor- write to the NY Times, ANYONE! We need a focus! I GUARANTEE that the most timid amongst us will find the exactly right and most poignant words to move SOMEONE somewhere along the line- because WE have the voices-God knows the animals don't!

Anybody got any e-mail addresses, any phone numbers?

Thanks (forgot your name at this point in time, but I TOTALLY
appreciate it nonetheless- for Pacelle's info!)


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