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BRAINWASHING process of performed Imperialism///A Saga on th
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BRAINWASHING process of performed Imperialism///A Saga on the "Jew controlled Swedish Model Brainwashing Methodes, fake NGOs, tactical conferences, hired instruments, experienced experts like retired members of USraeli IDF, imported criminal staff examples&second hand piggies, collaborated doggies"...(Int. english language version)


- Dear listeners, readers, tv-viewers!.. Welcome!.. A new saga is borning here... Brave people makes these forums available to encourage intelligent and open democratical debate platforms. Users are requested to participate in the spirit of good fellowship and tolerance. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of saga tellers.... "Living tales broadcasting" does not mean "fantastical fairy tales", but aims to offer a solution for "living questions of humanity" and one of them begins here, today's well-documented tales!.. Notice it respectfully, please; this is a SAGA; man don't need to be stressed... Avoid to show incredible angry attitudes or overwhelmed happy on such tales.. Test your selfcontrol!.. Well, we are aware, there are a kind of ineresting types, which fanatically programmed to see the similarly robotics and they can not accept the creative brains... Compare yourself with them!..Take it easy; don't to be prisoned of "massmedial brainwashing campaigns"... In normally case there are different openviews, artistical creations, poetry, approximate to the social cases in community; listen to them... If you want to criticize these stories, feel free; do that!.. No doubt!. This is a form of litterature to create essays; of course built a bridge to say out your opinion; do that, please!.. Otherways, you wil just a living witness here; yes, here seems many aggressive robotics making shit after my tales; let them stay on this page as my best evidence.. People needs such testimony; who tells saga, who has shit in his mouth; discover on internet around my saga texts... They are not only my enemies, because I have nothing private conflict with them... In fact they are the fanatical enemies of humanbeing; this is the question... My Grandfader had piggies at farm; all the animals had name there and selected examples prized by true ID cards... I see that Grandfather's true piggies were more respectable than human faced piggies&doggies... Let's these doggies shitting here on internet, mostly using false sexual announcements; let's people witness what a kind kinky planet the two-legged piggies dreaming.. Keep the evidences should be apparently pasted there on internet page, although it's not friendly; all after checking this attack it'll easier to struggle against thus kinky character, who beyond this dirtiness!.. Go on to tell what the newest!.. In fact, we have much more exciting broadcasting tournaments... You see; the fanatics of system are so eager to bite your heel.. No doubt, its typical attitudes of bulldogs and lapdogs of judaized imperialism... But criticism welcomes.... Of course there are different opinions.. Discussion is better than warplanes... Let's create new saga examples and try to build a wonderful socialistical saga-world for whole humanbeing; yes, for human, dear!.. Solidarity regards from saga-teller, additional works of studio-guests, followers on friendly tv channels...


- Welcome to the new pro-manipulation centre ARC/CMR!.. - What?! Do you say it in my language? - Well, it's new project, ARC, Anti-Racist manipulation Company, as Swedish etiquetted version; "CMR, Centret mot rasism"!.. En kopia af ARiC som bildades af judiska lobbyer i Germania... It's not the only one; also there are second hand NGOs, been used as reserv instruments... Do I continue in my Svekish language? - Welcome, Sir!.. With pleasure!.. - Okay!.. I would like explaisn in Svekish... ARC/CMR etc all the masks of financial lobbies of system... Det är en form af Stockholm's Internationella Forum, både är kompletterande pusselbitar af David-Stern imitiative series.. Utmärkelse nominerade alla samverkande i förväg för att det pågår utmärkt.. - Hur gick det med "folkmord" konferenser? - Underbar som mest legaliserade form af "ongoing Cold War lies" på skurkhetens officiellla scenen!.. It happened on 26-28 jan 2004 as "Stockholm's InternaZional Forum: Att förebygga folkmord" när det gäller judarnas vinster... Also, tjuvaktige flocken som skyddas inte de riktiga masaker drabbade folk... Piggy Premier PetZion Görrån rädd om sina egna far och får... . Representanter för ett 60-tal regeringar hade inbjudits till Stockholm av statsminister Görrån PetZion för att behandla nyckelfrågor av humanitär, politisk och moralisk karaktär kring folkmord. Planmässigt gjorde de sina uppdrag som samtliga är vana att tjäna något på detta sättet... - Är det sant att det funnits ett fint manöver-sätt så kallades att fixades listigt att hållas vissa nedtryckta folkstaemmn diskrimineras ännu kränkande sättet d.v.s. "Laponian, Palestinian people out?"... - Sant!.. AIPAC&ADL&eXpo&neo-Zionist ARC+CMR etc all form of maffioso instruments... Godfader of this last one centre is famous thief Stig WALLIN, imported criminal Jew infected from Polonia and works nowadays for USraeli aims like Stig LARSSON of Expo gangs... These two experienced chiefs collaborate and undermine democracy in the EU. - What is the main task of such chiefs? - Brainwashing, nothing else!.. Allihopa dessa styrande judar&bakomliggande hundar samverkande skurkar, importerade tjuvar klarade att komma överens with that master yellow premier, Görrån PetZion zoo... - Wonderful, most foolish thus yellow Premier, I see!.. How could clowny cows came to this point?.. - Via successiva "Brainwashing system" af sionstyrda falsifikation industry... TV Independent Laponia team preparat ett klipp om detta... - Let's watch the documentary to undersatnd whole story!... - You are welcome, Comrados!


- Start Sir!..
- BRAINWASHING leagues completely on duty under performed democratical masks...


- There are many fake NGOs, they abuse democratical institutions, build well-masked organizations like Sweden's halfofficially leagues... - I understand, they need legalized faces... - Yes, its.. and such highly paid Jewish and Swedish labelled Zionist lobbyists,
imported criminals, stooges, recruited terrorists and racists in the EU media and the
E.U. Governments cunningly disguise themselves as 'European' journalists,
Chronicle writers, Editorial Experts, Middle East questions' Specialists and N. Socialism Experts. Actually, they are supporters and promoters of USraeli military mafia and Zionist racism... - This is most freak face of organized crime against whole humankind...
- Definitely!.. Look at this ridculous face of Stig WALLIN, elderly Zion jackal and African monkey cloned Zionists, recruited piigies beyond all these kinky bastards!... You are witness, they are aiding and abetting murders, torture, rape, imperilaist terrorism, illegal military occupation, genocide and many other barbarous crimes which are now being committed by evil ZOG and European corrupted authorities....
- I agree with you, Sir!... Attention, a couple is coming; Premier Fatty Imbecill G.rån Petzion and ministerial betrayer whore Mammele Mona SAHLIN...
- What are they doing?
- They congratulate the ARC+CMR administration for succesful Brainwashing works...
- When I see such faces so I remember a film; it called "Animal Farm" and the piigies exactly look like these masyter figures...
- Like a stage... I think this is the "Living version" of all the selected kinky films both of piggies and doggies...
- Absolutely!.. We witness now the two-legged doggies who playing the member roles of ARC+CMR, Brainwashing centre files of judaized Imperialism......

- What are you thinking on these incredible scenes? - We must know that
our weakness is Imperialism's strength, I understand here again... - I agree
with you, Comrade Jonas Hållén! - You are welcome, Comrade Lars Törnman!
- I think, democracy should work better!.. Criminals and collaborators should be
- Should we arrest the criminals?!. Don't make me laugh! - Well, I see the
double roles and false rules of the juridical instruments... What a shame we
been forced to label it "democracy"... How thus majority of people, thus living
creators, stinky mass could be so incredible nonsense blind meanwhile all the
enormous fraudulent process?!.. Unbelieveable!... This is a glaring
injustice!.. I wonder, what goes wrong by the juridical instruments... How can I
say?! It is very strange!... You now, if you see all these incredible cases,
thick-headed attitudes... - How? Do you explain? What is concrete that
you remember? - Yes, I remember that David Janzon, a redactional worker of
Radio Islam, was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in October 1992, for the
station's agitation "against an ethnic group". Are the provocators of Capitalist
Fascist lobbies are really a ethnical group?! - There is so specially
groups? Okay, Jews!... It's the overclass group, nobody can imitate such
shurks... - But when you been oppressed so your accusation can only
be refuseed... The shurks are the masters 'cause they experinced a lot of cruel
methodes since many years... You can only suffer like many freedom fighters...
- Concrete cases? - Very much!... The judges of system who play dirty
rolls... It is extra incredible on Swedish justice-scenes that many foolish
judges been corrupted by Jewish authorities and they play extra horrible rolls
as pycho-proff doctor magister at policlinics... I can not meet all the judges
nor observate all the cases but I met many high-staff at Golf Club Tenerrife,
they explained... Shameful!... I can not explain here what they say on the
corrpted colleges, so awfully shameful... ... Court material look likes
simetrical sences, reasons are too similarly... Many papers of court been
published by the Bonniers, Nordstedt... Same mechanism publish as basic Zionist
propagand material, too... EU-membership... After 1995 impressed it by the
democratical authorities of other countries? - Unfortunately, it's in all
frauds, much more dirty now... If any true jurist goes to United Nations related
commissions or the independent justice authorities, so we shall most interesting
scandals... - What kind of scandals? - For instance Osmo
Vallo&Tony Mutka and other members of the "assassination on the so called
Resande Folket" cases... Märta Pettersson and others who murdered by the
"imported criminals" like Bengalian Zionist Mafia moblized in the EU; similarly
recruitment cases... Remember; what the relatiives of Tony Deogan, Dagmar
Hagelin, Anders Gustavsson demand... - Don't make me worry with
examles, don't list please much more!.. - It's not me who create the
official shame lists!.. Did you hear Osmo Vallo's two brothers and all other
relatives are arrested, too... The victims and witness been arrested instead of
murderers... Otherway, many freedom fighters forced to be jobless and living
under minimal standards... Most famous concret case is Stefan Dimiter
Tcholakov who labelled as "laborious" and Work Rights fighters Jimmie
Östergren, delegated adviser (former grafiker) Bengt Pettersson and Ahmed Rami,
because of these bravehearts criticized the thieves by the Capitalist Jewish
lobbies... Laponians who fight for own mark and minority rights, therefore
prisoned their representative character Olof T. Johansson, the true Socialists
like Bengt Frejd, Sara Lidman, Staffan Ehnebom, so-called the "Free Speech
Fighters", anti-Capitalist demonstranter like Jan Hatto, Sten Arne-Zerpe,
Dietlieb Felderer, movements who struggle against the weapon-handlers like
Henrik Westander (before professur-chair gift) and by his side likely flexible
Calle Höglund, anti-Imperialists Hannes Westberg, Herman Schmid, journalists
Staffan Beckman, Stefan Hjertén, free-mind intellectuals like Rainer Holm, Linus
Brohult, honoured priest K. G. Hammar and hundreds of the anti-Imperialists who
been registrated by the lobbies... - What is common with them? -
Also! When a Fascist accuse them so judges punish the reviewers, immediately...
But when the oppressed people leave any accusation acceptance, can easily be
refuseed ... The requests of them almost been absolutely refuseed... Read two
different cover of assassinations for example one victim called Daniel
WRETSTRÖM and second one Tony DEOGAN; so you'll be shocked if you discover many
incredible freakness, parallel points; for instance how the prosecutors and
judges corrupted by financial lobbies and how all the gang members released, how
the evidences disappointed, witnesses forced to go in silence or they
disapponted, too...
- Why the DN, Expressen and other big papers awoid of to publich these true
stories?.. They awoid of to show the real discrimination?! Schindler's List was
only a filmatic illusion, actually the true boss never gave a chance peace in
communities... You know, Bonniers, Wallenberg, Bilderberg-gangs and "Bulldogs"
drive the Swindlers' lists, means all the honoured intellectuals been
registrated on their computers... Therefore Stockholm-Canberra changed to be
second plot area of Jew York-Tel Aviv's armed Mafia... - Yes, it's!.. But
what a lucky I have been warned before!. - The authorities are blind on
such actions.. Why? - Because every big shurk drives by the big lobbies in
this big SvekJa zionized Kingdom... - ?! - How can we could
informed and know the truth!?... - I can't reply all in two minutes?!
- Well!... I understand better... It's a modernised version of enormous
hypocrisy... And I understand why the worlkd couldn't react when Jews slaughed
people in Sabra, Shatila, Jenin... Everybody watched on tv meanwhile druck
Coca-Cola, chips, bonbons... - Like the film-druged idiots?.. - No,
Sir!... We have incredible reactions and collaborated feelings too, remember,
we all cried when we watched on the Swindler's list, whole lies master-piece on
scenes... - Shame on double-moral masters!.. Where are the all good peoples
now?! - No way to Pessimism, please!.. Well, I see a positive case here on
the Scandinavian Jewish DN, Expressen, Menorah pages; Maximum sentence for the
desecration of cemeteries - an outrage which traditionally targeted Jewish
cemeteries - was raised from 6 months' imprisonment to 2 years. Yes, the
prisonment period raised in 1993, Spring. Then... - It should not calls for
case; it's provocation... There is no any single case in SvekJa, means nobody
sentenced, nobody improsined for desecrations.. - Maximum sentence will be
2 years! Isn't good? - I want not talk on the sentences good or not
good... But I'm coming from Skaane and I witnessed who targeted the
cemeteries... - Who? - Jews!... I saw them... They were there
and porovoced very succesful so they manipulated sitation... Therefore there is
no prisoner after this pharagraph ' cause they aimed change the rules...
- I remember a similarly case, my mother witnessed and told us about the foxy
Jews who played theatre at the street on 30 November in Germania... It was
before WW III, Jewish fanatics crashed own glass and won enormous generous
compensation by the reasurance firms... But their media manipulated the world by
the help of american Imperialism so all the analphabets crying on every 30
September worldwide, every year like a crying festival, meantime the Zionist
boss' laughing behind the windows...
- This is not the Cold War but a form of ongoing Cold War, what drives now by
the lobbies... This area demands the prejudiced scientists... - Why the
oppressed folk don't protest or discuss these problems... - Ever and never!
This is not the results of the football matches... People need knowledge on
biological developments... - Biological? Bur the lobotomies and
sterilization methodes were only in last century?! - System have now most
avanced methodes for instance isolation, registration and systematically
injustice... Only two tousand youngs become suicide in SvekJa Kingdom, two times
been a short news.. - Youngs?... But adults? - They never
counts by half officially pools.... Animal



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