Two video files of the Million More March
Thu Oct 27, 2005 15:51

Two video files of the Million More March

From: "Dan Gonzales"

Dear Friends and Family:

I have included the links for two video files of the Million More March,
organized by Louis Farrakhan. Part two is the most important one, you can go to
2:43 on the time and that will be his daughter introducing him. It is in Real
Player and would not work on my Windows Media Player. I have also copied and
pasted the C-Span URL at the bottom of this email in case you need it.

I watched all of part one and part two. I felt it was my patriotic duty to know
what the enemy is doing and thinking. I must say that I have never heard such
hate speech as that which flowed from the mouth of Farrakhan. He is the most
dangerous man in America...a true white hater. I must tell you after watching 8
hours of all the hate speeches given by the African leadership, it could never
be more evident that they want to run America. They are going to do anything
they must to get their way and if you think they won' had better get your
head out of your rear and wake up.

Here is the link for Part 2 of the Million More March.

Every African nation, led by Africans, is a murderous society. I guarantee you
that when they get full control of the leadership in this country, rape and
murder will rule the day and according to Farrakhan...Allah will be the one and
only true god to be worshiped.

>From this day forward, I will consider every black man or woman who chooses to
follow this black hearted, black leader my mortal enemy. They want the blood of
all who do not believe in their false gods and I will never submit to such
tyranny. Look at what they just did in New Orleans and Ohio.

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C-Span Video Archives

Here is the link for Part 2 of the Million More March.

for God and Country,
Dan Gonzales

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