Re: Thinking About Neoconservatism
Fri Oct 7, 2005 11:14

Professor MacDonald may be somewhat hesitant to speak out openly about the completely disproportionate and negative influence that so-called Jews have had on each and every society they have inhabited. This is not to say that all Jewish influence is a bad thing, however in the final analysis one must accept the fact that disproportionate Jewish influence has always had a negative effect upon free societies.

America is fast approaching a time that will require the society at large to determine whether or not they will remain free or whether they will acquiesce to fascism. Recent legislative developments are calling for hate legislation geared to inhibit any criticism of Jews, or homosexuals, calling it hate speech. The mere thought of inhibiting the free speech of Americans is hateful towards the national conscience, hateful towards every American that has ever fought, bled or died in wars with the expectation that his/her military service was purposed to preserve the original freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights without which there would never have been ratification of the CON-stitution.

Any Senator or Congressman calling for or supporting such draconian legislation deserves death, it's that simple. Americans must determine that honesty has and always will be the best policy. Jewish oppression of those societies allowing them residence is historic fact and will not go away by outlawing conversation or public discourse, quite the contrary is true.

The Jewish people have a very serious problem acclimating within other societies and desperately need to find a solution or others will determine one for them. Survival is always of primal concern and no amount of legislation will prevent a boil over of deserved animosity towards a known oppressor.

A very dangerous and lethal situation exists in America because of the disproportionate amount of influence wielded by Jews in America today. It's apparent that America has allowed for the safety and growth of the Jewish population within it, only to witness the unrestrained monopolization of critical industries to the detriment and rising oppression of the general public. The News Media, the Banks, and the highest levels of Government are the most immediately recognizable areas monopolized by Jews, but the legal, medical and educational systems have also been usurped.

Jews must find a way to alleviate the problem themselves. 6000 years of history should provide them with enough knowledge to do this ... soon.


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