FPF-fwd.: Open letter to Prof. Kevin MacDonald
Thinking About Neoconservatism
Fri Oct 7, 2005 04:26


Open letter of appreciation by the Foreign Press Foundation to:

Professor Kevin MacDonald
Department of Psychology
Long Beach, CA 90840-0901
Email: Kevin MacDonald
October 7th - 2005

Conc.: Your article on world realities: Thinking About Neoconservatism*

Dear Sir!

May I thank you very much for writing and publishing your article on neoconservatism?

As a foreign correspondent - living this far abroad and reporting as an independent journalist for the past 45 years - I can only admire your text and findings, confirming and explaining correctly exactly what I have globally observed and experienced for the past 4 1/2 decades.

Your observations and findings I have seen in reality; from Lapland to Cape Town and from the war in Vietnam to the assassination of Salvador Allende by the CIA managed by Henry Kissinger c.s. - until 1996 and including Gulf War I - also sometimes working for the BBC and CBS in North Africa and the Middle East, when they still knew what honest journalism was.

But - because I always wanted to be independent - I have never signed a contract with anybody, organization or medium, which would have created obligations on my side. They all could ask and pay for my cooperation, but I alone decided whether I wanted to work for them - and in what way - or not.

That's why it is a pleasure to read your articles and work, giving the information which people lack in their daily portions of 'Newspeak' which has been brainwashing them for decades.

Thanks again for writing your very informative article; it belongs to the category of 'food for thought' the general public hardly ever sees nor is supposed to see: out of fear they might start understanding what is going on with their world.

In my opinion the fear felt by the neocon 'Führers' is for real: they should be afraid, knowing exactly why.

Best regards, let's take care,

Henk Ruyssenaars

Professor McDonald's article with many links - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/cwdqr

His web site - Url.: http://www.csulb.edu/~kmacd/

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