Conferees to Meet on USA PATRIOT Act!
Fri Oct 7, 2005 13:26


Conferees to Meet on USA PATRIOT Act!

Urge Congress to Adopt Senate Version of Patriot Act Reauthorization

Next week, House and Senate Conferees will begin to iron out very important differences between the two versions of the Patriot Act reauthorization legislation. The House and Senate could vote on a final Patriot Act reauthorization bill as early as the week of October 17th.

Call Your Senators and Representatives at
(202) 224-3121

Urge them to support the modifications contained in the Senate bill, S.1389.

The Senate bill restores some needed checks on the government’s ability to comb through an individual’s financial, medical, business, library, gun purchases or other sales records without any specific facts connecting those records to a foreign terrorist. It also provides a meaningful right to challenge searches. Similar reforms are needed to the national security letter power.

The Senate bill creates a presumption that “sneak and peek” searches can be secret for only seven days, with some exceptions. Unfortunately, neither bill requires that records searches be connected to terrorists, not ordinary Americans; and the Justice Department has admitted that 88 percent of these searches have been in cases that have nothing to do with terrorism.

The Senate bill would set a four-year sunset on three patriot-related powers to ensure that Congress has the leverage it needs to get answers about how these powers are being used. The House bill would set an expiration date so far into the future -- ten years -- that it would skip the next President and diminish the incentive for fuller disclosure about the use of these secretive search powers.

Tell Congress that protecting civil liberties and achieving national security are not mutually exclusive and that the Senate bill better achieves those goals.

Thank you for standing up for Americans’ constitutional freedoms.

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Just Wanted to Envite us all to join our groups of Patriots together in
the fight for truth. We have a good group of Men and ladys who meet up
and Gather every week in Rochester NY. We Join in and Talk about what
is going on in the News in the and Govermnet. Education, truth and
Fellowship is our main goal and reason we meet up. So if anyone is
interested in joining our group please feel free to join us in our
meeting or on or Yahoo Group site. I will post our site in the links
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free to post anything you hear on the News or see that is not being put
on the News.
Thank you all God Bless
Daniel Leach out.

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