Hypocrites in OUR Supreme Court !!
Sun Oct 9, 2005 22:19

And this is what they did while removing Christianity from OUR courts and schools !!!

Consider the following from Jewish scripture:"EXTERMINATION OF THE CHRISTIANS IS A NECCESARY SACRIFICE" (Zohar,

This Violates the First Amendment !!!!!

1st Amendment
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


This is the second "dinner" AT the Supreme Court Bldg (since when do they have dinners at the Supreme Court?) for the "Jewish Law" group to assemble with their minions and Supreme Court judges. This is the first article where they admit the "Talmud" is the source of their system.

They say "Jewish Law" as a real deception. It is not "Jewish" or a "religion". It is an abomination against all humanity, stripping us all of our Inherent Rights in a Commercial Process. The HUMAN RENDERING MACHINE, since Babylon, now the basis of the corporate "quasi-judicial court". When the court is not a lawful court it is a killing field where the "slaves" have no rights at all.

The "Jewish law" thing is completely so people cannot discuss it without being branded "anti Semitic". This has NOTHING to do with prejudice against any culture - this is NOT about those intentionally polarizing issues - this is an attack on all that is human and all that is sacred for the Gods of "Mammon" = the love of money.

In a constitutional court the judge is a neutral party, a public servant. In the process of "courts" of commerce the judge is a "god". PLEASE look on our site or other sites, put TALMUD in to a search engine and READ the terrifying agenda these money priests have for America.

The Talmud is the most offensive, disgusting, obscene matter I know of, including allowing "Jews" to rape and murder and torture "slaves" and "children of slaves" (that's ALL non "Jews" according to the rules); kill ten "goyim" for any offense against a "Jew"; sets up a system where in ONE witness WITH NO EVIDENCE CAN BE EXECUTED ON THE SPOT. (THIS IS ALREADY TAKING PLACE IN PALISTINE)

The LAW is based on TWO witnesses (as in the Constitution) it says "two confirming treason" is to charge. We have already two years ago seen in OUR OWN jury trials convictions without evidence, totally directed verdicts and rushed judgments already the process being used now. LEARN about this horrific nightmare planned for global human resource management, ALREADY in process, ALREADY in place - all that is left is if we REALLY ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN - STOP THIS NOW.

This is an OFFICE OF THE TALMUD being established IN THE COURT..... everything else is facade - that is what they are doing.... further evidence of the REAL FACE of the vipers at the top empire building for the global corporate scheme. The UCC is the administrative rules for COMMERCE. The courts now have COMMODITIZED THE HUMANS into their RESOURCE FUNDING STREAMS, to be managed and liquidated of all personal value or assets - only the state and the company and those who are part of their system will be "granted privileges" and NO Bill of Rights exists in this system.

This is the TALMUD being entrenched - Babylonian Slave "Laws" now morphed into the ''Uniform Commercial Code"..... Welcome to the Justice 2020 Courts of Arbitration and Mediation. Please read the articles about how father Bush in l991 made the Talmud "Public Law" - Codifying the NOAHIDE LAWS as the "New World Order religion". In Oregon, governors GOLDSCHMIDT, KITZHABER and REP. RON WYDEN all took their OATHS on the Talmud starting years ago....The "New Community" is called METRO in the NORTHWEST REGION of the NORTH AMERICAN HEMISPHERE of the WESTERN HEMISPHERE, as Bush stated "NO BORDERS FROM THE NORTH POLE TO ARGENTINA". All Sovereignty is lost, the people are NOT the authority in this system only the ones who take a VOW OF KOHL NIDRE (LOOK IT UP!!)

This is NOT constitutional, NOT about "people", NOT Christian or any other spiritual value based culture. It is ANTI HUMAN. These are the MONEY PRIESTS of the bar and corporate managers of the REVENUE and "money" is the ONLY criteria, the profit margins of the programs, NOT the rights of the people. This is SYSTEMIC, completely by design an INTENTIONAL, only the people have been deceived not to see it as they have been setting this in place ..... it is there now....

This is TREASON as blatant as could be, right in front of everyone -



We have ONE thread that our FREEDOM is hanging by at this time in America, the PROCESS of the Bill of Rights. If we allow these traitors to exercise this non constitutional administrative process there will not be anywhere for the people to STAND.

It is up to all of us if we allow these vipers to continue in their agenda. These are the very Pharisees Jesus called "offspring of vipers, sons of serpents - your father is a liar and a liar from the beginning" -He turned over their "money tables" as they had made a house of prostitution and filth of the sacred Law and this is exactly the case today, agaisnt the SAME EVIL MATTER. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

National Institute for Pharisee/Judaic-Law Being Set-Up in Washington, D.C.

Subject: Fw: THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR JUDAIC LAW! Being Set Up In Washington,D.C..

Jewish law institute launched in DC

By Janine Zacharia
The Jerusalem Post

Jewish legal experts have created a new institute that will educate jurists and others about 2,000 years of Jewish law and promote the application of the teachings to contemporary legal disputes and other modern-day issues.

The launch of the Washington-based National Institute for Judaic Law was marked Tuesday night with a kosher dinner at the Supreme Court attended by 200 people, including three Supreme Court Justices - Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, and Antonin Scalia.

US President George W. Bush sent greetings and applauded the institute for promoting an "understanding of Judaism's rich tradition of legal thought."

"As we face new challenges and welcome new opportunities, our society must continue to promote good character and strong values. Through the study and teaching of Jewish law and philosophy you are contributing to a growing culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility in America, "Bush wrote. (You can bet the Moron didn't write it !! His Jew Puppet Masters did !!)

Scalia, in a letter to the institute's founder, Noson Gurary, wrote that "Jewish law is certainly one of the oldest and most highly developed systems" and explained why the comparative study of legal traditions was beneficial.

"The idea is to make Jewish law more accessible to everyone," said Washington lawyer Alyza Lewin. Both Lewin and her father Nathan Lewin are helping establish the institute.

Last year, Alyza Lewin filed a brief to the Supreme Court based on the Talmud's take on capital punishment when the court was readying to hear a case on the constitutionality of the electric chair.

"Legal scholars often like to know what other legal traditions have said about certain issues," said Alyza Lewin. Filing that kind of opinion is only part of the institute's mandate. It will also promote the teaching of Jewish law, develop curricula on Jewish law that can be integrated into traditional law school courses, and serve as a resource for anyone wanting to know what the vast Jewish legal tradition has to say on various issues.

The institute's first project, already underway, explores how Jewish law can be applied to modern-day issues surrounding corporate ethics, an idea spurred by the recent corporate scandals involving Enron and Worldcom.

[ Comment: the justification being the heavy involvement of Jewish criminals in those examples? (Mere sarcasm, of course)

Gurary, who teaches at the State University of New York at Buffalo, thought up the idea of the institute about nine months ago. "By demonstrating the philosophy of Jewish law and its moral values, we can bring a little beacon of light in this world," Gurary said. "I think this is what we need now, in this day and age."


For All....Recent Facts--Not covered by America's Media!

Attached is proof that massive changes to our legal system are underway! It has been going on for centuries, only today, our blinded Shepherds are so enamored of foolish CI Schofield ideas about end time events that their Church doctrines are 180 degrees out of phase with reality and the Truth!

The insidious determination of the Talmudists to destroy the Christian Faith must also insure that the Common Law basis or America's legal system be destroyed or changed to accommodate the Laws of Judaism as predominant!

And now, with a Justice Department dedicated to promote Talmudic Judaism, the Supreme Court has also fallen into the trap.

Yet, the confusion and deceit that has seen the moral compass of America spinning on its axis, there will be a resolution to this issue! The "Tares", represented by those so antithetical to Christianity will be purged....JRN

Note: If you wish to be removed from this list, please advise and you will be taken off...

For All American Christians

All of those American "Christians" who see in our internal Talmuds, a value, a critical aspect to their future, must think again....Here, in plain, unvarnished facts we can see the last step in that long road to Talmudic Dominion over the lives of Christians...The entire system of Jurisprudence in America will now be submerged and blended into the Talmudic legal system which is not characterized by elements of Christian "Mercy" but by the theme of the Talmud, "Vengeance".! We can even see one of our "Christian" Supreme Court members promoting this idea that Jewish law must be considered when adjudicating American cases before the courts.

How this came about, certainly can be tracked, as it is now being capped by this proposed Washington D.C. school to 'properly' educate our Judiciary in the 'niceties' and" vagaries' of the ancient Talmudic system of Justice---something that came out of the Babyonian experience of the Pharisees of ancient Judah, the mixed, co-mingled, intermarried "Judah", whose genetic blends of Esau/Edom and Bablyonian genetics along with a smattering of ancient Judah was to return from Babylon after 70 years of a mild captivity... But, in returning, it was as a "Jewish" nation vice Hebrew, which, as it has been admitted, died in that captivity and Babylonian Talmudic Judaism became the new faith of these Jews. When the Bible addresses this event of the "return," it is found in Daniel 9:23-24...There, we can see the words that contain the "charter" for the Jewish Nation. (quoting)

"A nation destined to endure for seventy prophetic weeks; on a scale of a day for a year, or 490 years (Ezek.4:5-6). This nation was chosen of God to supply the background and surroundings for the coming Messiah (Dan.9:24-27). When those purposes were accomplished, the Jews rejected Christ as their Savior when they cried: "Crucify Him, Crucify Him. His blood be on us and our children." (Matt.27:22-25)

They rejected Christ as King, also by declaring, "We have no king but Caesar" (John 19:15), thus violating their own law, according to which they should not acknowledge a king who was not of their own race.(Deut.17).

The legitimate mission of the Jewish Nation thus ended, and by their own actions they terminated their national charter even as Christ had previously told them: "The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you...."(Matt.21:43) Note in this connection the marginal rendering of one line in Daniel 9:26, "The Jews they shall no more be his people." The dispersion of the Jews began when the Romans captured Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The dispersions and judgments pronounced upon them as found in Jeremiah 24:8-10, have continued down through the centuries, and the end is not yet." (Source: Israel, Juda hand the Jew, by Lauritz Larsen.)

With such a background, it is becoming clear that the prediction of Isaac in Genesis 27:40, (last line) made to a whining Esau, complaining at having lost both birthright and blessing...Isaac tells him that he will live by the sword and serve his brother, Jacob, but, here is where we are today: " shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion that thou shalt break his yoke from off they neck." Esau has removed that yoke, in fact the Yoke now is around the neck of Jacob...a second time, as was also forecast in many Biblical references, by God...

In Jeremiah 30:3, find this: "For, lo, the days come saith the Lord, that I will bring again the captivity of My people Israel and Judah..." This second captivity of Israel is confirmed in verse 18: "Thus saith the Lord: Behold, I will bring again the captivity of Jacob's tents, and have mercy on his dwelling places:..." Go also to Isaiah 11:11, Hosea 1:11, Zechariah 10:6 & 10 to find almost identical comments of God related to this final captivity of Jacob/Israel, but note too that this also includes "Judah."

Unusual, but, when we realize that this special Judah has no relationship to today's Jews, then we can begin to understand why the Talmudic Jews are so adamant about taking control of His true Israel, now gathered in America....The Judah here, is that Judah taken along with the ten tribes of the northern Nation of Israel by the Assyrians in 721B.C....Read II Kings 18:13 to see proof of this fact! Even the British Museum has a prism written by Sennacherib that confirms the taking of "most of the fenced cities of Judah." Only Jerusalem remained.

Having established that fact that today's Jacob/'Israel is under dominion, we can find confirmation and proof of this fact by considering events that our Congress fell for, duped by the cleverness of the Talmudists...As a precursor to this setting up of a Talmudic School for Judges, some members of Congress in 1991 chose to give an aging Rabbi a birthday present, which was the approval and legalizing of the seven Noahide Laws of the Talmud...Legalized and established and codified into American Law....PL102-14, now the Noahide Laws that are to be the basis of America's jurisprudence...Pres. Bush I, signed it into law in March 1991....

Now, it does not take much to see the purpose behind the setup of a "National Institute for Judaic Law" to promote the application of the teachings of the Talmud....but in reality, the basis for the proper adjudication of cases under the Noahide Law....The Talmud is the basis and guide for ascertaining the niceties of the Talmudic law, and without proper training, the decisions from American Judges would be skewed by their earlier Christian indoctrinations and backgrounds... Now, American Christian, you can see what is in store for you and yours!

Your future will be shaped by the rising up of a Jewish controlled and guided legal system, to accompany their dominions in other fields...Proving, as far as I can see, those words of the Lord in Matthew 13, wherein Jes


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